Chapter 334 See, you love me

Bella bought a pair of jeans, a cap, and black sportswear from the mall, and went to a nearby hotel to book a room.

She went into the bathroom to take a bath, put on her new clothes, put on the cap, sportswear, and black glasses.

She intentionally left her bag in the room, just took the room card and 600cash.

She went out and hired the taxi, “to blue sky garden.”

She reached the blue sky garden in more than 40 minutes. When she reached there, James Grayson was not there.

She stood at the door and waited for about half an hour when a black Hummer came. James Grayson stopped the car in front of her and got off the car.

He came alone.

“Bella, what’s the matter?” James Grayson was worried and looked at her face.

“Let’s go in and talk.” Bella looked at the door.

James Grayson opened the door.

Bella went in, took a deep breath, turned around and looked at James Grayson. “There is one thing. I want your help. If you agree…”

Bella paused.

She used to be so proud in front of James Grayson that she didn’t think one day, she will use herself as a reward.

The following words were hard to say.

“If you agree?” James Grayson stared at Bella and looked at her cautiously.

She lowered her eyes. Thought about Amelia’s safety. Her life has been destroyed, and she can’t live long. She wanted to protect her friend.

Besides… Bella has affection for James.

She made up her mind, looked up, and looked straight at James Grayson. “If you agree, I will become your secret woman. The time limit is three months. I remember that I agreed to help your soldiers for their psychological tests for three months.”

James Grayson walked to her and held her chin.

Bella didn’t move. She couldn’t get out of the tense atmosphere.

He touched her lips gently and looked at her eyes affectionately. “Even if there is no such reward, and you ask me to do something, no matter what you ask me to, I will do it.”

Bella’s heart seemed to be hit by something. It was shaking badly.

No wonder Bella liked him.

Indeed, this man has a great personality and irresistible charm.

It was just that she wasn’t an ominous person. It seemed that he will be hurt again.

Bella seriously moved James Grayson’s hand. “After hearing my problem, you can think about whether you want to help me or not.”

“Say what you want me to do!” His tone was firm, as if he would agree to do whatever she will say.

This time, it will affect his future.

All of a sudden, she didn’t want to say it.

Amelia William and James Grayson were the only people she wanted to protect. But it seemed that, for one of them, she will kill the other.

She has to think about it again.

Bella turned away her face.

James Grayson moved her face in front of him.

He looked firmly into her eyes. “Believe me.”

Believe him!

James Grayson’s strength was so great, and he has the courage, the plan and the ability to fulfill the commitments. She always believed in him, but at this time she has some selfishness and she wasn’t willing to let him take risks.

But Amelia William…

It was the matter of her only friend, how can she leave her.

“James Grayson, what will happen if you offend the president?” Bella asked tentatively.

James Grayson’s eyes flickered slightly, he looked at her profoundly. He knew her character so well that she was testing him, just like when he was in the dungeon, she tested him by asking – could he be released?

He was sure that she had something to do with the president.

“Nothing, it isn’t a big deal.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

Bella saw hope, but she wasn’t so relieved. She asked again, “are you sure he won’t create troubles for you?”

“The president intends to let his son take over the position of the president. A fledgling young man. He would have to hear impeachment. In my position, he dare not touch me.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

“What if he has wings?” Bella was worried.

“The president is elected once every four years, and I promise you that the president after four years will be me. I will stand at the peak, and no one can shake my position.” James Grayson said firmly.

Bella’s eyes were misty, and her mouth was slightly smiling.

Four years later, she will be gone, right?

He has made so many sacrifices for her, but she could not accompany him forever. Three months was probably the maximum time limit.

She felt she wasn’t worthy of James Grayson, so she was pitiful.

She stood on the tip of her toes. Her lips touched his lips, and she closed her eyes.

James Grayson looked down at her.

Her eyelashes quivered, like a feather fan, and stirred his heart.

James Grayson hugged her waist, pulled her to his side, and hugged her very tightly.

He really waited for her.

Only God knew how he spent the days when she was not around him.

He was crazy almost every day. He can’t control his temper and mood every day. His heart was heavy as there were big stones.

Every day, he woke up in pain.

He missed her so much. When it was too uncontrollable, he ran to see her.

He even wished to cut her chest directly and took her heart out, so that he can point to her heart and prove it to her !—- Bella, look, you love me.

James Grayson also closed his eyes and deepened the kiss. He carefully kissed her like a treasure. Unlike that night. At this moment, he gently wanted to melt her.

They didn’t know who started first.

Two people rotate, entangle, James Grayson turned on the air conditioner.

His clothes seem to have been taken down by her. He also took off her clothes, trousers and put her on the sofa. The moment he did it, she was nervous, clenched his arm and looked into his dark eyes.

He looked at her, too.

She saw herself in his eyes, with a trace of confusion and panic.

Is she right or wrong in doing so?

Redemption or predestined fate?

Is she making up, or is she deeply in debt?

She didn’t know, that’s why she was afraid.

When James Grayson kissed her, it was light, but when he went in, it was heavy, just like the impression he gave, powerful.

Pain and with inexpressible joy, the beginning of running in has become a good situation for communication.

She didn’t feel any more pain, and she didn’t think about it.

She and his life together was precious…. As one day passed, it seemed they have lost one day.

She wanted to bloom in front of him, so that even if she died, she would have no regrets.

When he came out, she hugged him and put her face on his shoulder. Her hug shortened the heart distance and stopped him from seeing her face expression.

Bella’s tears could not help but flow out.

She was reluctant to leave James.

When Bella hypnotizes herself, in fact, she should hypnotize her feelings for James Grayson, and also block her memory, so that she could become more indifferent, just a tool to complete the task.

Actually, it was she, who was willing to stay with James from the beginning to the end!

So she was Reluctant to block memory.

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