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His tone was too strong.

Bella widened her eyes in surprise, stood up immediately and said embarrassingly, "Isn't this my room?"

"Um." He uttered this sound from his throat as though he disdained to reply, "You sleep in the bed, I sleep on the sofa."

A man and a girl alone in a room. She didn't have such experience with David Wilson. Her face burned red quickly, and her brain was in chaos. "No, no, we are not boyfriend and girlfriend. We can't live in the same room."

As soon as the voice fell, James Grayson's dark eyes rose and darkened.

He came towards her.

The feeling made her shiver.

She stepped back and fell on the sofa.

James Grayson move down to put her hand on the sofa and wrapped her in his arms.

The eyes full of frost are sharp locked and elegant. Without speaking, she can feel a strong sense of oppression.

"What's wrong?" She asked, there was a trace of nervousness in their eyes.

"Am I a viper? Why you avoid me so much?" He asked without losing his temper.

"I didn't mean that!" Bella hastily explained, "Just..."

It was above all this. She was a married woman and two strangers who could never meet. It's not appropriate for them to live in the same room. But saying this makes him feels like she doesn't trust him. Instead of saying it, she changed her words and said, "Let me sleep on the sofa."

His eyes softened for a moment but were still deep without boundaries, "This is the last room left here, sorry for giving you trouble. I will not touch you, trust me. You sleep on the bed, and I will sleep on the sofa."

Of course she trusted him. If he wants to do something with him, he had the chance to do it yesterday.

James Grayson walked towards the bathroom.

She thought of her clothes, skirt and undergarments which were still in the bathroom. She shouted out anxiously, "Wait a minute."

He looked at her coldly. His eyes were fascinated by a vague color. "What? You want to take a shower with me?"

She was surprised that such a high-ranking gentleman would say something like this. She was very embarrassed and walked towards him. "No, how could it be? I have something in it. I'll tidy it up then you can go in."

James Grayson did not refuse and looked down at her. Bella was anxious to collect her things. Disposable shoes are especially slippery when they get wet.

"Ah." She screamed and was going to fall.

He went in as fast as lightning, holding her in his arms.

Too much action, the bath towel fell off. He carelessly grasped her.

James Grayson's pupils tightened her body temperature rose, and she looked at her.

Bella due to embarrassment cannot say anything. Her skin color has become red.

"I... I'm sorry." Bella.

James Grayson let go of her.

In the palm of his hand, he felt her tender touch. It was still there just like that of three years ago.

Bella immediately picked up the bath towel and wrapped it around her.

He didn't seem to be in a hurry to go, and his hot eyes were fixed on her face and he moved closer.

Bella stepped back and leaned against the cold wall. The cold temperature shocked her.

He came up to her and looked down at her, makes her feel that she was about to burn.

"Are you afraid of me?" James Grayson said in a low voice with confused eyes.

He saw that she did not deny. He said in a low voice, "You are more like a snake and a beast to me."

Bella looked at him puzzled. Is he saying that he hates her? It's her who doesn't wear clothes. It's her who comes into the bathroom. It's her who falls down. Even her bath towel fell off. If she were in his position. Would she feel that everything is unintentional and a coincidence?

"I'm sorry." Bella apologized and bowed her head. It was embarrassing.

James Grayson looked at her.

"The room is for you. I'll go out." He whispered, turned around and his eyes were filled with illusions.

He was afraid to do the same thing to her as he did three years ago.

Three years ago, he was unconscious due to drugs. But just now... It is an impulse that he did not understand.

Lobby on the second floor-

Sophia Miller sat next to James Grayson and gracefully poured tea for him. "Cousin, grandmother said, Grayson's group is yours. It is okay if you don't attend Tuesday's press conference. But you have to attend the banquet in the evening!"

James Grayson's quiet eyes glanced at her. "Like he knew everything, I will attend the banquet but if the motive was not pure. I never expect that I will attend it again. "

Sophia Miller had a hard look on her face and persuaded him, "Cousin, Anna liked you from an early age. Everything she did was also because she loved you so much. Grandma thinks that when you reach the age of marriage, Anna will be the best match for you in terms of family, knowledge, and ability. So tomorrow's banquet is really a grand banquet."

James Grayson sneered, put down his cup and said coldly, "I don't like her. Even if I put down the whole family business, I won't accept her. I will not be here, tomorrow."

"So you like the girl who came here today?" Sophia Miller asks tentatively with her head tilted.

James Grayson's dark eyes were as vast as the sea. People could not see what he was thinking. "What do you want to say?"

"I think she's a little too weak. You know the criteria for grandma's daughter-in-law. I'm afraid that the road you chose will be difficult to follow." Sophia Miller said worriedly.

"You think a lot, as long as I like her, no matter how many obstacles are there I will clear up for her." James Grayson confidently said.

What he is now is only because of his own struggle and hard work not because of his vice-president father.

Sophia Miller has always admired her cousin and smiled, "If you were not my cousin, I might be crazier than Anna.

James Grayson's eyes sank. "I don't like her. It's just I can't force myself."

"Oh, my cousin will love his wife a lot." Sophia Miller sighed.

Immediately in James Grayson's brain flashed Bella's face and his eyes deepened. "Please arrange some ladies' clothes and soft flat-soled leather shoes. Bring it before we go tomorrow. And... Bring me a quilt. I'm sleeping in the living room today."

"Ah? You were driven out of the room by her. That's a surprise." Sophia Miller joked, "How anyone could resists my cousin's charm."

"Do what I said, why do you say so much?" James Grayson twisted his eyebrows irritably.

"Oh." Sophia Miller glanced at James Grayson smiled and stood up and walked out of the living room.

James Grayson lay on the sofa, thinking about the scene in the bathroom. That scene coincided with that of three years ago.

What would happen if he told her at that time?

He just didn't want to spoil her happiness, but now it seems that she is not happy.

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