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"What do you know?" Tim exhales, "Now that Lily is with others, it means that she has a purpose, so I need to take precautions against her."

After saying, he feels more justified that makes him calls his housemaid. "Change the key of my study room. From now on, if Lily is in the house, look at her carefully, report me if there's anything suspicious."

After hanging up, Tim suddenly pulls the infusion needle off from the back of his hand, which scares Jade. "Tim, the doctor says you still need to rest, what are you doing!"

In fact, Tim doesn't hurt too badly. He barely has two stiches that isn't a problem at all. All of this acting is just to threaten Lily. However, at this moment, he couldn't sit still anymore.

Looking at him stubbornly leaving, Jade doesn't dare to stop him too; therefore, following him is the best choice.

Tim hops on the car and looks at the time. She is about to leave the office. He then narrows his eyes and changes his direction instantly.


Lily is left out the whole afternoon. She had been severely scolded by Carlos and now feels weak.

She is a bit frustrated, owing to the fact that, she has gotten into troubles this early.

Could this be her unlucky year?

It is time to get off work. When Crystal sees her bitter face, she comes and comforts her. "Go home and get some rest. You're lucky enough to be able to get off on time. Don't think too much. Wait 'till Carlos cool down and tell him your mistakes."

Lily sighs, "I wish it was that easy."

She's afraid that Carlos will fire her.

While chatting, both of them walk together toward the door, but even before reaching the door, here comes a loud noise from the front desk.

"I'm sorry sir, but if you didn't make an appointment, we can't let you in."

"I said I came to see my wife." The man's voice is agitated.

"Then please called her down to pick you up..."

"Do have a problem with your brain? I've told you her name and you still didn't believe me?"

Lily's heart tightens, she has a bad feeling. The closer she is, the faster she steps forward. As soon as she reached the front desk, that familiar figure struck her.

"Tim, what are you doing here?"

"See, I've told you I was looking for someone and you didn't believe me." Tim looks scornfully at the receptionist.

The receptionist doesn't speak a word, but take a look at Lily, as if were trying to blame her for bringing such person to the company.

Lily takes a deep breath and looks at Crystal, giving a fake smile, "Crystal, you go first."

Crystal is aware that she can't blend into the situation, she squeaks and points at the gate, "Okay, see you later."

"Alright, see you." Lily watches her leave, and then her smile face turns cold instantly and looks at Tim. "Come with me."

Tim narrows his eyes and grabs her wrists. "Hey, let's talk here; are you afraid of people seeing us?"

His voices are so small that only both of them can hear it. Lily gives him a stern glance, "Tim, What in the earth are you doing!"

"Nothing, I came to see you." He looks around. "Not bad. I didn't even know when did you become a lawyer?"

Lily approaches him, holding back her anger. "This is an office area. If you've got something to say, let's talk outside. Don't disturb other people."

The man said coldly, "I think it was only one of your excuses."

Lily stares at him firmly, feeling something fishy, like he has known something. But this is Rex's company, knowing that he was here makes her more unease.

Thinking of this, she couldn't help but soften her tone, "I beg you, let's go home and talk, please?"

"Wow, you haven't beg me for quite a long time. What's wrong with you today?"

Now, the two of them are standing at the door. When Lily is brainstorming to figure out how can she brings him home, came a thick, low-pitched male voice from the back....

"What's going on here?"

Lily's pupils tightens, her whole body went stiff. Following the voice, she sees a man in a navy suit with a leather shoes, his dark gray tie is neatly tied, with three of the company's executives following behind, one of them are Ander.

What's going on now?

The meeting of ex-husband and boyfriend?

Ander's gazes fell on Lily's body. Even though he stood still, Lily is fully aware that he dislikes her. He is like watching something inappropriate.

As the company's second largest stakeholders, it is impossible for him to accept the current situation.

When Lily is trying to find a way, a big hand suddenly comes behind her waist. She subconsciously wanted to stand beside, but was unexpectedly being pulled by forced to the man's arm.

Tim looks at where Rex stands and amid that this man indeed has a charisma. His body is possessed with a strong aura that makes him looks real sharp.

This make Tim feels a little pressure; he might have lost inside but still act like winning. Looking at Lily's half smile, he says, "What an honor to meet you, Rex. I'm Tim from Buy U Tech Company."

Surprisingly, Rex didn't change his expression, "Never heard before."

He shifts his eyes, moving from Lily's face to Tim again. His tone is sharp, "Do you think this is a market?"

Tim is refuted; his face is a little bit uneasy. But by looking at Lily's face he smiles, and came upon this idea. "I'm picking my wife from work. But I didn't make an appointment, this is just a misunderstanding."

"Oh, is it?" Rex's eyes don't waver at all. He gently supports one of his hands on the table of the front desk, slightly raising his eyebrows.

Tim somehow becomes a little bit nervous by his sight and unconsciously pulled Lily's hand by forced.

Lily struggles and turns to look at him, "Can we go now?"

As expected, Tim doesn't want to stay any longer and swaggers away, following Lily behind.

The receptionist couldn't help whispering, "What the hell is he....."

Rex unintentionally looks at her and she panicked, "I, I mean...."

When she is about to explained, her boss arrogantly says, "he's not a human, don't let him in next time."

Ander, "....."

The receptionist, "....."

Rex walks out of the company without squinting. Ander comes back to his sense and follows Rex to the car.

"Get out."

Ander plays deaf, he fastens his seat belt and looks at the man that sits right next to him, "I've heard from Karl. The girl just now is your girlfriend, right?"

Rex didn't say a word but only stared at the black Audi car in front.

"No, I just don't understand. All of this year, with lots of girls out there, why do you have to choose a married woman?" Aware that he wants to speaks, Ander raises his hand up and interrupt directly, "Don't say that you are just playing. Even if others' didn't see it, I've seen it with my own eyes. You clenched up a fist in the pocket just now, are you angry?"

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