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Life continues in peace, and Karin gradually forgets some people and things she should not remember.

One evening, when she just comes out of the library, a younger schoolgirl runs to her and says, "Karin, someone is looking for you at the school gate."

"Looking for me?" She says in surprise.

"Yes, a handsome guy."

She nods. "Okay, thank you."

Rushing out of the campus, far away, she sees a man in a suit, waiting patiently with his back to the school gate.

"Hello, are you looking for me?" She asks inquiringly as she approaches.

The man turns around, and suddenly, he is taken aback, "You? Are you Karin?"

Robert never expects that the one who saved Charlie and the one who asked him to bring her into the Charlie Mansion is Karin...

Karin is also quite surprised, but then smiles slightly, "Well, it's me."

"So you went to the Charlie Mansion last time to find Charlie?"


Robert laughs inconceivably, "That's good, please get in the car. Charlie asks for you."

"What? Anything happens?"

"You will know when you go to him."

Despite her hesitation, Karin gets in the car out of politeness.

The two arrives at the prestigious Imperial City Hotel in Zurich. The hotel is fully furnished and there are many projects for the rich to entertain themselves. Robert takes her to the second floor and pushes open one of the golden doors and says respectfully, "Charlie, Karin is here."

Karin moves her gaze in the room and glances at Charlie who is playing billiards. She quickly lowers her head, and her ears begin to feel hot again.

"Please come in."

She steps inside slowly, her hands entangled with each other, "Mr. Charlie, nice to meet you."

"It's me who should say this."

"I wonder why you ask me come here?"

He straightens up, "Nothing special, just remembering that you once saved me, and I want to invite you to dinner."

"No, actually..."

In fact, she wants to say that although she has saved him, he has already repaid this relationship, and there is no need to thank her.

"I know what you want to say. It's just my unilateral affection. Please don't refuse."

Charlie looks at her resolutely. Karin couldn't speak for a while, maybe because she has had an extraordinary experience with him, so when facing him, she always feels absent-minded in front of him...

"Okay then."

She promises with enthusiasm, unconsciously looking at the man in front, a height of 1.8 meters, with perfect figure and linen hair, and under the long lashes, there are a pair of deep eyes twinkling like crystals...

Karin is out of mind in watching him. What is she doing? Hasn't she watched a man like this?

"Can you wait for a second? I'll finish this round."

"Oh, it doesn't matter."

Under the incandescent lamp, the temperament emanating from him is extremely complex, like a mixture of various temperaments, all showing nobility and elegance.

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