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Claire reaches out to stop Kate and says without expression, "I only booked a room, without your share."

"One room is enough. We can sleep together. When we used to live in dormitories, we only had one room."

"There is only one bed in the room."

"Oh," said Kate, pausing for a moment, and then excitedly, "I can sleep on the floor, it doesn't matter."

"I think it matters" Claire is shouting, "Don't be fool, I know what you're thinking. You'd better book a ticket back now and stop messing around!"

Claire is angry, but Kate is still not calm. She says, "I'm just messing around. What can you do to me?"

As she says this, Kate walks past Claire and comes to the front desk. She reports Claire's name and gets the room key.

Turning to look at Claire, Kate shakes the key on her hand and urges, "Come here quickly, let's go to the room."

This time, Claire is really helpless.

After a simple cleaning up, Claire goes to school with the materials to report. And Kate is just hanging around the school.

The formalities are handled smoothly. Tomorrow, Claire can attend class normally.

Holding learning materials, Claire goes downstairs and finds Kate missing.

Where's the woman?

Although angry, Claire is still worried about Kate, afraid that she will get lost or be abducted by bad people.

Standing at the intersection, Claire is going to call Kate. Someone behind her is patting her shoulder.

As soon as Claire looks back, she sees Kate looking at her with a red face and saying excitedly, "Wow, the Italian man is so handsome. Just now there was a male student talking to me and asked me to be his model."

All the worries are in vain. Claire narrows her eyes and says, "Let you be an undercover. Luke will regret it sooner or later."

"What does he regret? He should be glad to have a teammate like me. Claire, is there a canteen? I'm hungry. Shall we go for dinner? Hey, don't walk so fast. Wait for me."


Claire has had the desire to study fashion design for a long time. To study in this famous school in Italy has always been her dream.

Now that the dream comes true, Claire always has a sense of unreality in her heart, and a sense of helplessness.

Looking at Kate, Claire frowns.

Different from domestic universities, Italian schools allow students to sit in, so Kate sits beside Claire in a daze, turns out comic books and reads them attentively.

Claire knocks on the table and whispers, "Kate, can you keep a low profile?"

"I'm very low-key. I just wanted to laugh and didn't make a sound."

After stroking the forehead, Claire decides to give up communication with Kate, because it is senseless.

At the end of a class, Claire packs up and is ready to leave the classroom.

But a tall boy with blonde hair and blue eyes calls Claire, and his face is still young and shy.

"Hi, that. I think you take notes seriously in class. Can I borrow your notes?"

"Yes, sure."

Claire generously gives her notes to him and shows a friendly look.

After taking Claire's notes, the boy smiles happily and even the little freckles on his face becomes actively.

"Thank you. Well, I'll return it back tomorrow."

"Well, no problem."

Say goodbye to him, Claire leaves with her schoolbag on her back.

But when she walks, Kate goes together with the gossip.

"I guess, next, this male student will take the opportunity to invite you to dinner, thank you for your lending him notes. Then invite you to study in the library and get along with each other day and night. Finally, he may bare his heart to you that he likes you and wants you to be his girlfriend!"

Claire turns her eyes and says, "You've seen a lot of girl comics, you naive."

"Huh, I'm naive? I think you are the naivest one. If you don't believe it, let's make a bet to see if the male classmate will ask you out."

"I don't have so much free time to play with you. Now I want to go to the study room. You go back to the dormitory first."

"Go to the study room? I'll go too!"

Kate is about to follow, but Claire stops her.

"What are you going to do, keep reading comics? Please, I don't want to be a stranger in school. Would you please let me go?"

"How can I let you mutate? Having such a lively and lovely girl beside you will make you more attractive."

"Then I thank you, don't give me this chance to add my beauty, please!"

With that, Claire turns around and runs quickly.

"Ah you..."

Raising her hand to Claire, then she powerlessly put it down. Kate murmurs discontentedly, "What a woman who doesn't know how to be grateful!"

Back in the dormitory, Kate turns on the computer and begins to surf the Internet.

After watching it for a while, Kate thinks it is boring, so she starts to open social software and double-click a certain avatar.

After a pleasant music, someone goes online.

Against a pair of black eyes, Conan looks at Kate in the screen discontentedly and says, "Aunt Kate, it's still early in the morning here. I'm growing up now. Not enough sleep will affect my growth and development!"

Arm propped on the table, Kate says with a smile, "Your growth and development has exceeded that of your peers, and it doesn't matter at all. Besides, don't you want to know about your mommy?"

"What's new?"

Lightened her voice, Kate tries her best to make it up, and says, "As I said, your mommy is very popular in Italy. Those male students, like flies around her, we can't drive away."

"What about Mommy? Did she move?"

"She didn't now, but the enemy is too strong. Who knows if she will disarm and surrender in the future? Just as the so-called random flowers are becoming more and more attractive, there all kinds of handsome men..."


Before Kate finishes speaking, she hears the strange voice from Conan.

"What's going on?"

"Well, it's like the sound of a vase breaking."

After that, Conan is secretly laughing.

The strange voice, coupled with the strange smile, makes Kate frown tightly and asks, "Who broke the vase in the big evening?"

"Haha, you guess."

Eyes turns a circle, and Kate pats the forehead, then reluctantly shakes her head, says, "Hey, these two awkward guys, clearly both of them care about each other, but also pretend to be indifferent."

"However, we are here. With the help of us, they will reunite."

"Well, of course. If it's OK, let's do it first."

"Why are you in a hurry?"

"The scenery here is good, and there are many handsome men. Who wants to stay in the room all the time? Naturally, they go out to have fun."

"Aunt Kate don't patronize playing. Remember that you have a task."

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