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"Now you come out, huh." Man's voice came slowly from the top of her head.

Vivian held the sheet, nodded, and shook her head hard. If it was not the puffiness on her face that covered the heat on her face, she certainly felt ashamed.

She even felt a man's important part in the quilt...

Thinking about on that length and shape, Vivian was not good at all.

Pleurotus eryngii? So terrible.

"Ah - what are you doing, William?"

"What do you think I am doing?" William directly pull her, she lit the fire and ran. There was no such good thing in the world.

"My legs still hurt, and my face is swollen." In order to shrink from the responsibility, Vivian began to belittle herself.

However, William was not happy. Instead, his eyes became more and more gloomy. His big hands tightly confined her in his arms. His cold thin lips accurately touched her chattering mouth.

All the voices disappeared at this moment.

Only the warming of each other.

Vivian felt that the whole person was soft, and her little hand unconsciously climbed to his shoulder.

When William ended the passionate kiss, Vivian was still immersed in it.

"Why, do you want to continue?" His hoarse voice was nice to hear.

Vivian hammered the man several times with her small fist, caused a burst of smile. Vivian was even too shy to see him. As soon as her eyes closed, she began to pretend to be dead.

William smiled with corners of his mouth upward and did not saying anything again.

Vivian encountered a lot of things on this day. Her eyes were closed and she fell asleep with her head askew.

The original harmonious picture was interrupted by a cell phone ring.

William took a look at his mobile phone, got out of bed, walked out of the bedroom, closed the door gently by the way, and went to the balcony to answer the phone.

"What's up?"

The person at the other end of the phone didn't think it would be a hoarse voice, and he stunned for a few seconds, then his mind seemed to associate with some erotic pictures, and he gave a chuckle, "Oh, it's just a few o'clock before you start 'the battle'."

William answered slowly, "Well, you're saying you can't do it."

It's going to be 'a knife rain'. The 'iceberg' was joking. It seemed that the little beauty must be unusual. "Old fox, you hurt my heart too much, but your endurance is not good."

He remembered that it was less than half an hour before he sent the message.

"I'll hang up the phone if you have nothing to do." It's good for William to have a joke, but it's impossible to expect him to continue to talk.

When the man on the phone heard William say that, he immediately said seriously, "That man's helpers have entered the city. Be careful."

William's dark eyes flashed, and then he replied, "I know."

"By the way, I'll tell you a piece of good news. I'll meet you next week. Are you happy about that? Are you..." He had not finished his words, the phone had been hung up.

The man looked at the mobile phone with some worries and sorrow, "Male is a kind of inhuman animal who just thinks about female."

Next came the gloating reply, "Little Red Riding Hood, you finally admit that you are not a man."

"Hey, who is not a man? I can write with my pen. I can have a virtuous wife in my bed. If you are the bottom, I can be the top. If you are the top, I can be the bottom. Ah, well, forget about it."

Little Red Riding Hood found that he had spoken too much, he coughed twice and went on to save his face, "In a word, I'm a real man. I'm not like you and the old fox. Hypocrite."

That man was not angry. He smiled and shook his mobile phone and said, "Don't worry, I've recorded for you and sent it to the fox."

"Butcher, come back to me!" Little Red Riding Hood thought that his words would be heard by the old fox, and then he felt that there was no hope in his life, so he hurriedly chased the disappearing back.

William went back to his bedroom. He just lay down, and the woman beside him spontaneously leaned on his arms. It seemed that she was uncomfortable, so she was muttering.

"I hate it. It's a stone."

William's deep dark eyes unconsciously softened, reaching out to change a comfortable position for her. As expected, the little woman with frowning eyebrows stopped frowning.

Vivian had a good sleep. She thought she would have nightmares. She didn't expect to sleep until dawn.

When she opened her eyes and looked at the place beside her, it was already empty and there was not a trace of excess temperature.

Vivian didn't know whether she was melancholy or disappointed. Isn't it what she wants that William leaves? Why she is still thinking nonsense?

"Wake up."

Hearing the familiar cool male voice, Vivian suddenly looked up to the door. She didn't know why her heart beat so fast. She just wanted to confirm whether he was left.

"Why are you still here..." And he looked unhappy. Don't ask her why she could see it. That's what intuition told her.

William snorted, "Get up, brush your teeth, and eat."

In order to take care of her, he got up and took several cold baths in one night.

Vivian didn't know why she nodded her head in a guilty way, but she couldn't help smile with corners of her mouth upward.

"Stupid." The viper once again played his role.

Vivian shook her small fist and waved at him. "What do you say, William? Who is stupid? Tell me again."

William gave her a look.

Vivian glared at him angrily. She just got out of bed and found that her feet didn't feel hurt as much as yesterday. She couldn't help looking down and found that her injuries had been re medicated.

Vivian's face went hot. She hurried into the bathroom to wash and then went to the restaurant.

Today's breakfast was not like the noodles of yesterday, there were mushroom chicken porridge, steamed buns, and even steamed Pork Dumplings.

Does the man be in line very early?

"Don't you want to eat?" William thought of the last time he bought sea cucumber porridge and threw it to the trash can.

That's right. He would remember it all his life.

"No, I think that it's going to be too much trouble for you." Vivian was a little bit embarrassed. Yesterday, he took care of her. In the morning, he went to buy breakfast for her.

Really, she would rather William be cold to her, such abnormal behavior made her flattered and frightened.

"I didn't eat breakfast too." William explained.

So William meant that he didn't have breakfast either. He just brought the breakfast by the way, but she remember that William didn't seem to have much preference for this restaurant? She should be the one likes that.

Vivian sat down with some careful thoughts.

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