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Jian Ran did not want to have anything to do with him, so she just sat there without moving. "But I don't want to hear it."

"Do you believe that I'll make Qin Yue crawl out on his stomach tonight?" Gu Nanjing laughed coldly as he threw out those words, then turned and left.

"You --" Gu Nanjing's threat instantly dispersed Jian Ran's confidence, and when she thought about how Gu Nanjing was able to do what she said, she did not dare imagine what Gu Nanjing would do to deal with him. She did not dare to take Qin Yue as a risk, and could only follow along against her wishes.

The banquet hall was on the second floor, and there was a balcony beside the lounge. The light was not very good, and Gu Nanjing had already pinpointed the location long ago, so he brought Jian Ran here.

Jian Ran looked around, although the balcony was dark, there would be people passing by from time to time. Gu Nanjing did not dare do anything, and followed them.

Gu Nanjing turned his head to look at her, and looked at her from top to bottom: "Of course, you look better than before."

She thought that she was moving, but when Jian Ran heard her, she felt nothing but disgust.

She really wanted to turn around and leave, but she was worried that Gu Nanjing might really do something to Qin Yue. It could only treat him coldly, to the point where it didn't even want to give Gu Nanjing a single glance.

Seeing Jian Ran being so cold and detached, the anger in Gu Nanjing's chest flared up once again. She couldn't help but sneer: "Qin Yue is merely a CEO of a small Innovation Technology, and there are many people who can step on him. "Don't be so naive as to think that if he can bring you to this dinner, he's a member of the upper class."

Jian Ran had never felt that it was good to be someone of the upper class. She only wanted to live a peaceful life, far away from calculation, far from betrayal, far from all the painful memories of the past.

Seeing that Jian Ran did not refute her, Gu Nanjing thought that he had moved her, so he said with all his might: "You should know, ever since Gu's announced that he would no longer cooperate with innovation, many companies are no longer willing to cooperate with innovation. Then why? Because innovation can never compare up to Gu's, so Qin Yue can only be ruthlessly stepped on by me. "

Jian Ran didn't care about her identity, no matter what identity he had in the outside world, she only knew that Qin Yue was her husband.

Even if Gu Nanjing was right, compared to the Gu's, who would be able to innovate within a million li, so what?

In her heart, Qin Yue's character and knowledge were far worse than his.

Jian Ran still should not have said anything. Gu Nanjing had also realized that she was not moved by him, and was basically unwilling to pay attention to him. He couldn't help but clench his fist and sneer: "Did you know that your sister Jian Xin also came to the Jiangbei, and it was your father who asked her to come over?"

Suddenly hearing the name that he tried so hard to forget, Jian Ran's heart would still tighten.

She still remembered that day. That person knelt down like a tearful person and asked for her forgiveness, saying that she should not have relations with Gu Nanjing, and even more so, should not have been discovered by their parents.

The Gu family's parents and their fathers could not see the pain in Jian Ran's heart and rushed forward like a swarm of bees to protect that person.

Jian Ran could not remember exactly what they said, all she could remember was a sentence that Mother Gu said, "Listen, you're someone who's pregnant. "Even if you don't care about your body, you still have to think for your child."

At that time, Jian Ran finally realized that her big sister and her fiance even had children.

She unconsciously tightened her grip on the recently completed wedding dress design. She had originally wanted to give Gu Nanjing a pleasant surprise, but the one she had been waiting for was the big "surprise" they had given her.

Afterwards, for some reason, she became the shameless person that everyone said she was, after all, the one who stole her sister's fiance. She was hung up on the internet and was even searched by the people, not daring to even step out the door.

"I know that you definitely don't want to see her, but you two are blood-related sisters that are thicker than water. You can't possibly not see her for the rest of your life." Even though he knew that this was the pain in Jian Ran's heart, Gu Nanjing had ruthlessly opened her wounds again and again.

"Elder sister? My sister died three years ago. " They were able to do that kind of thing behind her back, and even framed her later on. To her, those people were no longer related to her, Jian Ran.

If she didn't take her as a younger sister, why would she bother calling her older sister?

"Your sister is already dead in your heart?" Gu Nanjing looked at Jian Ran, and laughed coldly: "What about your mother? Is she like your sister in your heart? "

He spoke very slowly, every word felt like it was filled with poison. Jian Ran felt a sharp pain in her heart, and she was unable to say a single word.

Gu Nanjing then said, "After you left, your mother was very sad. She was unable to recover from her sickness and lay in bed for three years."

Suddenly, he heard his mother lying in bed for three years. Then, he remembered that when he was young, his mother would always stroke his head and say, "Our family is the most sensible. We grew up on her little cotton-padded jacket, so we will definitely be more considerate when we grow up."

Jian Ran still remembered the time she was framed three years ago.

Her mother truly felt sorry for her, but she couldn't do anything about it. The weak and incompetent mother could only sit there crying all night.

Her mother had begged her father not to force her anymore, and her mother had also begged Gu Nanjing to let go of the two sisters, and the Gu family members to let go of Jian Ran ...

But even if her mother's eyes were swollen and her voice was hoarse, no one could help her.

Jian Ran still left the capital in the midst of this mess, flying far away into the distance.

Perhaps the reason why his mother got sick was because she felt that she couldn't even protect her own daughter, and that she was useless.

That was his mother, the one who he doted on the most. Even if she couldn't do anything to stop him back then, Jian Ran still couldn't blame her.

"You also know how the bones of your Jane family are. Your mother has been in the hospital for three years. If it wasn't for the support of the Gu family, would the Jian family be able to afford it? " Gu Nanjing continued to speak, every word was like a sharp blade stabbing into Jian Ran's heart.

For the past three years, she had specifically not paid attention to the matter of Gu Jane and her family, cutting off all connections with the capital. As a result, she did not even know that her mother was sick.

Jian Ran could blame her father for being merciless, or she could blame Jian Xin for that, but she could not be ruthless enough to blame her mother.

Jian Ran tried her best to hold back from crying, and her body lightly trembled. She took the opportunity to embrace her and gently pat her on the back: "Of course, don't be sad, don't you still have me in all this? No matter what, I will be your solid support. "

Suddenly, Gu Nanjing hugged onto his, Jian Ran struggled to push him away, but he held her even tighter, and threatened: "Of course, if you don't listen, what about Auntie?"

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