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The next day, Alice was awakened by the ringtone of her mobile phone. Alice reached out and did not touch her cell phone, but touched a living person with a body temperature. She forgot that Ben slept on her bed last night.

The phone ringing stopped because he actually answered her call.

As soon as Dr. Ran's night shift was off, he called Alice, estimating that she hadn't woke up at this time, so there was not a sound there. He asked directly, "Is the cold better?"

When Alice heard a voice, she wanted to get her mobile phone, but Benjamin refused.

Dr. Ran didn't know that it was Benjamin who answered the phone. He then asked, "My proposal, how are you thinking?"

Benjamin snorted, "So early Dr. Ran, I didn't know what you mean."

Just after Dr. Ran got into the car, his hand holding the steering wheel was tight. He never expected that it would be Benjamin who answered the phone.

"Benjamin, gave me my mobile phone." Alice grabbed the phone in Benjamin's hand and said to Dr. Ran over there, "Dr. Ran, sorry, let's meet and talk."

Dr. Ran thought about it, "OK."

After the call was disconnected, Alice glared unhappily at Benjamin, "Do you know what respect is?"

Benjamin snorted, "I only know that his wishful thinking is for you to marry him."

Alice got out of bed, "If he can give me what I want, I will."

"Alice you ..."

"Bang!" Benjamin's words weren't finished yet, and the bathroom door had been slammed by Alice, and then came the sound of rain dripping from inside.

When going out, Benjamin asked her, "Aren't you taking me to the hospital?"

Alice glanced at him, "I have an appointment with Dr. Ran, and you take a taxi yourself."

How Benjamin could let her go to see Dr. Ran alone. Although it was not clear why Dr. Ran suddenly made a request for Alice to marry him, but the man who was very experienced definitely not seem so simple as Alice thought.

"Send me to the hospital first and then see your doctor Ran." said Ben, who already held Alice's hand in his palm.

Alice had no choice but to do what he said.

If she knew that this meeting of three people will change something for them in the future. Will she make other choices?

Alice arrived at the place meeting with Dr. Ran, Benjamin followed as well. He said that if he had any requirements, he would talk to Dr. Ran himself, but he would not accept it if the donor was not voluntary.

At the crossroads, Dr. Ran stood across the road waiting for Alice, but it turned out to be Alice and Benjamin. It didn't seem that he was surprised.

Benjamin did not go to the hospital on time so Penny called him. Alice saw Dr. Ran on the opposite side and waved her hand to say hello, and the green light was on. Looking back at Benjamin, she saw that he was on the phone, thinking she might go first.

The cars on both sides were waiting for the red light. Just as Alice was preparing to cross the road with several pedestrians, a black car rushed forward, causing the pedestrians to panic.

Alice looked at the black car that drove straight towards her. The driver inside couldn't even see whether he was male or female, and he was wearing a mask. She suddenly had a bad feeling.

For a moment, she forgot to dodge, and in her ears were the exclamations of passersby, and the doctor's panic shouted, "Alice ..."

The first reaction of Alice's instinct was not to see Dr. Ran running towards her, but to look back at Benjamin who was on the phone.

As Benjamin had always said, nobody knew tomorrow and accident, which one would come first.

What would he do if she died first? It's too painful to suddenly lose the feeling of love in his heart.

Benjamin heard someone calling Alice, he turned around and looked back. The black car was close to Alice. He threw away the phone and ran towards Alice, but he was too late.

It was Dr. Ran who ran past earlier than him. Dr. Ran tightly protected Alice with his own body, like an angel guarding his arms.

"Dong!" was the sound of Dr. Ran's head breaking the glass in front of the car.

The crowd were frightened, and the black car still ran at full speed. After a sharp turn, it galloped and escaped, and the wheels rubbed against the ground.

Excessive tension made Benjamin's heart unbearable. He was paralyzed on the ground, breathing quickly. Although he was less than two meters away from Alice, but he couldn't catch her.

The world seemed to be quiet, but also because it is too quiet that he can only hear Alice crying and calling Dr. Ran's name, "Dr. Ran, Dr. Ran, please wake up, Dr. Ran ..."

Dr. Ran's breathing was intermittent. With blood on his face, his face couldn't be seen clearly. He seemed to smile, but he didn't have much energy. His voice was hardly audible. "I have signed the donation consent. But I didn't expect that it would have let you know this way. Promise me not to tell Benjamin that the heart is mine. He is stubborn. "

Alice's brain was blank, and she didn't know what Dr. Ran was talking about, but she knew exactly what he was talking about.

The ambulance had arrived soon, and Benjamin could see that Alice was crying to save her Dr. Ran, but not knowing that he was the one who was getting closer to death.

Was it only at the most critical moment that we can see whether someone had you in his heart?

Two people were about to die. Alice's sadness was not for him Benjamin. Two ambulances. She was on Dr. Ran's, not his. Benjamin was lying in the ambulance. On the first-aid stretcher in the room, he smiled sadly and desperately.

He decided to accept death.

The arrangement of destiny cannot be determined by one's thoughts.

When rushed to the nearest hospital, and Penny, the chief doctor of Benjamin, came. She never thought that one day, lying on her operating table, the heart she had taken out would be Dr Ran' s.

Even if he was beyond recognition, she still recognized him at a glance, the man who had rescued her in the army and destroyed her.

Penny knelt weakly in front of Dr. Ran's operating table, close to his ear, and called him softly, "John ..."

A drop of tears rolled down along Dr. Ran's blood-filled eyes, and God still cared for him, and finally let him hear his beloved love voice in this life. And let his heart continue to live and continue to love her. He died without regret.

Alice later learned that what Dr. Ran said that the heart matching Benjamin was his own. The woman in his heart who he had loved was Penny.

They had an unforgettable love, but in the end they didn't come together. Once they were set apart, it was six years. They met again six years later. Penny and Benjamin told the same lie, saying that she was going to marry Benjamin.

And as Dr. Ran knew, Alice loved Benjamin, so in order for Penny to marry Benjamin smoothly, he will make a request to marry Alice, and medically there were many cases of heart exchange surgery that if the receiver was often with the person whom the donor liked during his lifetime, it was very likely that he will fall in love with the person. Dr. Ran was selfish. He wanted to keep his heart, and continued to love Penny who was hurt by him.

Alice saw this truth in the regular email that Dr. Ran handed her over, and she never thought that this would be the reason.

She could not accept it.


The first person that Benjamin saw at the end of the operation was Penny who helped him with the operation. The two looked at each other and smiled. As for what they thought, only they knew.

One week later, Benjamin was pushed out of ICU, and his parents who had been outside for seven days were surprised that he did not want to see Alice.

Maybe it was because even if he fainted, he knew that at her last choice, Alice knew that Dr. Ran's heart could save Benjamin, but she insisted that the doctor must save Dr. Ran.

It was from that time that Benjamin gave up Alice, so he agreed, and replaced the heart full of love for Alice.

When Alice learned that Benjamin had woke up, she ran to the hospital and wanted to see him, but at the door of the ward, he saw that Penny was taking good care of Benjamin. The two looked very harmonious.

There followed a sarcastic voice from Joan, "You're not ashamed to come. Even if the two of us have some grudges, Ben has been pampering you since early age. How could you cruelly choose to save another man at that time?"

Alice looked at Joan and wanted to explain, but didn't know what to say.

Molly, who was behind Joan, finally found a chance to fight back against Alice, "I heard that you were going to run away with that man. See? That's the result of a man being with you."

Alice just wanted to refute Molly. She could answer back Joan, because Joan was an elder, but Molly couldn't.

"If you don't know anything, don't talk nonsense, I ..."

Another low voice interrupted Alice's words, "If you want to fight, go away."

Alice's heart flickered, and she turned to look at Benjamin who had not looked at her at all. Even if he was lying in bed, she could feel his apparent hostility towards her.

Joan and Molly went in first. Alice had to walk in behind them, and asked him carefully, "Are you feeling good?"

Benjamin finally turned to look at her, but this one was too cold and without temperature. "I you down. I'm fine."

Alice knew that he was blaming her, and the one she wanted to save at the time was Dr. Ran.

Benjamin did not know that the new heart in his body was Dr. Ran, because Dr. Ran donated anonymously.

Alice didn't tell him, in fact, at that time, anyone could see that Dr. Ran could not survive, and the only heart that could save Benjamin.

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