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Alice was very embarrassed at this moment. She thought that the first person she saw after coming out was Chuck who sent her to the hospital. She never expect to see Benjamin.

At the moment when the eyes met, Alice, who hadn't cried just now for giving birth a baby, gave a big teardrop from the corner of her eyes.

In front of him, she could never be strong. When he was not around, she had become a superwoman, but as soon as she saw him, her strong armor was removed.

His warm fingertips wiped the tears in the corners of her eyes. The corners of her lips slightly tilted, and his eyes were deeply affectionate and thankful.

Chuck left in silence. At this time, they should be left with a family.

In the ward, the newborn baby was taken by the medical staff to take a bath. Alice looked at him in his pajamas and was at a loss as he stood there.

"Why don't you tell me anything?" To divorce her was to break the relationship with her, and he went to jail.

Benjamin smiled bitterly, sitting in a chair in front of the hospital bed, helping her with her messy hair, "You hid a lot of things from me, too."

Alice knew he was talking about a child, "I was to protect him."

Benjamin smiled helplessly, "You really treat me as an asshole."

"You are already."

These two people, just think of each other, and quarreled as soon as they met. They will always live in this mode in the future.

Alice turned angrily and ignored him. He gently stroked her head with a big hand, and bent, her mellow voice spreading dumbly in her ear, "Thank you for giving me a baby."

It would be fine if he didn't say it out. Alice felt that she was really hard, pouting her mouth, and tears came out.

Her grievances and her sufferings, even if she didn't say, Benjamin knew all this. He vowed from an early age that he would not let her suffer a little bit, but in the end, all her sufferings were related to him.

Alice's tears kept falling, and Benjamin went to coax her, "It's fine. I know you're wronged, and you're upset."

Alice glared at him with tears in her eyes, "I was already pretending to be fine, and you can't take it anymore. If you leave, I won't have any problems, and I'm still very good by myself."

Benjamin's long-settled thoughts flooded her mind for a while, thinking that if time can come again, he must not spoil her like he used to, and he should let her have her own life and choices.

"Go away." Alice was mad at him. They were inseparable, even they were separated.

Benjamin could do nothing to her, "Knowing that you can be well without me. But be kind to me, because I don't have a good life without you. "

His words were so sweet.

Alice heard what he had said, she was happy in her heart, but on the surface she still didn't forgive him easily. "What did you learn in the past five months?"

"I am just thinking about you."

Alice opened the quilt and covered her entire face, so that she can't look at him. She was brushed.

When she couldn't see her, Benjamin looked a little sadness. At least she no longer cried. Her smile was more important than anything else.

The baby was carried back to the room by the nurse and placed on the stroller. The little boy was washed clean and put on the small clothes bought by Alice in advance.

The two looked at it happily for a while, and someone said cheekily, "I think it looks more like me, and it will look more handsome."

Alice disagreed with him, "How can Dr. Ran's child look like you?"

Benjamin was almost angered by her, pretending to stare at her fiercely, "Believe it or not I will strangle you."

Alice said without fear, "I bet you dare not."

Benjamin wasn't angry at all, and laughed.

There were only three of them in the ward. The little boy slept soundly. The doctor explained just now that the mother would recover some energy later and feed the child.

Alice said in her heart that she wouldn't know how to feed him.

Benjamin deliberately troubled her, "My son seems to be awake. You should feed him quickly. Don't starve him."

"..." Alice gave him a glance and said nothing.

She felt very uncomfortable at the lower body, and looked at Benjamin. She was embarrassed, and said to him, "You help me to get a caregiver, and then find a server for me, go now."

Benjamin's sharp eyes looked ate her, "Do you want to go to the bathroom?"

Alice was speechless. He knew everything. "Anyway, you go out first. I want to stay alone with my son."

Benjamin didn't want to talk nonsense with her, and he was ready to hold her to the bathroom, lift the quilt, and when he was about to hug her, he felt an uncomfortable stickiness in his hands. He looked down at the white bed and there was a lot of blood.

Anxious to see Alice, "I will call the doctor, nothing will happen. Don't be afraid."

Alice looked at him with a sour heart, she was not afraid, and now he was even more afraid than her.

She had to take hold of his shivering hand. Sure enough, there was cold sweat in his hand. Alice smiled at him. "I'm fine. When I came out of the delivery room just now, the doctor said it was normal. You asked the nurse to come over to change the mattress. I'll go to the bathroom. "

Benjamin obviously did not believe Alice's words. After he rang the bell, the doctors and nurses came over quickly, and the medical staff said, "Your husband is too nervous."

Alice smiled helplessly, this person was too nervous, but he seemed to be no longer her husband.

The nurse helped take care of the baby. Benjamin accompanied Alice to the bathroom. Alice looked at him awkwardly, "You can go out first."

Benjamin didn't leave. Instead he quickly took off her dirty pants, "Don't be fooled. When you experienced the period the first time, you cried in front of me, and said you was terminally ill."

Alice was very speechless by him. Even if it was the case before, at that time, they were close friends than their relatives. Now, at most, they are divorced as ex-husbands and ex-wife. Can't they be awkward?

Alice was sitting on the toilet. He helped her to get her new pants. Everything was done in an orderly and serious manner.

When he got out of the bathroom while holding her, the nurse smiled and said, "The little guy seems to be hungry, and he is moving his mouth. Try to feed the baby."

Alice embarrassed and said to the nurse, "I don't know how to feed."

The nurse smiled, Benjamin smirked and couldn't help but chuckle, Alice gave him a disdainful look.

The nurse patiently taught her how to hold the child, and also said what to pay attention to. There was no milk yet, and the child should be sucked more often.

Alice listened very seriously. The man sat beside her, staring at her feeding posture, and nodding his head. What does he mean?

The little baby was held in the arms of Alice. Alice looked down at the baby happily, Benjamin was really jealous, "Can you let me hug him?"

Alice refused, "No."

Benjamin stretched out his hand to hold, Alice turned around and forbade him to hold him. "He is too young, you won't hold it."

"You don't let me hug, how can I learn. You have to let me learn a bit."

"Your arms are so stiff that he will be uncomfortable. Let him grow up a bit."

The two argued one by one in order to hold the child. The nurse couldn't stand it and had to say, "The child is still too young. No one can hold more. Now he was most comfortable lying down."

Well, no need to argue now.

But when the nurse went out, Benjamin still had to take the little guy out of the stroller and hold it.

Alice was worried, "Are you really OK?"

Ben yelled at her, "I started hugging you when I was one year old."

What? ... Can it be the same?

If they can stay together like this, it's really good, simple and happy.

The next day, Chuck, Jim, Janice, and of course Molly, came to the hospital to see Alice and the baby.

As soon as Jim came in, he said, "Girl, let's make a person out and have fun when we have time. Looking at the little boy's appearance, I really want to steal it home now."

"I have no time to accompany you." retorted Janice.

Chuck was increasingly feeling that these two people were nasty. When he came back from England and they no longer lived in the same city. Jim didn't know whether he really wanted to see him, he ran to Queen District from time to time.

Whatever it was, like Jim, Chuck always felt that he was not worthy of the simple and lovely sister of his family, "You are not allowed to make such jokes with my sister," said Chuck.

Jim raised an eyebrow and said rudely, "Then you can guarantee that she won't become my Janice."

Chuck glared at Jim. He could be a brother, but definitely not his brother-in-law.

Benjamin interjected, "Did you come to give my son a red envelope, or did you come here to grab someone? Don't be noisy and disturb my wife and children."

Jim and Chuck looked at each other with a pair of eyes. At the same time, they looked at Benjamin dissatisfied and said in unison, "Is that proud to have a wife and child."

Benjamin nodded proudly, "Well, you can find a wife to have a child if you have the ability."


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