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Bella does not waste time, using medical scissors to untie pregnant women's pants.

The child's feet have come out.

The cesarean section is too late.

If more time gets wasted, the child will surely suffocate.

"Take it easy." Bella injected her with anesthesia and cut with a knife.

The anesthesia has not yet anesthetized her whole body.

The pregnant woman felt the pain and roared, "Ouch! That... hurt! You stupid woman, I'm gonna sue you!"

"Sue me after the baby is born safely. I'll wait for you." Bella said indifferently.

She eventually delivered the baby smoothly and Bella trimmed the umbilical cord.

"Woaw... woaw!" The newborn was crying loudly.

Bella showed a happy smile and looked at the pregnant woman.

The pregnant woman was in a state of coma.

Bella quickly put down the child and checked the situation of the pregnant women.

"Officer." She cried out in fear.

James Grayson looked at Bella. She was sweating with nervousness.

Strange feelings flowed through his heart. "What's wrong?" James Grayson asked her.

"The blood pressure of the pregnant women is very low. She needs to be sent to hospital now." Bella said.

James Grayson looked at the gangsters and said without hesitation, "Let them go. I will be your hostage."

The three men looked at each other, one looked at the time.

"The plane's still forty minutes away. In this case we let them go and let you stay. Isn't there another bomb?"

"I'll stay," Bella said.

James Grayson looked at Bella in surprise, with a trace of puzzlement flowing through his deep eyes.

Bella raised her mouth and spoke softly. She said to James Grayson, "Send them to the hospital, or the woman and child both will die."

"None of you can leave." One of them shouted.

Bella looked at him. "Isn't it a burden for you to have a woman in coma and a baby in need of feeding and a well-trained soldier?"

"Let them go." said a taller and older man among them.

Other gangsters agreed.

James Grayson glanced at Bella without saying much. He leaned over and carried the pregnant woman and went out quickly with the baby on one hand.

A group of people outside received them. They were relieved to see the mother and baby coming out safely.

"Take them to hospital." James Grayson handed the pregnant women and children to other soldiers.

He glanced sharply at room 801 and ordered, "Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown, get the sniper ready."

"Chief, they have been rescued. Our task is completed. Now we can hand it over to the ordinary anti-drug brigade. Please you take a rest first." Colonel Thomas Brown said respectfully.

"Hostage's still inside, how can I rest?" James Grayson looked at Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown coldly.

Colonel Thomas Brown could not understand why the chief was angry.

Just as he could not understand why such a task needs to be carried out by the head himself.

"I'll arrange snipers right away." Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown nodded his head and said.

"If you have to choose to keep the hostage safe or return the tiger to the mountain, choose the latter." James Grayson added.

Colonel Thomas Brown was even more surprised to hear this.

His chief has always been vigorous in overthrowing all hostile forces and will never tolerate them. But, this time, it's so strange.

Time passed minute by minute.

James Grayson stood at the window, his eyes were unpredictable.

Three years ago, he went on a special mission and the mission went a little bit wrong.

He was left in the wilderness and was injected with very strong drugs.

When he was about to lose his consciousness and burst blood to death, she just showed up.

He couldn't help but fuck her.

By the time he woke up, he had been already in the military hospital.

It took him two days to find her. When he found her she was wearing a white wedding dress, looking beautiful like a fairy standing on the church tower. She and David Wilson exchanged rings, and she became his bride.

When he got to know about today's accident, he thought the pregnant woman in the house was her, so he came.

He did not expect that the pregnant woman was a woman who has an affair with her husband. And she... She chooses to protect their husbands' illegitimate child and his lover.

He didn't understand what she was thinking.

A "Bang" came from 801.

James Grayson turned around and asked Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown, "What happened in 801?"

"It's not clear yet." Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown said cautiously.

James Grayson swept to the kitchen of 802, where opposite the kitchen of 801 just two meters apart. He went to the kitchen and asked, "Where's the helicopter? How long will it take?

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown followed James Grayson and reported, "There are still 30 minutes away."

James Grayson did not say anything else. He put a ladder between the two kitchens and jumped up on it.

"Chief, it's too dangerous for you to go in alone." Said Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown worried.

James Grayson stared at him sharply, "You talk a lot of nonsense."

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown dared not to speak again. He quickly ordered other soldiers, "008, 101, follow the chief right away. Must protect the chief."

"Yes." The soldiers received the order and went up the ladder.

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown's worried eyes were about to drip water.

The future of the chief is bright, and it is possible that he becomes the General one day. If something wrong happens, the deputy general would break his neck.

James Grayson jumped down the ladder with agility and placed his back against the wall in the blink of an eye. His cold eyes swept into the living room.

One gangster was in the living room, and the other two were still in the bedroom.

He squatted down, walked lightly, stared sharply at the gangster, took out his waist knife and rushed over.

One gangster saw James Grayson but it was too late to make a sound. James got rid of him in a second.

008 and 101 immediately dealt with the mess. James Grayson said something to 008 and 101 in specific sign language.

008 and 101 nodded.

They silently moved the curtains. The situation in the living room could be seen clearly! Snipers were on standby.

James Grayson, with his back against the wall, moved towards the bedroom and looked inside.

Bella was sitting by the bed, looking at the air and meditating.

Light, quiet shadow, but there is a kind of inexplicable sadness shrouded. The kind of sadness makes a person feel pity.

"Boss, why hasn't there been any movement outside?" One of the gangsters took a few puffs of cigarettes and scratched his hair furiously.

An old gangster casted his sinister eyes over Bella's beautiful face. His eyes drifted to Bella's chest and stayed for a while, "there is still half an hour left. How about having something fun?"

The gangster understands his meaning, he looked at Bella in an obscene way, "This woman's body and appearance are really good..."

He threw away his cigarette and walked towards Bella.

James Grayson's black eyes shrank sharply, and he tried to rush in.

Bella calmly picked up the needle put it on her neck and said, "Take some more steps, and I will leave you with no hostages."

"I don't think you dare." Gangster moved closer.

Bella exerted the needle into her skin.

James Grayson felt as if his heart had been stabbed by something. A sharp light flashed through his eyes, destructive and murderous.

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