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The gangsters also got frightened by her. They didn't advance further for a moment, lost in thought.

Bella gave a sarcastic smile, and her eyes were desolate. "Come on, I'm going to die anyway, you're all going to die with me."

It's obvious that she is not afraid of death. Her words were cold like the frosty winter.

James Grayson's deep eyes fixed on her.

"Boss, I want to kill her!" A gangster clenched his fist and said.

The old gangster stood up. Bella also stood up and walked towards the gangster. The atmosphere was quiet and dangerous, ready to be triggered at any moment.

The older gangster was shocked by her courage and pointed a gun at her. "Don't do it again."

Bella sneered. She caught a glimpse of James Grayson outside the door and felt a little surprised.

"Shall I go to the bathroom?" Bella's cleverly said.

"No." Older men were cautious.

"You can't run away. Dozens of sniper guns are aiming at you from outside the window." Bella looked out the window.

The old gangster was shocked; he immediately went to the window and carefully looked out.

Bella took the opportunity to run towards the door.

The older gangster realized that he had been fooled, raised his pistol and pointed towards Bella's leg.

James Grayson pulled her arm faster. She fell into his arms. He pulled her behind him. When the gangsters saw James Grayson coming in again, they realized the danger and fired at James Grayson.

He grabbed her head with his hand, and they fell to the ground. The action is dangerous. But her head rested on his hand so it didn't hurt her at all. He pressed his legs on her side, and his warm breath fell on her face.

Bella looks into his eyes. The deepness there can hide many universes. Just by looking at him, she forgets all the pain and predicament, and...

"Why are you here again?" Bella asked him. She suddenly feels like asking too many questions.

He is a soldier and it is his duty to protect hostages.

"You lie here, close to the sofa, do not move, I will do everything I can to ensure your safety." James Grayson promised.

Bella saw him as a cheetah in battle. In an instant, he rushed behind the pillar. The desperate scoundrel picked up the gun and fired on him. Bella heard only the sound of gunshots, whistling past her ears. Stones off the pillars fall off. Now James Grayson has no room to return.

The older gangster holding a gun walks towards him. Bella looked at him. If it goes on like this, they can be attacked. She took off her shoes and threw them out from behind the sofa.

The gangster immediately fired towards the sofa. And immediately...

"Bang!" A clear and crisp noise. The gangster shot down, he shook and fell to the ground.

The old gangster got alert and jumped towards the sofa. James Grayson takes a risk and pulls Bella behind the TV cabinet. In the narrow space, two people stand very close to each other. James Grayson fired at the outside and prevents the gangsters from approaching near. Bella looked up at James Grayson. She did not expect that this stranger would do anything to protect her. Her husband was supposed to protect her, who now is in another world.

James Grayson felt her eyes and looked down at her. Accidentally, their lips touched, as if there was a flash of electricity. He tightened his back, turned his face and avoided her a little. Bella also leaned against the wall. David Wilson has never been so close to her. Fortunately or unfortunately, but she had kissed a handsome head of state before she died.

The gangster blew his eyes red and smashed the TV. The TV set broke. They were exposed to the enemy's vision.

James Grayson did not hesitate for a moment. He leaned over and stood in front of Bella, hides her head in his chest. Protect her safely like a shield and completely covered her.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

She heard his heart beating like a big drum. His unique musk aroma plunged into the tip of her nose. It smelled good and warm. She has not felt such warmth and safety since she was sensible. Deep in her heart, she only has hidden pain of David Wilson's betrayal and deception.

If this is the end of life, at least at this moment, she has a long-lost feeling of warmth - or so! Bella closed her eyes and tears appears in corners of her eyes. She hid in the arms of this strange man and cried quietly for a moment.

A critical moment

"Bang bang!" Two shots!

Under the guidance of James Grayson, 008 and 101, who were hidden in the dark successfully destroyed the enemy. After that, they rushed out to check James Grayson's side and saluted, "reporting to the chief, the gangsters were all died."

James Grayson let go of Bella.

She opened her eyes and raised the corners of her mouth. "I didn't expect, still alive."

James Grayson did not understand her tone. It seems that she's a little disappointed. He felt the coldness in his chest, looked down at Bella surprisingly.

Bella looked up at him with her beautiful big eyes. There was silence that cake takes people thousands of miles away. Like a pool of calm water, cold but calm.

James Grayson got up and asked anxiously, "Are you all right?

"You've protected me very well. I'm fine. The mission is completed. I'll go back now."

She turned around.

"Leave your cell phone and name. We will declare an award and prize for you when I go back." James Grayson's face was professional as if he was dealing with an ordinary person. But it was not his duty to deal with these things as ahead.

"No need for it. The civilian should cooperate with the Military." Bella looked at the time hanging on the wall. It was more than two o'clock.

"I have to go to work tomorrow. I'm leaving." Without waiting for James Grayson's answer, she went into the master bedroom and picked up her emergency kit. James Grayson stood at the door looking at her profoundly. She passed by him didn't say anything opened the door and went out. The room was quiet as if she had never appeared.

James Grayson once again looked down at the wetness of his chest and felt a kind of inexplicable emotion.

"008,101, follow her and make sure she gets home safely and then you go back to camp." He commanded.

"Yes!" 008,101, leave quickly.

With a sigh of relief, Colonel Thomas Brown came in and stood respectfully in front of James Grayson.

"Report Chief, under the wise leadership of the Chief Executive. The mission had been completed. Twenty-eight members of the team have been assembled and waiting for instructions from Chief Executive!"

"Go back." James Grayson said and went out.

Downstairs, a military Land Rover is ready to go. James Grayson leaned slightly into the back seat. The car passed Bella. James Grayson looked out of the window unconsciously. Bella was walking back to the hospital with the emergency kit. A thin and weak, and free and easy girl.

"Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown." James Grayson said.

"Yes." Colonel Thomas Brown immediately turned his head and listened to James Grayson's instructions.

"Get me her information. I want to know everything about her." James Grayson's face was cold, and his eyes were filled with concern.

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