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He suddenly comes with such a sentence, which make Lily and Kinsey stun.

After standing on the spot for a few second, Kinsey recovers, "it's still break time. You can do as you like, Rex."

"Okay." After finished speaking, he takes Lily and walks out of the office. When he walks to the door, he suddenly thinks of something and returns again, "Oh right, even though I'm not a boss who doesn't differentiate work and personal, still she's my girlfriend, I hope that you can take more care of her."

He frankly states his attitude, but doesn't dissatisfied Kinsey. In fact, it is the truth. Although his tone has a favored, it doesn't make people feel disgusted.

It's better to say it on the surface than on the back.

Moreover, there is also some joke in it.

Kinsey also doesn't take it seriously, "Rest assured, Rex. I won't trouble her at work, I wouldn't dare."

Lily hears their conversation and the whole person is in a petrified state. Who can tell her why Rex is here, why he tell her leader about this...

Rex leads her out of the office. After the two enter the president's office, Lily has just come back to her sense and stands at the door, watching the man who sits at the sofa and stammers, "You, you just..."

"Huh?" He picks up a glass to drink and his gaze is normal.

Lily is panicked, "What did you just say to my leader!"

"Didn't you hear it?"

"I've heard it!" Lily is depressed and approaches him, "I mean, how you can say that, what if she misunderstands?"

"What misunderstand, you're my girlfriend." Rex, who shows a pride of himself, looks at Lily's speechlessness.

This man doesn't give her a daze opportunity and picks up the internal phone on the desk to call his secretary, "Let the canteen send two meals, what dishes? Up to you, take a sweet and sour one."

After it, the man hangs up the phone by himself and loosens his tie a bit. He sits in the sofa lazily and pats his long legs, "What are you doing there, come here."

Lily is speechless and chokes, the whole person feels bad. There is a hint of coquettish in shouting his name, "Rex..."

"I'm here."

"What the hell are you doing?" She is really afraid that Kinsey will have something on her. Before that, Mary is biased against her. Now that she has a fair yet straight leader, she doesn't want to leave a bad impression.

By looking at her anxiousness, he silently sighs and gets up to pulls her over, "I'm the one who said it, not you, what are you nervous about?"

Lily looks up at him without speaking.

The man raises his hand to caress her head, "Okay, it's fine. I'm here, what are you afraid of? It's late, go to the canteen first. I'll take you to eat something else tonight."

Everything has been said by him, it's useless to think about it now.

Lily nods, "Okay.... Oh right, why did go suddenly find me?"

Speaking of which, the man raises the phone in his hand, "I can't find the person after I sent a message, and you didn't pick up my call too. I must go down to catch the person myself."

Lily remember it, when Kinsey abruptly called her just now, she forget to look at the phone.

But when thinking of him coming down to find her, there is a warm sense, "Just because I haven't eaten?"

"Yes." When talking, the food has rapidly been delivered. He doesn't let the secretary come in, he picks it up at the door and takes it at the table, "I was busy before and have no time to eat, now my ulcer is not that good, don't take it as a small deal."

Lily listens to his soft nagging voice, her heart feels softer, "Have you eaten?"

"Not yet." He says it and chuckled then gives a playful glances at her, "How can I dare to eat when you're not?"

"!!!" Lily suddenly is stunned again, she is a little shocked. This is still the humor word from before, is this compliment or sarcasm!

He says it as if her status is higher than his, which makes her had no choice but be pleasant.

Both of them sit side by side on the sofa. There are four dishes, pineapple sirloin, sweet and sour tenderloin, stewed sweet duck and a stir-fired yam. Knowing that she like sweet and sour flavors, thus most of them are sweet and sour.

Lily eats as she passes him some dishes. This person doesn't like to talk when he's eating. Thus, he keeps eating without saying a word in very a good manner. Even if this is only a meal box, his manner is still there, very elegant.

Fortunately, the atmosphere is still warm. It is about time when she has finished her meal, thus she stands up from the sofa, leaving him to take care of the leftovers.

After finished everything, Rex walks over to the sofa and hugs her. His thick body almost covers all of her, he could hardly see Lily from behind.

"Are you full?"

"Not full, but enough." Lily touches her small belly, "My belly has become big. Oh no, I'm getting fat."

"It's good to be fat."

"..." Lily knows the meaning behind his word, her face blushes, and doesn't care of his word, "I didn't want to get weight, and my waist will be thick."

"Really?" The man buries his indifferent face to the hem of her dress, "let me touched it."

Lily blocks him quickly and says anxiously, "This is the office, what are you doing?"

"Why can't I touch my girlfriend?" it seems that she couldn't get use to his obstruction. The man pinches her waist hard with a great strength.

Lily screams in a low voice and wants to get up, both of her legs and hand kicking with disobedient, "Let me go, quickly let me go..."

Rex doesn't do anything but just wanted to see her. At this time, she really twists her ass, and has some desire...

The man presses her shoulder, his voice is muffled, "Don't move!"

Lily clearly feels a change on the back of her body and sits for a moment, not daring to move at all, her face is hot that it might boiled an egg, "You, you..."

Rex has struggles to calm his desire, his tone is not good, "What me, why did you twist it, did you do it intentionally?"

Lily cries without a shed of tears, "How come it's my fault, you're overwhelmed by the lust!"

In the daylight, he is blatantly playing hooligans, he deserves it!

After a while, the hotness in his body gradually fades and Lily jumps out of his arms, speaking eight feet away, "I'll get going."

"Okay." The man stands up and thinks of something then tells her in a low tone, "Don't wait for me tonight, I've a meeting, you can go back first."

Lily pauses her footsteps, her eyebrows frowns slightly, "Meeting again?"

Rex turns around and walks to the desk. There is a tangled flash in his eyes, but he quickly calms down. After hesitating for a seconds, he still can't say anything, "Yeah, I'm quite busy recently, I might didn't have much time to be with you."

Lily quietly claps her hand on the side, pressing the uneasy feeling on her chest, "It's fine, and you take care of your stuff. I'll wait for you at home."

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