Capture Your Heart

Author: Leona

Status: On Going

Update: 2020-11-17 00:00

New Releases: Chapter 90 Eat Your Heart

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Brief: The sea is vast, rolling with white waves that come from afar.
A luxury cruise "Dream of the Sea" bound for Zurich is now sailing on the rough sea.
On the deck of the stern is a British girl named Karin, who is an overseas student at the University of Zurich.
Her winter break ends. Her family is not rich, but she studies very hard. The benefit of her hard work is that she could be sent to Zurich to study for further study, and in the first year in a foreign country, she received a generous scholarship. In addition, It also came with two luxury cruise tickets to come and go from Zurich and it is a luxury suite.
The sea breeze disrupts her long hair, and she has been standing on the deck for more than two hours.