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"It's been more than three and a half years. Time can change a lot of things, work, relationships, feelings, and living environment." Bella said lightly and walked away from him to have a little distance.

James Grayson held her hand. The strength was much and he pulled her to his front. Bella didn't expect that he would do that and she bumped into his hard arms.

She felt the familiar breath!

Bella was in a panic, but she was very angry. She took out her hand and slapped it on James Grayson's face.

Bang! The sound was very loud!

Three red fingerprints appeared on his face.

James Grayson narrowed his eyes and looked at her coldly.

Bella knew that she had overreacted so she lowered her eyes.

"Are you afraid of me?" James Grayson stared at her and observed the expression on her face.

Bella looked at him and said, "Some reflex action is related to a person's past experiences. I have been forced by a strong man. That's why I don't like being touched and forced by others. I didn't mean to offend the chief, please forgive me."

James Grayson's eyes were a little deeper. Generally, women try their best to hide their scars, but she showed them in such a light way.

Maybe it doesn't matter or maybe she deliberately defamed herself in front of him.

Bella nodded, turned to go out, asked the housekeeper, "Please take me to Mr. Walker's room."

"Yes, this way, please." The housekeeper went upstairs.

Bella looked back at Paul Watson, she was a little annoyed, and lowered her voice. "Hurry up, you are here to solve the case, not to stand on one side as a decoration piece."

Paul Watson stroked his nose. He saw that James Grayson had entered the room, and he willingly gave them space.

He hurriedly followed Bella to go in.

The housekeeper opened the door of the room.

The floor in the room was not stained, there was a light fragrance. There was a desk, and the books on the desk were all arranged neatly. There were three treasures, a painting cylinder, and many white picture scrolls in the cylinder.

Bella took it out and looked at it casually.

There were ink paintings, calligraphy characters, and poems written by Robert Walker himself. It was particular. There was also a stamp in the lower right corner.

The name on the scripts was Robert Walker.

On top of the big bed was the wedding photo of Mr. Walker and Julia Patrick.

Bella opened the drawer of the bedside table. There was nothing but a bottle of Cologne in the cupboard.

Bella opened the wardrobe. Mr. Walker was a very fastidious and even meticulous person. His clothes, suits, shirts, winter wears, and summer wears all were neatly hung.

"Can I ask you some regular questions?" Bella looked at the housekeeper and asked politely.

The housekeeper was afraid to say something wrong, but she can't refuse the police to answer. She was just scared and nodded lightly.

"What do you want to ask?" The housekeeper said softly.

"Find a quiet place to sit. You don't have to be nervous. It will be routine talk." Bella said with a smile.

The housekeeper nodded. "Let's come to the reception room on the second floor."

The housekeeper was walking in front of her. Bella turned her head and said to the police officer, "Call young master Theo Walker as well. I will ask them together."


The housekeeper went to the reception room. There was a fruit tray and ashtray on the tea table. The fruits in the fruit tray was fresh.

Bella sat down on the sofa and took out her notebook and pen from her bag.

Theo Walker and James Grayson came in.

As soon as they came in, the atmosphere in the reception room became dignified.

This man has a strong aura and the ability to change any atmosphere. Bella looked up into James's eyes. He was staring at her deeply, and his eyes were dark black as ink.

She didn't like his eyes, for her, he was like a beast in the dark, too focused, too strong, with a full sense of aggression.

"How was your father and mother relationship?" Paul Watson asked Theo Walker first.

"It has been very good. My father is a very caring person for his family. He has been very good to my mother. Many people envy my mother that she got a good husband. My mother is very kind, optimistic and kind-hearted. People around her always liked her temperament very much." Theo Walker said.

"How often do you come home?" Bella asked Theo Walker again.

"The military regulations are strict. There is only half a day to come out every week. I spend more time with my brothers." Theo Walker answered Bella's question.

"So you don't come home often, right? When was the last time you came home?" Bella asked.

"A month ago, my mother got an injury a month ago. My father especially took leave to accompany my mother. They were a very good couple." Theo Walker said sincerely.

Bella looked at the housekeeper.

The housekeeper bowed her head and twisted her apron. She was very nervous.

"I believe that Mrs. Walker was a very good person. She was warm-hearted and caring. She never treated you as an outsider. Can you help me find out her murderer? She is in heaven and will thank you for it." Bella said softly to the housekeeper.

"Yes, madam was really very good. She never behaved rudely with her servants. Last time I was in need of money. Madam gave me 20,000 yuan without saying anything. Who can kill our madam?" The housekeeper was a little emotional and her eyes turned red.

"Is Mrs. Walker behaved abnormally recently? For example, she kept herself in the room for a long time." Bella asked.

"Madam has been in a bad mood since she was discharged from the hospital after her foot injury." The housekeeper replied.

"Before her accident, she was in such a good mood that she often buys cosmetics, does make-up, loses weight, buys beautiful clothes, and even learns to dance," Bella said.

The housekeeper was surprised. "How do you know?"

Bella had already understood, she raised a smile, "how many times a week does Mr. Walker comes home?"

The housekeeper's face was pale, and she looked at Theo Walker.

"What do you mean? My father comes back every day, even if he works late." Theo Walker twisted his eyebrows.

"Mr. Walker usually comes back two or three times a week. Just in the last month, he comes back every day. However, he was not in a good mood, right?" Bella asked immediately.

The housekeeper was even more surprised. "How do you know?"

Theo Walker locked Bella straightly and widened his eyes. "What do you mean by these? What are you suggesting?"

Bella smiled and looked at Theo Walker calmly. "Nothing, I am just asking. I'm sorry to trouble you today. We should leave now."

Bella got up.

Theo Walker followed her and said, "Speak clearly."

"Your parents love you very much. It's enough for you to know." Bella walked towards the door.

"Sit down and tell me about your judgment completely." James Grayson said in a deep voice.

Bella did not look back.

"You know, with my one call, not even you but also your director will come to my military area to talk. But I don't want to create so much trouble."

Bella stopped and looked back at James Grayson.

She thought that James Grayson really became overbearing sometimes. He was domineering, and he left no space for others to parry.

"Chief, are you interested in me?" Bella asked directly.

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