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After one and half months since that incident, the police had published their investigation's result, and Julia's suspension turns to resignation. Such a result is expected, but it also made people feels something's up.

As the matter of fact, few people thought that Julia would actually be expelled from the beginning, but after quite some time, they had their own opinions.

On the day of resignation, Julia comes to the company to pick up her personal belongings and hands over her work to Kinsey. When Crystal and Lily return to the office after luncheon, most of the office's seat is still empty. As they are about to get inside, Julia walks out with carton box in her hand.

The two of them bump into face to face, which can't be avoided anymore. Is this what they called as enemy is bound to meet on a narrow road?

Julia is also surprised to see Lily, but soon, she puts a mocking smile on her face and says sarcastically, "Lily, who knows that I can be kick out by you."

Lily stays still, she doesn't afraid of her anymore, "Since you've resigned, I won't call you my superior anymore. Julia, you're leaving not because of me, but it is because of your incompetent work, which had a great impact on me. Don't you feel sorry at all? How can you still blame me? Don't you see the company's statement?"

She obviously doesn't expect that she would refute, which make her freeze for a while then faking a smile, "You sound really highfalutin. Even if the lawsuit wasn't handled properly, I also won't get fired. You just rely on your relationship to take a chance to fired me, isn't it? Let me tell you something, sooner or later you'll get yourself a serious trouble!"

Lily meets her fierce eyes and yet, she doesn't feel any undulation. From the moment of her employment until now, Julia had been inexplicable animosity towards her.

Why didn't she reflect on herself?

Knowing that there will be no result of the quarrel, Lily has no intention to fight with her and turns sideway to let her path, "It's a waste to talk to you, go."

When she passes, Julia deliberately hits her shoulder. The force is strong enough that Crystal has to support her to stabilize.

By looking at Julia's intentional twisted curves, Crystal clenches her fist, "What a bitch..."

This scene is recorded by the surveillance camera, which is transmitted to the computer in the CEO's office, real time. As he watches Lily being pushed back two steps, his eyes are shining with a cold light. He then picks up the internal phone on the table to call Joe, "Send two guards to block Julia."

"Block her?" Joe is puzzled. Even before he had a chance to ask the purpose of it, Rex speaks again in a displeasure tone, "Do I need to teach you?"

With a bang, he hung up the phone. Joe still is puzzled by his order. After a process, he finally responds to it and made an order.

Julia, with the cartoon box in her hand, had just left the elevator and is walking towards the door. When she has just stepped outside the door, even before getting on the bus, she is tripped. All of her stuff in the box are scattered on the ground. She is also almost knocked out.

She turns her head wickedly and glares at the security guard of the door, "Where's your eyes!"

The security guard looks serious and apologized but doesn't really mean it, "Sorry."

Julia had no choice but get up from the ground embarrassedly. The stockings on her legs broke a big hole and her knees are purple-blue colored. Her palm which is on the ground is stained with blood, in which, she could only bear it and pick up her stuff.

She picks up and sweeps the dust away. After repeating it for several times, she suddenly recalls the picture of her hitting Lily, which makes her even more indignant.

Is it because....

Julia opens her eyes in astonishment, no longer feeling any angry or jealous, but is replaced with a kind of fearful and unbelievable. Who exactly is she.....

Julia feels alarm and leave the door without looking back.


Carlos and Lily are preparing the litigation material required by Li's lawsuit. However, the day before the session in the court begin, Bao Yu Group unexpectedly proposed a proposal of agreement to Li's terms and wanted to reconcile.

Carlos has made a countless unexpected ideas before, but never had he expected would be this case.

Lily also feels very surprised. But after all, it is necessary to take into account the intention of the clients. After considering for a night, Li finally agrees to reconcile.

Their efforts of preparing for countless of days and night are over. Lily somehow doesn't accept it. When they met privately, Frank doesn't come out; instead he is changed to another person of the Group.

Some strange ideas pop up in Lily's head. Seeing that Frank agreed to reconcile, perhaps, it has something to do with her.

After receiving the compensation, Li is very satisfied and keeps on apologizing to Carlos and Lily. Carlos doesn't say much, only wishing him has a good life.

On their way back, Lily doesn't speak a word. When they reach the parking lot of the company, Carlos asks her, "Do you also think this is weird?"

Lily nods, "Yes. I felt that it is a bit abnormal for Frank to make this decision."

In fact, Carlos thinks the same way. Frank did a hard but thankless job, which is very strange, however...

"The case is over, so you can have a good rest. As long as Li is satisfied, the follow-up problems are none of our business." Carlos smiles, "This is your first case, in which you have to accept it whether good or bad."

"I don't think it's that bad since Li is very satisfied." Lily reaches out to message her neck, "I only felt that Frank doesn't play the game frankly."

By looking at her movements, Carlos raises his eyebrows, "Did your neck sore?"

"Yes." She has been looking through a lot of material and folder, which is normal for her soreness.

Lily doesn't think much and keeps on massaging. Suddenly, a big warm palm touches her back. She is startled and subconsciously moves aside but is useless. Carlos pulls her wrist away.

Lily is frightened, "Car, Carlos?"

She struggles again twice, yet Carlos still clung to her and doesn't let go, "The case is over, which means that you'll have the assessment again. After it, you won't need me as you counsellor anymore."

Lily let her heart beat till the mouth but still doesn't know what he meant.

Carlos speaks even more bluntly, "Lily, during the time of us working together, I indeed have a special treatment for you. Even if I wasn't your counsellor anymore, I hope we can still keep in touch."

Lily understands the implication of his words. Just because she understood it, she is even more panic, "Carlos, what are you talking about, we're colleagues, of course we can meet again. For me, you'll always be my senior."

She is looking for excuses to shut him up, but Carlos is determined to break it through, "I mean, we can stand in the same position, not as a senior or junior."

Afraid that Lily might act dumb again, he adds in, "As a man and woman."

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