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As they reached his room, he put her on the bed and entangled her. Bella is a little scared and the strange feeling made her feel that there is a current flowing in her body.

"David, slowly," Bella said in her trembling voice.

James Grayson suddenly stopped when he heard the name, his eyebrows twisted. His black eyes filled with complex emotions and stared at her red face. Her eyes were closed and her eyelashes trembled.

He understood the problem. She had no idea with whom she is.

He got up, immediately. He walked quickly to the bathroom and turned on the tap. Coldwater dripped down on his head. His eyes became darker.

After calming down, he went out.

Bella had fallen asleep, and her clothes were still on the ground. Her slender legs were slightly bent and her flat belly was covered with a mermaid line.

Sexy, enchanting but cold.

He helped her get dressed, gently placed her little head in the middle of the pillow and covered it with a blanket. Sitting at the edge of the bed, he stared at her. The room was quiet, quiet as if the passion and soul overlapping was just an illusion.

Three years ago, he touched her for the first time.

Is it because of him that she has such a bad relationship with her husband? Guilt and pity flowed through his eyes. He got up and walked out the door.

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown held the pill in his hand, "Chief, let her eat it in 72 hours. She won't be pregnant."

James Grayson frowned, "She doesn't need this."

"Is she in safe period?" Thomas Brown asked surprisingly.

James Grayson's cold eyes looked at Thomas Brown as if he will murder him.

Thomas Brown did not dare to look at him again and bowed his head.

James Grayson glanced at the contraceptive pill in the hands of Thomas Brown. There was an invisible complexity in his dim eyes. "We did nothing like that."

"Well?" Thomas Brown paused.

That's really... Unfortunate. He didn't know the chief's taste at all. How could he be so abstinent?

"Now you go and arrange a maid to take care of her. And erased this matter from your mind completely." James Grayson ordered.

"Yes, Chief." Thomas Brown responded.

"In addition, go and buy some branded cosmetics." James Grayson again ordered.

"Yes." Thomas Brown looked suspiciously at the chief.

He didn't take benefit from the opportunity but also taking care of her. He didn't understand what the chief was thinking.

In the morning, when Bella opened her eyes, she had a terrible headache because of last night's hangover. She woke up and looked around. She was covered in the green army blanket.

There were two books on the bedside table. One is closed with a bookmark, and the other is a Russian book. It is full of notes.

Around the bed was a bookshelf with lots of books on it. There were two hanging baskets, a red flag and dozens of trophies on the bookshelf. The whole room was full of charm.

Bella twisted her eyebrows, and she only remembers Amelia William handed her a glass of water. After that, she did not remember anything at all. She was drunk. Just when she's about to get up, a waitress came in with a tray in her hand. The tray was filled with some necessary things.

Bella asked, "Who are you and how I came here?"

The clerk smiled at Bella. "The chief asked me to take care of you last night. These things are for you."

"Chief?" Bella asked.

"Yes! You take a shower." Stella opened the door of the bathroom, put things on the dressing table and went out.

Bella was confused, but she went into the bathroom. On the dressing table, there were all man's things. There was a strange sense of embarrassment in her mind. She slept in a man's bed last night?

Standing in front of the mirror, Bella was shocked to see herself. Under her eyes were black, her false eyelashes were missing and her makeup was mixed. She quickly brushed her teeth and washed her face. But dark circles were stubborn and didn't wash off.

A cleansing oil was handed to her. Bella looked up.

James Grayson looked at her with beautiful and stern eyes under his thick eyebrows.

Bella recognized him. He is the chief of mission that day. But how she came here, she had no idea.

"Sorry, I was very drunk yesterday." Bella apologized.

"Um." He uttered the sound from his throat and murmured, "Take this makeup remover and wash your face."

"Oh, thank you." Bella holds it.

He put a set of cosmetics on the dressing table. "You can use all these. I don't need a female cosmetic."

After that, James Grayson turned around.

Bella looked at them. The brand is Guerlain made in France. One bottle of 30ML moisturizer costs more than 1500 yuan. She can't afford it. She went out with that cosmetics bag.

James Grayson was sitting on the sofa. In an upright and elegant manner holding the Russian book.

There is a bowl of porridge, a fried egg, a glass of milk and a bowl of soup on the tea table in front of the sofa.

Bella came up to him. He did not raise his head, as if she did not exist. "Well, I can't take this." Bella put the gift bag next to him on the sofa. His eyes were still on the book, as if he didn't want to talk to her.

Bella was embarrassed. She was ready to leave and took a step towards the door.

"Have breakfast then you can leave." James Grayson murmured.

Bella looked at James Grayson, but he still did not look at her. If it hadn't been two of them in the room she would have thought he was talking to someone else.

Bella sat at the table.

"First have a bowl of soup." James Grayson said again.

Bella looked at him suspiciously. He obviously did not look back at her. What did she think? He didn't look at her. She had a headache. She picked up the bowl and drank it all. She thought maybe James Grayson's strange attitude toward her was because she talked nonsense yesterday when she was drunk yesterday.

"I was drunk yesterday. Did I talk too much nonsense?" Bella worries.

He gracefully turned over a page of the book and casually asked, "Do you think you can talk nonsense?"

Can she really do? A touch of red clouds flew to her face. She blushed.

Bella laughed embarrassingly. "My friends told me that I talked nonsense when I got drunk."

He raised his head, his black eyes stained with an imperceptible depth, and stayed for a second on her rosy face, looking at her nervousness and modesty in her eyes. His cold eyes tightened.

Bella's heart beats a little faster.

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