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Chapter 1 Intrusion of a strange man

"Marry? !"

Claire Bennett is shocked and stares at the middle-aged woman wearing a luxurious cheongsam in front of her, her stepmother, Jade Bennett!

"Right!" Jade Patton says. "It's your father's opinion that you are not a young girl, and it's time to get married!"

"Let me get married? I am just 20 years old this year! " Claire Bennett roars. She doesn't expect that her stepmother gives her such an unacceptable "generous gift" when she just arrives home.

What's she plotting for?

Claire Bennett sneers, "Then you tell me, what kind of person did my dad find to be my husband? Or I should say, what kind of husband did you find for me? "

Jade Patton chuckles: "I can tell you that your fiance is Leo Howard, the president of Orient International Group! It is your pleasure to marry Mr. Howard who comes from the Howard family. Your father has been planning this marriage for a long time, so you have to cherish this opportunity! "

Jade Patton will never give her such a good marriage. I'm afraid there's a pitfall in it

"No matter who he is, I will not marry him!"

"Your father is the first person who will not agree with your decision! You have to know that it's not up to you about marrying such a noble family as the Howard family. The consequences of regretting marriage are something you can't afford! "

"Well, I will talk to my dad, and I believe he will support me!" Claire is going to leave here after she finishes speaking.

"Your father is receiving treatment now and should not be disturbed. Besides, you know that your father's physical condition is not as good as before. If you are filial, don't make your father angry, so that he can recover soon. But if he gets angry and his condition gets worsen because you refuse to marry. don't blame me for not reminding you!"

"Are you threatening me?" Claire Bennett asked angrily.

"Oh, what if I threaten you? If you don't marry, I promise you will never see your dad again! Well, we have nothing to say, you marry into the Howard family three days later. You need to consider carefully the consequences of regretting marriage!"

Then Mrs. Bennett leaves and Claire just stays there like a log.

There are only three days left for the wedding, and there must be a conspiracy!


Gossip Bar.

Thinking of being married to a stranger, Claire Bennett is in a bad mood. Sitting alone at the bar and drinking, waiting for friends Brynn and Kate, at this moment, she suddenly feels powerless......

No, there is something wrong!

Claire Bennett shakes her head hard and immediately realizes that the glass of wine is not hers... Who? Who pours the love-philtre into her glass?

Claire Bennett quickly flees, goes to the hotel upstairs in the bar and asks for a room. Just entering the room, before turning on the lights, Claire Bennett feels very hot. Suddenly, the door of the room is opened from the outside, and then a black shadow comes in.

"Who?!" Claire is shocked when she heard the door open.

Who breaks into her room?!

"A woman?"

With a deep, sexy voice, the man suddenly approaches and brings Claire Bennett into his arms...

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