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"Let's get in the house first." Rex regains his sense, trying to get rid of another small face on his head, making him look usual.

The two walk into the Villa. Maxx and the others are waiting outside. There is only a sound of rotating in the quiet rom.

After pondering for a while, Rex finally speaks, "You can figure out if you wanted to do something. I'll order someone to prepare it. As long as you're in a good health, everything is fine."

He doesn't promise anything directly, tactfully avoids her problem. Marina is aware of it but dares not to show it on the face. She has already expressed her feelings for him before, and he doesn't have any response, he even tries to avoid it. Thus, she dares not to show it easily this time.

It is right that Rex has been a misgiven her parents. However, if he ruthlessly draws a line, then there is no way to go back.

It's better to invade his life little by little like now. As for that Lily, Marina's expression is cold. No one can accept the existence of women besides their own man.

Thinking of it, she retreats every word that she wanted to say. Her pupils rolls, her feet are vain, the whole person slightly staggers.

Rex immediately reaches out to support her, frowning instantly, afraid that something is wrong with her body, "What's wrong?"

Most of Marina's body leans on him, her tone is weak, "I'm fine... maybe after taking a long flight made me a little dizzy."

"Dizzy?" Rex supports her with one hand and takes out the phone on his picked, "I'll call George and ask."

"No!" Marina holds his hand, but doesn't make much effort, simply touches it, "Maybe I have not adapted here..."

Speaking of which, she looks up at Rex. Those pair of black eyes are filled with mournful liquid, "Rex, will you stay with me today?"

Rex glances at the time, it shows almost two o'clock. At this time, the little woman back at home might have fallen asleep. She has just called him just now, asking when is he going back vaguely, and he says soon, but now...

Rex looks down at Marina in his arms, which makes him unconsciously pulls back a little, "I'll call Karl to come, I still have a meeting later."

"No need." Marina still refuses. There is a trace of uneasiness in her eyes, "Rex, this is my first day of coming back. I just wanted you to be with me. Even if I didn't say anything, I hope you can stay by my side, not letting me all alone."

The man's fingers that is holding his phone gradually tightens. There is a hesitant portrayal in his heart. He knows he should go home, for the reason that he has promised Lily, but Marina hasn't fully recovered yet, he could not leave her alone.

Marina stretches her hand to pull the hem of his clothes, begging him, "I know you're busy, just today, okay?"

After all, Rex is soft-hearted and nods.

After getting what she wants, the joy is written all over her face. The pale face has not had such a vivid expression for a long time. However, Rex feels uncomfortable by looking at it.

"I'll stay with you, take a rest earlier, you must be tired after a long flight."

Marina nods and changes her shoes. The shoe that is in her size has been put in the shoe cabinet. She is very touched, "Rex, thank you for doing this for me."

Rex forms an arc, "What are you talking about. This is what I should do, go up and take a shower."

"Okay, wait for me." Marina goes upstairs. Although she walks slowly, it is very stable.

He watches as the woman's back disappeared from his sight. Rex returns to the huge window in the living room and takes the phone out. His fingertips keep on pressing the screen. After typing and deleting a short sentence for several times, he finally sent it.

After sending it, he places the phone on the window platform, as if it is a bomb.

He waits a few minutes in breathless. The phone is quite, no one calls, which makes him relived the tense spirit. Fortunately, she has fallen asleep. If she calls her, he doesn't even know how to explain.

This is the first time for him not going home because of a meeting. Not to mention that he is still concealing deception.

By looking at the dark night outside the window, the room is clearly warm, but the coolness of the shaking branches from the outside seems to blow on to him. The man slightly closes his eyes, doesn't want to continue to think deeply.


In the early morning of the next day, wondering if it is because of feeling uneasy, Lily wakes up unexceptionally early. She stretched out her waist lazily. The first reaction is to touch around.

She basically wants to hug the person besides her, but doesn't expect to touch the soft mattress.

Lily freezes for a moment, trying to touch it again and again, still it's empty.

The little face, which is hidden in the quilt, wrinkles. She half-sits only to find that the bed and pillow around her are neat and tidy. The man doesn't come back all night.

Lily leans over and takes the phone on the side. There is an unread message appears on the screen.

Clicking it, there are only dull words: Drink too much, business room.

Her gaze sweeps over those words, Lily bites her lips, drank too much?

When did he start to drink much in a meeting?

An instinct tell her that this is no the truth. Without much hesitation, she directly calls over. And fortunately, it is being picked up after a few rings.

The man's deep voice reaches her ears, "Are you awake?"

But only three words, most of Lily's arrogant have disappeared, the grievance just now turns into scorn, "You didn't come back last night?"

The man's ponders for two second and says again, "Yeah, the wine is mixed and the alcohol is too strong. I'm afraid to wake you up, so I sleep in the hotel."

His voice is normal. Lily tries hard not to think too much about other woman, but couldn't help but asks, "Who did you drink with last night?"

"The leader of political commissar." Rex drives to the traffic light, the brakes on his fee steps on and off, blurting out countless of reason that he had prepared in advance on his head.

Lily knows that political commissaries have a lot of problems with their entertainment. She knows he has to face them, but still couldn't help but feel wronged. She knows nobody will dare to mess with Rex, thus if he wanted to come back, he could.

For a while, the two didn't speak, only a sound of breath is heard on the phone.

Lily hears the car of whistling over the phone and doesn't dare to delay much, "You drive first."

Rex knows that she is going to hang up, thus he calls her softly, "Lily."

Lily's wrist pauses, "What?"

"Be good, don't think too much. I'll let the driver pick you up later, let's talk in the company." The thin lips slacken again, the joke doesn't put him at eases, "Kneeling or begging, it's up to you."

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