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"Drink more." Amelia forced her. She was afraid that Bella had drink a very little, the drugs would show no effect.

Bella thought she had a hangover. Her head was heavy so she took two more sips.

Her stomach was too full. The stomach was churning violently. She ran to the bathroom and vomited!

After vomiting, she felt dizzier.

Amelia William held Bella. She was worried that the medicine was vomited out by her and all her efforts go in vain. She put the cup closer to Bella's lips and said, "Drink two more sips and you'll be all right in a minute."

Bella had no doubt on her, so she drank it all. Soon, the heat started from the spine and ran everywhere. The sight began to blur, and her body became soft. She leaned on Amelia William.

Amelia William held Bella, went to the door of the diamond hall and knocked.

James Grayson opened the door and looked at her with a pair of dim eyes. "Who are you looking for?" he asked coldly.

Amelia William was shocked by his force field. He's so breathtaking. But she stepped out for her good friend's happiness.

"Your girlfriend is drunk. Please send her back." Amelia William pushed Bella in.

When James Grayson looked at Bella, he was very surprised. Watching her falling to the ground, he grabbed Bella's hand quickly. Bella leaned on his shoulder. The strong smell of wine poured on his face. Doubts flashed through his mind and he looked at the door. But that girl disappeared.

"Is she your girlfriend?" Adam Wilson looked at Bella in surprise and raised his mouth. "She is beautiful. It seems that my sister's heart is going to broke."

Bella squinted her eyes and felt hot. She tugged at the V-collar and said vaguely, "I'm not comfortable."

James Grayson looked down at her, and at one glance he saw that eagerness in her eyes. If this goes on, she could be exposed here.

He picked her up, turned his back to Adam Wilson and said ruthlessly, "I'll send her back first."

"We haven't discussed the main point yet." Adam Wilson stood up.

"What you said before was all nonsense. Let's talk on the phone." He left holding her head without turning back. Bella tilted her head and looked at James Grayson confusedly. There are many overlapping shadows in front of her eyes. She couldn't see who he was. There was also a hallucination.

She was feeling pain, dryness, and heat. Some weird emotions made it difficult to open her mouth and breath.

James Grayson entered the VIP elevator.

She held his face.

James Grayson was surprised and looked straight ahead.

"Would you like to sleep with me tonight?" Bella gently asked.

He frowned slightly, his eyes became darker, and he looked down at her.

Memories of three years ago flooded into his mind.

He clearly remembered how he felt in her body. He couldn't control himself even when she begged for mercy. Under the effect of drugs, he couldn't stop at all.

"You're drunk." James Grayson looked away and said coldly.

Bella was not convinced. Does he don't want to touch her? She raised her mouth and put it on his red lips. The moment, when their lips came in contact, His heart flashes with strange emotions.

James Grayson's back was stiff, he didn't stop himself nor did he stopped her. It was he who changed her from a girl to a woman. Now she has become more attractive.

With a jingle, the elevator opens.

James Grayson did not look at her and walked quickly towards the car.

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown was waiting beside the car. He's in great surprise when he saw his high-ranking chief having an intimate kiss for the first time without furious push. He opened his mouth awkwardly.

"Open the door." James Grayson commanded.

"Oh." Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown quickly opened the rear door.

James Grayson put Bella in the back seat and sat next to her. She threw herself on him, untied his buttons in a hurry and kissed him with her head down. Her small tongue ran through his mouth to his heart. James Grayson twisted his eyebrows, clenched his fists and was tried hard to resist.

Without any response, Bella was very sad. Her eyes were filled with sentiments and she said softly, "Kiss me, okay?"

James Grayson was about to melt.

Three years ago, she didn't know anything. She was clean as a piece of white paper. Now she is hot like a bone-eroding goblin.

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown was curious and wanted to look back.

James Grayson's sharp eyes swept toward Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown. His jaw was tense and he ordered aggressively, "No turning back without my orders, otherwise, I will take out your eyes."

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown did not dare to look back. He straightened his waist and looked ahead.

Bella was sad. His indifference was painful and astringent. She kissed his earlobe and asked, "Don't you want to touch me?"

James Grayson's throat was rolling sexually. God knows how much more will power he needs to calm down. Except for that time with her, he never had sex with any other women. It's just his age that was not helping him to resist.

He raised her chin, lifted it up, looked aggressive and breathed heavily in her face. "Are you sure you want it?"

Bella stared at him.

The feeling was strange, which made her slightly afraid. She and David Wilson are husband and wife. They should have slept long ago, shouldn't they?

Her watery eyes flushed with desire, and she nodded shyly.

His black eyes glowed, his firm face became tensed and he murmured, "You won't regret after that?"

"No regrets," Bella said definitely.

Colonel Thomas Brown's face was red and asked carefully, "Chief, do I stop by the roadside or take you to the hotel?"

"Head to the military region." James Grayson ordered.

He bowed his head to kiss her. His warm lips and tongue aroused her lingering gentleness, intimate sentiments, burning as if to burn her up.

Bella whispered softly.

She had never been touched by anyone except that mysterious man. Her sensitive body trembled slightly.

Her reaction were unexpected. Did she and David Wilson never did that? How could it be? They've been married for three years.

It made him very uncomfortable to realize this. He deliberately refused to think about it, held her waist and deepened the kiss. The breathing of the two people in the narrow car became rapid, confused and ambiguous.

The temperature was getting higher...

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