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After a pause, she could not help complaining, "I surrender. You can imagine the plot of millions of words when you see anyone. Even when the old man who guards the garden talking to an old lady, you have to imagine the romantic time when they were young!"

Clara rolled her eyes upwards. "This is the instinct of a romantic novelist. If I don't have the basic imagination, how can I write the novel?"

Jessica could not quite understand the author friend's brain circuit. She was in a low spirits and did not answer, still thinking about her brother.

Her brother and Amy were just boyfriend and girlfriend now, but he spoiled her so much. So after they got married, if she and Amy had differences, would he be unconditionally on Amy's side?

"Hey, what's the matter with you today? You are wilting." Clara pushed her with her butt. "Or I'll tell you a story to make you happy."

Jessica gave her a wan look. " It is up to you..."

"Those shameless people said men cheating on women is normal and advise you to get back together with the bastard, right? So I spent a large sum of money in hiring prostitutes from the exclusive club to seduce their husbands and boyfriends!"

"How about that? Am I great? Am I your bestie?"

If Clara had a tail, she'd lifted it up in the air.

Jessica froze for a long time, and then gave her a thumb up. She stuttered, "Awe-awesome!"

As expected, writers dared to think of what others dared not!

"I'm flattered!" Clara minced.


At this time, the director called her to go shooting, so she didn't have time to listen to her bestie's strategy. She took off the down jacket and ran there.

Due to the sudden snow, the director temporarily shifted the following scenes today. As a result, the prop group didn't provide two of the weapons for this scene somehow.

"What happened to the prop group? Fetch me that broadsword and sword at once, Can you hear me?" The director lost his temper.

It didn't snow all the time, so they had to seize the time to shoot.

"But director, the two weapons are with Eva."

"Then what are you waiting for? Call her now!"

"She got a phone call about 10 minutes ago. It is said that her husband had cheated on her and went to the hotel with a woman. She went crying to catch them red-handed and we called her several times but no one answered."

Eva was the deputy leader of the prop group. She was also one of those people who urged Jessica to get back together with Alex at noon, and said that man cheating on woman was very normal.

Jessica sighed secretly. Shortly after Clara made the call, Eva's husband was caught cheating on her. It was not clear if he had already cheated on her and was just caught today, or he had no discipline so he slept with the woman when she just crooked the finger.

"Eva is too infatuated. What does it matter if men cheat? Is it more important than work? She can't tell what is more important!" Someone in the crowd said in a shrill voice.

Jessica looked over there, and saw it was one of the people who advised her to get back together with Alex.

She didn't know if this person would gloat when she found her husband or boyfriend cheating on her.

Without the important weapons, although the director was anxious, he couldn't help it. All he could do was curse and get people ready to shoot as planned.

The supporting role of "Colored Glaze" liked the leading role. She was paranoid and fearless. She wanted to keep the leading role around, even if she had to imprison him. The second personality of her, which was the role Jessica played, had the opposite character. She was weak and incompetent.

She also liked the leading role, but she did not agree with the way the supporting role treated him. While the main personality was asleep, she slipped into a private cell to apply medicine to his wound. Also while he was in a coma, she kissed him secretly.

The part she was going to do this afternoon was to apply medicine to him and kiss him.

Shooting started. Jessica acted very well at first, but when she was about to kiss the man, she suddenly saw Ryan in the crowd of onlookers.

And then, she couldn't continue.

She felt guilty for some reason, though she could not tell what she felt guiltily about.

"Jessica, what's the matter with you today?" Because of Eva's affair, the director was not in a good mood originally. Now because she made mistakes in a row, he was even more irritable.

Holding the medicine bowl, she glanced at her brother secretly and whispered, "Can I not kiss his lips?"

Actually, she just stole a kiss. She thought it was nice to kiss his cheek, but the director wanted her to kiss him on the lips.

The director cast a sidelong glance at her. "The leading actor doesn't mind it. Why do you mind it?"

The leading actor was a big name in the industry, so it would be bad if he thought she was giving him the cold shoulder.

Jessica hastened to say, "No, I'm not. It's mainly because I haven't kissed anyone before and I'm not used to it. Besides, it's in front of the camera so I'm a bit nervous."

There were some kissing shots in "Spy", but her brother probably had told them. So those kissing scenes were deleted, or fake.

The director frowned and said impatiently, "You should get over it. Sooner or later you'll have to..."

"Kiss on the cheek or fake it." Ryan came in a few steps and interrupted him in a cold voice.

Jeffrey smiled and said, "I have stayed here for half a month. I can't say anything else, but I've read the script. The role that Jessica plays is a coward, so it's better to kiss on the cheek."

The drama's main investor was a subsidiary of the Howard group, and what Jeffrey said was also reasonable, so the director agreed without any psychological burden.

The actors around them envied her so much when they saw Jessica was backed by two big shots. Not to mention two, if one of two men backed them, they were in good luck.

The script was changed and Jessica just needed to kiss him on the cheeks, so she did not have the burden, and successfully completed today's task.

Usually, she would stay to watch and study, but today her brother and Jeffrey were there, so she took off the makeup and changed her clothes early. Then she called Clara, and went out with them.

She had not intended to ask her brother, but when she asked Jeffrey, he also followed.

She didn't know what was wrong with him, but he did not go to find Amy. She felt uneasy and worried that Amy would quarrel with him because of her and he would vent his anger on her.

So she tried not to talk all the way to make herself feel invisible.

Only when Jeffrey suggested going to the ski resort, she couldn't help shouting, "I've been filming all day. I'm so tired. I don't want to go ski!"

And it was snowing and freezing!

Jeffrey had been used to her domineering manner, so he asked with a smile. "Then where do you want to go, sweetheart?"

"Where would you like to go, Ryan?" Jessica turned her head and asked Ryan with some ingratiation.

Actually, she thought her brother didn't care about her because of his girlfriend, so he should be the one who pleased her.

####Chapter 114 Go to the movies

But when she saw him angry, she unconsciously tried to please him.

"Go to the movies first and then go to South Town to have dinner." Ryan opened the door, paused and looked at Jeffrey.

Jessica was kind of surprised. Her brother actually put forward to go to the movies.

"No problem." Jeffrey smiled and said with raised eyebrow, "Would you mind riding in the same car as me, Clara?"

Seeing that he was sensible, Ryan stopped staring at him.

As a senior writer who wrote romantic novels, Clara was obsessed with good looks. As it happened, the hero of her new novel was a sultry man like Jeffrey, so she agreed happily at once.

Jessica had been worried that Clara would feel embarrassed at being together with Jeffrey alone and wanted to ask her to get in the same car with her. Then she saw Clara trotting into Jeffrey's conspicuous red roadster.

Winter, snow, roadster...

Well, showy.

Jessica looked away, walked around to the other side and got into the passenger seat.

The car started.

She was worried that Ryan asked her about her feud with Amy, so she sat close to the window and tried to stay away from him.

"Is there a lot of kissing scenes on set?" Inside the car, she heard Ryan's voice suddenly which sounded somewhat cool.

Jessica thought that he asked this question probably because he had seen it today. She nodded. "Yes. Actually, not only kissing scenes, but also erotic scenes and other flirtatious scenes are inevitable."

Then the car sped up sharply, but luckily she was wearing a seat belt, so she was fine.

But even so, she turned pale with fear.

"Ry...Ryan?" Jessica called him in bewilderment.

"What part do you want to play? I can invest. It's fine to have someone else write a script for you. You don't have to do that."

His handsome face was dark with rage at the thought of her and the other men having more physical contact than hugs.

Jessica's face turned paler when she saw Ryan was angry, but she still explained uneasily, "Not only in some vulgar online movies, but there is also a lot of kissing and erotic scenes on the big screen."

"Mr. Burwell is a well-known director, right? There are kissing scenes in his movies, and there are also erotic scenes. But that's the part of the heroine and the hero. It's nothing to do with me."

She felt that she had explained clearly enough, but Ryan ordered with a stern and handsome face, "Then you can play the role of no kissing and erotic scenes. I will tell Tina."

"Ryan..." Jessica suppressed her fear of him. When she spoke again, she was more serious. "Kissing and erotic scenes couldn't be avoided in good parts now."

Even the purest campus love drama, there were a few kissing scenes inevitably.

"You don't need to take the part." His cold voice sounded like it was indisputable.

Even if the other men took a glance at her, he felt he was violated! Not to mention those people would hold her, kiss her, and do more flirtatious things with her!

The scene outside the window was moving backwards and the glass was fogging up. Originally, Jessica wanted to explain to him seriously for his understanding, but she did not expect him to be so stubborn and decisive. He ignored her opinion and directly decided.

"But Amy still has a lot of flirtatious scenes in it. Why do you ignore her?" She asked with unwillingness, clutching the corner of her dress.

Ryan didn't care about Amy at all, so he said coldly, "She can do what she likes."

"Then I'll do what I like."

Because of Amy's words, her brother directly refused to help her regardless of whether she was troubled by the rumors. Now in terms of choosing a play, Amy could do what she liked, while she still had to be restricted.

Jessica felt her heart was blocked badly all of a sudden, like a lump of soaked sponge in the throat, which made her feel very uncomfortable. When the car stopped, she unbuckled her seat belt directly, opened the door and jumped out of the car.

"Jessica!" Ryan followed her out of the car, and shouted at her with a sullen face. Jessica ignored him and moved forward, whose lips were pressed together. A taxi just came, so she stopped it, opened the door and got in.

"Where are you going, lady?" The driver asked.

Jessica actually did not know where to go. She paused for a while, and then said gloomily, "Just drive me around."

"All right!"

When the car started, Jessica frowned and looked back to see if her Ryan had left. When she turned her head, she found the Rolls-Royce coming this way at full speed, cold and determined.

She was uneasy suddenly. What was Ryan doing?


The Rolls-Royce made a nice drift and hit the taxi head-on without hesitation.

Jessica's pupils contracted and even her lips turned pale.

Was he crazy?


Jessica was sitting at the back, but she wasn't wearing a seat belt, so she bumped into the front seat. She hit her forehead so hard that it swelled up immediately.

Before she knew what was happening, the door of the car was suddenly opened and Ryan's lanky figure appeared in her sight. He looked down at her, whose handsome face was extremely cold. Even his voice sounded cold. "Get out of the car."

He looked like a beast staring at the prey and ready to bite its throat the next second.

Looking at his bloodshot eyes, Jessica regretted provoking him. She swallowed hard, not daring to get out of the car, but shrinking backwards. "Ry...Ah!"

Without giving her a chance to speak, Ryan leaned into the car, grabbed her with a straight face and threw her over his shoulder.

The Rolls-Royce and the taxi were in the middle of the road, so many of the cars were forced to stop. The owners let out a gasp of surprise at the sight.

Jessica's ribs pressed painfully against the bones of Ryan's shoulder, and a mist of tears formed in her eyes. And her head was down, so her blood was flowing in the opposite direction, which made her felt sick.

But she didn't dare to say anything. She just bit her lips and covered her face with her hands to avoid being photographed.

If she had known this was going to happen, she would never have gotten out of the car.

The taxi driver had got out of the car. Seeing this, he stopped Ryan in front of him and said with a shudder, "You...you put her down!"

Ryan's features were handsome, but he looked extremely aggressive and imposing. The taxi driver was facing him, but even though he tried to keep calm, he couldn't stop shaking and tried to back off.

"I will compensate you." Ryan cast a sidelong glance at him coldly and gave him all the cash in his wallet. "Don't meddle."

With that, he carried Jessica to the Rolls-Royce, opened the door and shoved her into the car.

Jessica felt uncomfortable by his action, so she moved her body uneasily. But the next second she was warned, "You dare to try again."

When she looked up and met his dark eyes, she stiffened, not daring to move at all.

Ryan's cold eyes fell on the red swelling on her forehead. After a pause, he looked away, and went to the driver's side, getting in the car.

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