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Speaking of which, she deliberately pauses and looks at Stella. If she has not mistaken, Stella is one of Hanwei's officer who admired Carlos, but to what extent, it remains unknown.

Hearing her words, Stella spontaneously looks at the direction of Carlos's office. But unfortunately, the blinds are pulled down and are impossible to look inside.

But somehow, she behaves that she has discovered something and turns into fierce tone, "I have heard from Julia's employee that she was here through the backdoor, she has a connection with the superior, and now she even get Carlos's attention....."

Mary stays calm and brushes her hair, "Yeah, who knows, I'm just saying, let's go back to work."


However, the atmosphere inside the office is completely different.

Carlos throws the files all over the table. "Who told you to make a promise with him?"

Lily freezes. "What promise?"

Carlos put both of his hand on the table and moves closer to her. "Have you forgotten?"

Lily swallows hard. After a while, she finally remembers her words. 'This wasn't a difficult case; we'll make sure you got the compensation.'

But what's wrong with it, it is a normal thing to say; besides it is also to appease him.

She looks up, "I don't think there's a problem."

"What?" Carlos chuckles, "Do you have any evidence? Are you confident that we'll win the case? You haven't even applied for the information in the court. Based on what that makes you say we'll win?"

"I just thought that as a lawyer, we have this responsibility...."

"You thought so?" Carlos slams the table indignantly, "Didn't you know that in our job, we have to be responsible in every word we said. If we can't win this case, you'll be grasping straws. How dare you teach me how to be responsible?"

Lily is struck by his word, not understanding his temper, yet irritated. "It's just a few words. Carlos if you have something against me just said it, stop beating around the bush."

Hearing that, Carlos seems to stagger and looks at her in a disdainful way. "Excuse me? I have something against you? Who do you think you are?"

Lily annoyed.

"It's just a few words." He mocks her words, "If you are this superficial, I don't think you suit this job."

Lily clenches up her fist, she really wanted to refute Carlos. For the reason that, from the moment she enters his office, even before arguing with him, she did nothing wrong.

But now she can't say a word.

"How dare you criticize my quality?" Carlos stands up, his eyes are cold. "Looks like you left your brain in your school."

He throws Lily's file out, "Get out, I won't work with a person like you."


Unconsciously, Lily returns to the office, her mind is somewhat unhinged. Crystal, who has been observing her, hesitated for a while, but still decides to pull her out of the office. "Hey, what's wrong? You're like a walking zombie."

Lily shakes her head, "I'm fine."

"You sure?"

"Yeah." Lily is absolutely absent-minded. "Crystal, I still need to do some errands, see you later."

When Crystal sees her leaving, she bits her teeth, grabs her and looks around. She whispers, "Lily, did you really have a thing with Carlos..."

"What do you mean?"

"Don't blame me for gossiping, but now people are talking about you and Carlos in his office did...." Crystal stops.

Lily freezes, then frowns, "And you believe it?"

Crystal mutters, "I didn't believe it at first, but after seeing you like this, I started to think wildly, but I still trust you, or I won't bother to ask!"

Lily smiles a little, "I didn't know who started this rumor, but the fact is I've been severely scolded by Carlos."

Crystal stumbles, "No way, you have been severely scolded, but people still thinking that you...."

Lily couldn't care less, "Let them be."

Someone's aiming her, what should she do?


They are more willing to believe gossips than truth, moreover, she is just perfect enough to be the subject.

Clarifying would only looks like concealing the truth.


On the other hand, Tim has just finished running a test in the hospital when he receives a call from his private investigator.

"Tim, I found that Lily is working in a law company called Hanyu, and lately, she has been hanging out with Rex, who is the CEO of Hanyu. However, I found nothing about the divorce proceeding. It is very likely that Rex is helping her. Hanyu is very secretive, it is hard to investigate.

Tim gets up aggressively from the bed and frowns, "Rex? The boss of Hanyu?"

Jade, who has been peeling apple all this time, quickly steps forward to support him, "Slow down."

Tim is too anxious that he waves her off, hurting her palm. It is now covered in blood, and he doesn't seem to care at all.

Jade's hand went numb. She keeps looking at the scars for a while before pulling it back.

"Do you know how do they meet?"

"I'm sorry, Tim, that was beyond our control."

"Okay. I'll contact you later." Tim hang up the phone and is sitting in the bed panting hard, his eyes are burned with fire.

Even Jade is a little scared by looking at him, "Tim, what's going on......"

"Shit!" Tim storms out of bed, "She has fucking cheat on me."

All of this happened in a flash in Jade's eye. Turning her back, she approaches him with a sense of sympathy and touches his back. "Tim, I've told you before that Lily isn't that innocent, who knows how long she's been like this. Don't be angry, it's not worth at all. Besides, you are about to divorce now, so just leave her alone."

Tim laughs evilly, "She has made me feel bad, has taken things from me for granted and now wanted to slip away? She really did as she wished; I will not let her be."

Jade frowns, wondering why he took things seriously when he was about to divorce. She then suddenly thinks of the name and asks, "Who's Rex?"

Tim finally glances at her, "The big boss of Hanyu law firm, even my dad is out of his league."

Jade is shocked. Although she has never understood the fields of law, hearing that even Jev is out of his league is really something. He is definitely a nobleman.

However, high social status won't last over half century. That man is probably a pensioner. Lily really knows who to mess with.

With this in mind, Jade gets even closer. "Chill out, Tim. Take care of your body first and when you feel better, we must punish that bitchy couple."

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