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In the hospital, Vivian had just sat down outside the operating room for a few minutes when Christian rushed into the hospital.

He was terribly sullen, which made people shun him all the way.

"Are you happy now?" He grabbed her wrist and asked.

Utterly disappointed, she stared into his eyes and replied softly, "I didn't push her."

Each of her words was more determined than another.

Burning with rage, he refused to believe her. He tried to drag her into the ward that had been prepared for Jessica.

"What are you doing?"

He looked back at her with a malicious smile, "Now that Jessica's baby is gone, you have to pay for her loss."

Vivian was too shocked to fight back, "Are you crazy?"

"You are driving me crazy!"

He didn't even take her outside. It was a narrow bathroom in the ward, barely big enough for two people.

Vivian was about to clear the air when Christian suddenly grabbed her slender wrists and pushed her against the wall.

His skin was horrendously warm. She was too frightened to move when some subtle change took place against her thigh.

"I never expected you to be so shameless!" He contemptuously held her chin, "All right, I'm giving you what you deserve!"

"You...get off me!"

He ignored her protest and took off his tie to put it in her mouth.


Tears were running down her face. Their relationship was totally confusing. How miserable she was to suffer like this!

He got dressed and left when it was done, leaving her as broken as a tattered doll.

She staggered to her feet and got dressed when she heard the voices of nurses outside the room. She left the room and called Patrick from a public phone.

"Hello, who is calling?" Patrick's voice was obviously exhausted.

She was fighting back intense discomfort of her heart, "Patrick, it's me..."

Patrick instantly lifted his spirit and raised his voice, "Vivian? Are you all right? Where are you right now?"

"I want to leave here, Patrick, I want to leave." She mechanically repeated with bitter tears.

"I'm taking you away, right now."

"But Christian put me in electronic shackles. He could track me down wherever I go. What should I do?"

Resisting the urge to swear, Patrick took a deep breath, "...well, bear with him for now. I'll get you out of there. I promise, he will never find you."

After making an agreement with Patrick, Vivian hung up the phone. Standing there, she was at a loss as to where she should go.

A bodyguard in black suits wearing a headset stopped her, "Mrs. North, Mr. North asked you to go to see him."

The operation was over. Jessica awoke from anesthesia and heard what had been going on.

Instead of getting rid of Vivian, Christian had slept with her.

Unfortunately, she was too weak to smash the bedrails.

The pool of blood in the mall seemed terrifying. But it was nothing but blood bags. With the doctor behind the scenes, she just hurt a bone or two.

She had to take some risks to get what she wanted.

On hearing Christian's footsteps, she instantly became weak and delicate again.

"Christian." She froze at the sight of the woman behind him.

He sat by the bed and asked caringly, "Jessica, do you feel all right? You freaked the hell out of me."

Vivian stood aside and said nothing. She had decided to play dumb. Yet someone still refused to cut her some slack.

"What would you like for dinner? I'll have it brought to you." He held her hands and asked lovingly.

Jessica answered pitiably, "I'd like to try my sister's cooking."

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