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A remote scenic spot.

The scenery is as beautiful as a painting. The climate is cool and pleasant. It's commonly known as natural itch bar. It's like living in a paradise.

Qin Xiaobao has been here for several days.

She lives in a small wooden house in the scenic spot. At night, she can listen to the sound of springs and birds. The whole person is quiet.

After living here for so many days, Qin Xiaobao didn't even think about Zhan Nianbei. Maybe it wasn't that he didn't think about it, but that she was still angry with Zhan Nianbei.

Angry that he saw her as a shameless woman, angry that she was naked in front of him, he even pretended to be a gentleman with her.

Obviously, it's a stinky human nature. She's not serious in life and speaking. She hasn't been taught to do bad things before, but she pretends to be a gentleman with her at that time.

I bah -

if she can buy it, she will blow him up and let him go to heaven to be reunited with his parents as soon as possible, so as not to upset her.

At the thought of Zhan Nianbei, Qin Xiaobao slapped the man in the opposite direction and said, "Stinky man, what's wrong with my young lady? You can't see me, can't I see you? "

Ka -

the voice of the director came, and there was applause around. Then the director said: "Polaris, this play is very explosive. You get ready for the next game in five minutes. "

Well, she's making a scene where the supporting actor, the heroine's ex boyfriend, proposes to break up with the heroine.

Just as she was holding a breath in her heart, she vented all her resentment against Zhan Nianbei to the man who played the opposite role with her.

Although it's true that many scenes are shot now, there are still a few as fierce as she just played, with five finger marks on the man's face.

When he got the wrong number, Qin Xiaobao was still upset. He immediately went to the second man's side and apologized: "I just started too hard. I'm sorry!"

Man 2 smiled: "it's OK. Just have a good time. "

This play is invested by Shengtian entertainment, and everyone in the circle knows that Qin Xiaobao is an artist of Shengtian entertainment.

Sister Xuemo, Shengtian's gold broker, is only responsible for one of her artists. In addition, those little gossip will be eliminated as soon as they are heard. If you think about it carefully, you can guess that the mountain behind her is very big. If you don't mess with her, you should try not to mess with her.

Qin Xiaobao is in a mess in the wind What does it mean that she plays happily, as if she deliberately bullies people Well, she just bullies people on purpose.

Five minutes later, it was a play between Qin Xiaobao and No. 2 man. Their acting skills were pretty good in the circle. After one or two NG's, the shooting went smoothly.

Just after the play, Qin Xiaobao heard someone shouting, "Polaris, your boyfriend is on duty."

Her boyfriend is visiting?

Qin Xiaobao a happy heart, war read north that cheap man suddenly enlightened?

Unexpectedly, I came to visit as a boyfriend. Do you want to give her such a big surprise!

Qin Xiaobao said excitedly, "where is she?"

"It's in the number one lounge."

"Well, thank you!" Qin Xiaobao jumped up happily and said as he ran, "I'll treat you today. Please say where you want to go. I'll see you at the end of the night."

Seeing Qin Xiaobao's excitement, all the members of the crew followed her.

We thought that she was hyping the gossip the other day, but it's still true. Watching Polaris's reaction, we seem to like the man very much.

In the eyes of all people, Qin Xiaobao rushed into the No.1 rest shed with the fastest speed. Before he could see the people clearly, he rushed to the other side and hugged him: "Zhan Nianbei, son of a bitch, you are cheap. I don't want you. You know that you have sent him to the door."

Qin Xiaobao was so excited that she rushed to see a man's back. But when she saw who the man she was holding, she kicked him: "Pei, you can pretend to be Miss Ben's boyfriend. Do you want to die?"

Qin Xiaobao kicks over. As long as Mr. Pei hides, he can escape. But he doesn't hide. He gets a real kick.

Instead of being angry, he said smilingly, "Miss Qin, have you forgotten that your boyfriend is me, not the man named Zhan Nianbei?"

"Want me to be your girlfriend?" Qin Xiaobao squinted and looked him up and down, and said, "if you have Zhan Nianbei's figure, his appearance and his influence, I may think about it."



If you want to be her boyfriend, and you don't want to take photos with clear water, is he comparable to Zhan Nianbei?

"Xiaobao, what would you do if you didn't fight against Nianbei?" Mr. Pei asked with a straight face.

"I will die!" Qin Xiaobao blurted out without thinking.

Although Zhan Nianbei hasn't accepted her yet, she knows that sooner or later he will be her, so she will live a good life.

Mr. Pei added: "Xiaobao, your life is much more valuable than you think. Don't make fun of your life easily."

"You think I'm stupid. If Zhan Nianbei dares to marry another woman, I'll kill him. Then I'll find a handsome man to marry and have a small treasure."

Qin Xiaobao has a strong personality. He never shows his fragile side in front of others. He always shows his aggressive side.

She never dared to think, what would happen if she really lost Zhan Nianbei?

"The scenery here is so good. Go with me. I've brought you good news."

"No interest."

"I'm a man. Men know more about men. I can help you analyze Zhan Nianbei's psychology and help you catch up with him smoothly."

"Let's go. What are you waiting for? " A listen to can help oneself pursue to the war to read north, regardless of useful or useless, Qin Xiaobao does not want to let go of the opportunity.

The mall of the scenic spot is in the off-season of tourism. There are very few tourists. After walking for a long time, I haven't met anyone. Qin Xiaobao can't help but nagging: "help me to analyze. I have a very rich time, and I don't have time to hang out with you."

Prince Pei stood still and looked down at Qin Xiaobao: "you don't watch the news online when you are shooting in the scenic spot?"

"I don't want to see it." The news she wants to know doesn't need to go to the Internet. All she can see on the Internet are not the news she is interested in.

"Then you don't know what happened to your brother," said Mr. Pei

Qin Xiaobao raised his eyebrows and asked, "what's up? What happened to my sister-in-law? "

Mr. Pei said, "your sister-in-law is OK. It's just that I heard that your brother is poisoned. She's dying."

"You fart!" Qin Xiaobao didn't want to believe it, but he took out his mobile phone at the first time and called home to confirm the situation.

When the phone was connected, Qin Xiaobao asked in a hurry, "brother, are you ok?"

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