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Standing in the dark, Jianxin watched Qin Yue take Jianran away, watched their car go far, inexplicably tears appeared in her eyes.

After so many years, Qin Yue's love for Jianran is the same as that of that year, even more than that of that year. Just look at his tense appearance.

It wasn't long before Jianran arrived. Qin Yue came here. He hated to stick to Jianran.

In the past few years, when Jane was not there, there was Qin Yue everywhere in the TV Newspaper Network.

Never on TV before, never out of the current camera, for the world, mysterious men have made such a big change for simplicity.

A woman who can meet such a man in her whole life may not be able to cultivate such a blessing.

Jane Xin also thought several times that if she had worked harder, she would not go back to China to fight for the scum of Gu Nanjing, then all the gentleness that Jane got might belong to her.

"That man can never belong to you. If you want him, you'd better look at me more. " When a sound like a smile rings, Jane Xin is pulled into her arms by a strong force, and looks up at the evil eyes of the man.

Jane Xin held up her boneless little hand and patted him twice on the chest. With a smile, she said, "Mr. Xu, you are a dragon and a phoenix among people, a proud son of heaven. How dare I miss you when I am such a dirty woman?"

"You are not afraid to miss me, but your heart will never know how to settle down. In the past, when Jane and Gu Nanjing were together, you robbed Gu Nanjing. Then Jane married Qin Yue, and you want to rob Qin Yue. In fact, you don't love these men. You are only used to robbing the simple things. "

Mr. Xu looked at Jianxin and pointed out her thoughts without any mercy. They had worked together for several years. He thought he understood the woman.

"Ha ha..." Jane gave Mr. Xu a sneer back.

People who believe in themselves don't have to explain, they will believe you. People who don't believe in themselves, no matter how much you explain, won't believe you.

"Not admitted?" Mr. Xu smiled, raised Jane's chin, and said, "then why did you just do that?"

Jane patted him on the chest again and said, "I'm happy."

Mr. meters is just a partner for Jianxin. She never felt it necessary to tell him what she was thinking.

Jane has been stubborn since she was a child. As long as it's something she believes, ten cows can't come back. Because of her stubborn temper, she was punished.

After Jane made a mistake, most of them were locked in the glove room by Jane Zhengtian. When did she admit her mistake and when did she come out.

However, she is stubborn and doesn't know how to say something nice to Jane Zhengtian, so she is often shut down. It may be one night, and no one can save her.

That sundry room should be the nightmare of Jane Ran's whole childhood, so Jane Xin wants to try to see if Jane doesn't really remember the past. She had no other thoughts than this.

In the past, Jianxin would think that everything that Jianran has should belong to her, which is a kind of jealous mood, but now she is only envious of Qinyue's care for Jianran.

Mr. Xu grabs Jianxin's hand and says with a smile: "Jianxin, am I too indulgent to you, which makes you more and more lawless in front of me?"

"I dare not." Jianxin shook off his hand, turned around and walked away, saying, "Mr. Xu, we are just partners in our work. Please remember, and I will remember what kind of woman I am."

One can see through too many things if one experiences too much. One can also see through fame and benefits. It is the most important thing to live well. Jane Xin is such a type of person.

Wandering around the edge of death, looking at the people around her, dead, injured, walking, unconsciously, she understood some truth.

Life is really short. Enjoy yourself while you are alive. Try to be the best you can be, instead of calculating others and robbing things that don't belong to you.

Mr. Xu looked at Jane's back as she walked farther and farther away, and he kept the smile in her eyes, leaving only a gloomy image.

I don't know when he wants to get the woman.

The feeling was so strong that he couldn't control it. If he wanted to get her, he would be like a wild horse out of its reins. He couldn't stop it.

What's more hateful is that the woman who has been trampled by men, who has been put into a mental hospital, and who has been destroyed, even says she can't see him.

A woman who has been trampled on by countless people still pretends to be lofty in front of him.

Since he toppled Gu and slowly developed Xu, many famous ladies in Kyoto have hinted at him.

He is a businessman, and he is also a shrewd businessman.

Although today's society is more enlightened, as long as you can make money, no one will care about your birth status.

In fact, it doesn't matter. It's in front of you. When you turn around, those people will point out that he's an illegitimate son who can't be seen, and who even knows his father is.

So when a famous lady in Kyoto threw an olive branch at him, he accepted it.

As for Jane Xin, he also wants her.

From the past achievements of Jane Xin, she doesn't really miss him, but plays a hard to get game with him. She wants to hang his appetite.

Now, he is interested in her. She wants to play, so he can play with her.


After driving for a long time, Qin Yue still has a gloomy face. He doesn't say a word. He doesn't even take a look at Jane ran.

Looking at Qin Yue's gloomy face, the blue tendons beating on his forehead, the clenched fists, and Qin Yue's strong forbearance, her heart was aching again.

She squeezed to Qin Yue's side, reached out and held Qin Yue's fist carefully: "Qin Yue..."

How Jane hoped that Qin Yue would burst out her inner passion, even if she was scolded for a meal, just don't be so intolerant.

She will be hurt by his forbearance.

But Qin Yue still ignored people and said nothing. His face became more and more heavy. It seemed that his anger had been accumulating for several years and he was about to find an outlet to spray it out.

Qin Yue ignores people, but she doesn't know how to do it. She wants to take it back, but Qin Yue grabs it.

Jane looked up at him, but he still felt that his face ignored her. She pursed her lips and sat quietly beside him.

Until back to the hotel, the door will be closed, Qin Yue a turn will be simply pressed on the doorplate, hot and domineering strong kiss followed.

Qin Yue's height is 1.88 meters, while Jianran's height is 1.68 meters. Whether in terms of height or body shape, Jianran is far behind Qin Yue in physical strength.

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