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Jessica regretted not revealing her identity directly when she started out as an actress. Now any respectable man she was close to was rumored to be her lover.

Her brother, Chris and Jeffrey were regarded as her lover.

After a long silence, Jessica poked him with the elbow. "Will you help me, Jeffrey?"

"Just talk and don't touch me." Jeffrey clapped her hand away and said with a smile, "No matter how busy Ryan is, he won't be too busy to answer the phone. I can't get involved in this matter."

Jessica thought that it sounded not quite right. "What do you mean? You mean my brother doesn't want to help me prove my identity?"

Jeffrey's eyes flashed. He didn't deny it but he didn't admit it. "I didn't say that. If there is anything you do not understand, just ask your brother directly."


In fact, Jessica was skeptical about it. After all, it wouldn't take long time to answer the phone.

Or...Amy said something to her brother, so he didn't want to help her?

Seeing doubts on Jessica's face, there was a flash of struggle and hesitation in his glittering eyes, but it was fleeting and disappeared quickly.

After Jessica had left with Jeffrey for a long time, Alex still stood there.

It was not the first time that he was humiliated by Jessica, but it was the first time that he realized Jessica did not play hard to get at him, but really hated him.

Moreover she was the daughter of the Howards. And there were Jeffrey and Chris who were chasing after her. How could she fancy such nobody like him?

It seemed that the first plan that Penny told him didn't work. He had to think of other ways with Penny.

Those who had advised Jessica to get back together with him thought he was devastated by the breakup, so they came to comfort him again, opinionatedly.

"Alex, you're so good. If Jessica doesn't get back together with you, it's her loss. You don't need to be sad."

"I think so. You have already apologized, but Jessica still does not forgive you. She isn't magnanimous at all."

"You're so young, and you've been working alone for so long, so it's perfectly normal to make a mistake. Since Jessica doesn't understand you, you can find someone who understands you."

Alex was annoyed by their noise. Could someone else have Jessica's status? These stupid people didn't know anything, but considered that they were always right. What a bore!

"Buzz off, fools!"

He was really angry, and he forgot what Penny had told him to pay attention to his external image, so he cursed, and went to find Penny.

He did not care how the people who had been consoling him scolded him. He just wanted to get back together with Jessica soon and get the resources that belonged to him.

Penny lived in an upscale apartment complex. After Alex came in, he began to complain.

"Penny, the plan you told me didn't work at all. That bitch has been hooking up with other men for a long time! Could you think of other..."

"Don't be worried." Penny frowned and interrupted him. "You can see who is sitting on the sofa over there? We've decided the next step for you."

When Alex heard her words, he looked delightedly over to the sofa and saw Amy sitting there with a large smile on her face. "Alex, I hope we can cooperate happily."

After dinner, Jeffrey let the bodyguard stay to clean up the table. He and Jessica went for a walk in the garden in order to help digestion.

When they came to a hut, Jessica suddenly saw a figure behind the tree. There were visitors and a lot of staff, so she didn't take it seriously and just took several glances casually.

However, if she took it seriously, she would find the figure was familiar.

"Jeffrey, wait for a minute." Jessica said to Jeffrey, and then ran to the tree, carrying her ancient dress train.

She thought she might be mistaken, but when she got closer, she realized it was really her brother.

"Ryan! It's really you!" Jessica's eyes lit up, and she wanted to rush to embrace him, but she held herself back in front of him.

He didn't usually like physical contact, so she would annoy him if she hugged him.

He slept only four or five hours a day before he finished his work and came to see her. They hadn't seen each other for more than half a month, but she didn't seem to miss him at all.

His face fell, and his eyes clouded over with anger.

Jessica realized that Ryan was angry, she felt kind of puzzled. But then she remembered something suddenly. She bit her lip and said carefully, "Ryan, are you here to find Amy?"

Ryan pressed his lips together and, after a long time, gave a positive answer coolly.

It turned out that he was visiting his girlfriend, but she stopped him and delayed him, so he was angry. Her heart was filled with bitterness inexplicably and she felt really uncomfortable.

"She's filming over there. You can go to find her." She pointed in a direction.

Ryan's face didn't soften at all but looked worse. "You drive me away?"

What? Didn't he want to go and find Amy?

Ryan thought she acquiesced. It seemed he had glanced at Jeffrey. His voice was extremely cold. "Are you afraid I disturb you and Jeffrey?"

Jeffrey stood not far away. His handsome features looked kind of wicked. He did not come but looked at them from afar with a smile on his face.

"What?" Jessica was confused. What was he talking about? "Why should I be afraid of you disturbing me and Jeffrey? We're just friends."

"Really?" Ryan's look didn't change much, but his fingers bent slightly. "Why did I hear that you are inseparable for half a month like lovers?"

Jessica rolled her eyes upwards. "Nonsense! Don't you know the relationship between me and Jeffrey? It is because the bastard Alex...I am so annoyed by Alex that I ask Jeffrey for help."

She secretly took a look at Ryan, and relieved because she saw Ryan did not say anything when she spoke vulgar words. "Those people always talk nonsense. They even said that I am your lover. Do you believe it?"

Everything was fine when she was not popular.

After she became popular for her role in "Spy", they were jealous and started gossiping about her and other men. It was like a woman couldn't do anything without a sex trade.

As soon as Ryan came back, he heard that Jeffrey and Jessica might be together. So after he got off the plane, he rushed here.

Now when he heard Jessica's denial, his straight lips relaxed and his handsome face softened.

When Ryan mentioned Jeffrey, Jessica just realized that someone was waiting for her.

"Jeffrey, here, come here! My brother is here. Can't you see him with your myopic eyes?" She shouted at Jeffrey.

Jeffrey put his hands in his coat pocket. His sparkling eyes glowed. "Sweetheart, who has myopic eyes? Say it again."

Jessica ignored him, gave a snort and asked Ryan for help with tremble. "Ryan, since you are here, can you help me prove my identity this time?"

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