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David Wilson stopped her and smelled her for a while. There is a smell of alcohol and tobacco.

His eyes darkened in an instant and he asked, "Where did you go yesterday?"

"I accompany Amelia to the Army Club." Bella did not lie.

She stood upright answering him confidently.

David Wilson's dark eyes were full of hate, "You are really disgusting!"

Bella sneered, "You, too."

She went out.

"Wait a minute." David Wilson said coldly.

Bella looked back at him.

David glanced coldly across the table. "Clean up all this crap. The dishes you cook are dirty just like you."

Bella looks at him quietly. Her heart ached so much.

No matter how dirty she is, there is only one man she had sex with... He is clean but has affairs with countless women. A stream of anger rushed from the heart to the brain.

"You really don't deserve anything." Bella move towards the dining table and said in a cold voice.

She swiped everything on the table. Porcelain bowls and trays fell to the ground.

David Wilson's eyes burst with anger and held Bella's arms.

He held so tightly as if he will break her hand, "Clean them."

"In your dream," Bella said.

He became mad with anger. He grabbed her and put his hands around her neck and pressed hard.

Bella felt breathless and looked at him with hatred. Her marriage with him is a punishment and that's how it ends. When she dies, he will go to hell.

Bella raised her face upward and a glance of the enchanting smile appeared on her face.

David Wilson was shocked and he let go of her. Bella collapsed and held the ground with both hands. Sharp pieces had pierced her palm and it's bleeding.

David Wilson looked down at her with eyebrows twisted, and a strange look came across his eyes. "Go away, don't come here again."

Bella stood up, lowered her eyes and clenched her fists. Her dark red blood dripped on the ground. She walked out the door without looking at David Wilson.

Sadness is heartache when seen by relatives; pleasure when seen by enemies, and nothing when seen by those who are not friends nor enemies.

She didn't need to be sad or to cry. She went to a medical store and bought a bandage for herself.

Amelia William called her and said, "Bella, I'm at your door. When will you come back?"

Bella also had to ask Amelia William, what happened to her and why she was in that officer's room, "I'll be back in a minute."

Bella came out of the elevator. Amelia William looked at Bella, who was not looking well.

"Amelia, what happened to me last night?" Bella opened the door and asked.

"Well, I was drunk last night. I don't know what happened. I also want to ask you about that." Amelia William said.

"I don't remember either." Bella opened the door.

Amelia William saw Bella did not insist on her, she followed in and saw the cosmetic bag on the tea table at a glance.

"Oh, my God, GUERLAIN. Won't you do the lottery and bought such expensive cosmetics."

Amelia William opened the gift box directly her shocked were eyes. "They worth 200,000-300,000 Yuan?"

"What?" Bella was scared.

She thought it was tens of thousands, and she thought that she can pay back the money. 200,000-300,000 yuan?

She didn't have that much money.

Amelia William found a shopping item, looked at it, picked it up and shook it. "Approximately 238,000 yuan?"

"It's not mine. Can you help me sell these cosmetics?" Bella had no choice.

"Why do you want to sell them? David Wilson is quite rich." Amelia William said.

Bella's eyes dimmed, "I won't use them."

"I know women should be self-reliant and financially independent. I support you. But..." Amelia William looked at her affectionately. "Is this from another man?"

"Yesterday, an army officer gave it to me. I have nothing to do with him. It's not good to take such expensive things from strange people." Bella explained.

Amelia William's eyes flashed a shrew light. The handsome man yesterday is so rich? She seems to have a good vision.

"It must be returned. You sold these to me. I'll give you all the money. When you go to give money back to him, invite him to dinner. By the way, did you people had sex last night?" Amelia William said cleverly.

Bella's face said embarrassingly, "Of course not. What are you thinking about?

"You should have jumped on him." Amelia William suggested.

Bella thought about James Grayson's cold appearance and sighed.

"He's not a man anyone can have," Bella said firmly.

"Where there is a will, there is away. You just have to try your best." Amelia William suggested.

"Efforts will not necessarily lead to success but if we don't try we stay more satisfied with ourselves. Anything between us is impossible." Bella said, giving the cosmetics bag into Amelia William's hand "Take it."

Amelia William helplessly sat on the sofa and gave the money to Bella. She asked suspiciously, "How you give money back to him?"

Bella went to the refrigerator and took out two bottles of soft drinks, and give one to Amelia William.

"I have his cell phone number. He said I called him when I reach the gate of the military camp." Bella said, sitting next to Amelia William.

Her cell phone showed a notification. Amelia William's money has arrived.

"Now you have time. You can invite him to dinner." Amelia William suggested her with a grin.

Bella doesn't want to owe other money for too long. She turned out the note written by James Grayson from her bag. It has a name and a cell phone number on it.

Amelia William looked over and said excitedly. "James Grayson. His words show his strength. His accomplishments are good, his knowledge is very vast and his experience is wide. He is a rare talent. "

Bella looked at Amelia William strangely. "It's a pity that you don't be a fortuneteller."

"Oh, I think so too, call him." Amelia William urged.

Bella called.

After three bells. He picked the phone.

"Hello, this is Bella," Bella said.

"Um." His deep voice came from the other end of the telephone.

"Is it ok to come in half an hour to pay back your money?" Bella said bluntly.

"You can come." James Grayson finished and hung up the phone directly.

"He didn't speak much, only three words?" Amelia William was surprised.

"That's too much," Bella said with a smile.

"I have a pair of shoes for you. It is too small for me. They are branded and suit you." Amelia William said with a grin and a cunning twinkle in her eyes.

Bella didn't think much and said. "Thank you."

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