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Jessica was standing at the door. The bowl in her hand fell on the floor and the sound of shattering china woke Christian up with a start.

Tears were running down Jessica's face. Christian hurriedly put on his clothes and went over to comfort her.

How ridiculous! She was caught in bed with her own husband. Jessica was making such a fuss.

Jessica was crying loudly and Christian was trying to calm her down. What a grand symphony of sarcasm!

Vivian slowly got up from the bed with mixed feelings. The harder he tried to comfort Jessica, the more disappointed she became.

"I know you and my sister are a couple...but I..."

Christian was panicked, "Don't cry. Think about our baby."

She had thought that he wanted her because he had changed his mind. But the truth slapped her in the face.

After what she had been through, she should have known better.

However, Jessica had been restless since she stumbled upon their intimate relationship. She realized that Vivian would always be a threat.

Even if she had won Christian over, she couldn't stop him from approaching Vivian when she wasn't watching.

It couldn't go on like this. She must find a chance to nip it in the bud.

Her phone rang. Jessica looked warily around before she took it, "Didn't I tell you not to call me?"

"Miss Joseph, I'm calling you out of the goodness of my heart." The voice on the other end of the phone warned, "Have you decided yet? You belly will be supposed to show after a while. Then it will be impossible to hide your secret."

She bit her lips. Given how close Christian had been to her, he would certainly suspect something if she didn't have a baby bump.

"Now...what should I do?"

The doctor who had forged the evidence of her pregnancy said fawningly, "Whoever started the trouble should end it. When will you wire me the money you promised? I'm a little short these days, could you please..."

"I will certainly give you the money." Jessica hung up the phone. Biting her fingernails, her mind was in a complete turmoil. She eventually came up with a wicked plan.

It was Sunday. The mall was crowded with people. Vivian was poker-faced while Jessica, holding her hand, was talking all the time.

Jessica had asked Vivian to go shopping with her. Vivian wondered what Jessica was up to.

"Sister, do you like this necklace?" Jessica looked in the mirror for a while before she finally returned it, "No, it's much worse than the ones Christian had sent to me. He wouldn't allow me to buy things so cheap."

Huh, Vivian laughed at herself quietly. He had never sent her any gift since they got married. In the past few years, she had been no more than wallpaper or air to him.

After a while, Jessica found it boring and she wanted to go back home. But there was a long queue in front of the elevator. She held Vivian's hand and walked to the staircase. She was planning to walk down the stairs.

Vivian stopped at the staircase, looking vigilant, "What on earth are you trying to do?"

"Nothing," She blinked innocently.

"I don't believe you." Vivian's voice was hard. She had been stabbed in the back too many times by her sister to trust her.

"Vivian, don't you know?" Jessica said with a sly smile after her plot was uncovered, "You can't compete with me. You have always been a loser! Christian will be my man forever!"

Vivian was silent, but her clenched fists were indicative of her mood at the moment.

Jessica lowered her laughter. She was apparently losing control. Her eyes were weird and repressed, "He only loves me!"

The next moment, Vivian was frightened to see Jessica jumping back and flinging herself down the stairs.

Her delicate body landed the ground like a swaying leaf.

It was dead silent downstairs for a few seconds before someone started shrieking.

"What's going on? Someone was pushed down the stairs!"

"Call the ambulance!"

The crowd was gathering downstairs. Standing upstairs, Vivian clearly saw Jessica smiling at her in a pool of blood.

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