Chapter 333 James Grayson’s only love

Bella’s heart thumped, and she anxiously shouted, “Amelia.”

The van drove away.

Bella quickly started the car again and followed them.

All of a sudden, Bella saw another identical van coming.

She was afraid of being confused. She looked at the license plate of Amelia William’s van. It was *2S345.

When the van reached a crossroads, five more same vans came from both sides.

Bella was worried. The kidnapping seemed to be intentional and well planned.

As she drove, she dialed 110. “Hello, I’m Bella. My friend was kidnapped at the entrance of the US embassy. Now that van is on Wuyi Road. The license plate number is *2s345. Please stop it. I’ll tell you where the van is now. I am following the van.”

It was almost a red street light ahead. Bella was afraid to lose and sped up.

Behind her can a van at faster speed came and stopped in front of her, especially blocked in the red light, and let the van in front pass the red light first.

Bella knew that they were deliberately blocking her. She was so worried that she crossed the red light and looked for a van with a license plate of * 2s345.

One, two, three

The license plate numbers of all the vans she saw were * 2s345

There was another cross road ahead.

The van was divided into three ways.

She was about to break down. She didn’t know which van had Amelia William in it.

She could only keep up with one of the vans.

She said to the police, “there are more than 10 *2s345 vans on the road. I don’t know which van has my friends in it. I’ve got one now. They’re all in one group. Please set up a roadblock and stop them. Please.”

“We’ve registered. Now we’ll apply to the superior and let you know later.” the police said.

Bella hit her hand on the horn of the car angrily.

There were so many systems and procedures. She has applied but no one was ready to do anything. Amelia William may have an accident. She thought about it and tried to calm herself down.

The more irascible she will be, the less useful it will be for them.

She hung up her cell phone and called David Wilson.

“Bella. Wake up? Let’s have lunch together?” David Wilson asked.

“David Wilson, I need your help. Amelia has just been kidnapped at the door of the US embassy.

The van that kidnapped her has *2S345 number plate. But suddenly, on the road, dozens of van with *23345 serial number of same color and model appeared. I don’t know which van has Amelia.

But they must be in a group. I’ll follow one of them now. Can you stop it for me?” Bella said in a hurry.

“Even if I stop it. There will be no evidence.” David Wilson said in a deep voice.

“At least I will know who took Amelia.”

“Luis Taylor.” David Wilson said definitely, “Luis Taylor’s people have been following Amelia William. Amelia William’s step of going to the U.S. Embassy must have angered Luis Taylor, so he kidnapped Amelia William, but you don’t have to worry, Amelia William won’t be in danger.”

Bella felt that there was a chill on her back, and her face turned white.

For Amelia William, the most important thing has always been, freedom.

But… Luis Taylor’s method was the kidnapping and imprisonment.

“Can you help me to save Amelia?” Bella asked.

David Wilson was silent there.

“David, Amelia is my best friend. I can’t watch her being hurt!” Bella said again.

“I’m afraid I can’t take her out after being taken away by Luis Taylor.”

David Wilson said so, but she still can’t give up on Amelia, she can’t sit here and watch.

Anyway, her life has been completely destroyed. She was willing to trade her destroyed life for Amelia William’s life.

Bella put forward an offer, “If you save Amelia William, you can do whatever you want to do with me.”

She gave a clear hint.

David Wilson was smart enough to understand.

“I can’t save anyone in Luis Taylor’s place. Luis Taylor has more secret houses than I do. But don’t worry too much. Bella, Luis Taylor won’t hurt her. I promise you, if I can, I will let you and Amelia William meet once.”

Bella angrily hung up her mobile phone and drove the car.

Does David Wilson say that he loves her?

Is this love?

He was afraid of offending Luis Taylor and the president. In the end, in David Wilson’s mind, they were the most important.

He only did things for the satisfaction of his own heart, regardless of her life and death, he mercilessly injected the virus into her body.

She hit on the car horn again, and the shrill whistle sounded in her ear, as if her anger was letting out in this way.

Someone knocked on the window.

Bella stopped, looked out of the window, there was a middle-aged woman.

“You’re sick. What kind of horn do you honk? You’re disturbing people and affecting everyone.” The middle-aged woman scolded her.

Bella said nothing and closed the window.

The middle-aged woman felt that she had not scolded enough and saw that Bella still had a bad attitude. She knocked on the window again.

Bella started the car.

The middle-aged woman saw that Bella was going and kicked the door hard. “You come down! You did something wrong, and now you want to run. That’s what your mother taught you.”

Bella’s eyes flashed a sharp edge. She opened the door, got off the car, and replied, “Does your mother taught you to destroy other people’s cars at will?”

“Well, you honked your horn and made a noise for the passers-by. Are you mad?” The middle-aged woman’s eyes widened.

“It’s true that there’s no point in theorizing with unreasonable people. You can get out of here now.” Bella turned and opened the door.

The middle-aged woman became angry and pulled on Bella’s hair.

Bella felt her hair tingling with pain.

“You have to apologize, you stinky watch.” The middle-aged woman was swearing.

Bella also grabbed the middle-aged woman’s hair and pulled it down with great strength.

The tears of the middle-aged woman due to pain came out quickly, and she said, “Leave me.”

Bella used some strength and said, “You did it first. Why should I leave you?”

The middle-aged woman groaned in pain, “then I’ll let it go first, and then you let it go!”

She let go of her hand, and Bella shook her off. “Get out of here.”

“You stinky bitch.” The middle-aged woman wanted to rush over again. Bella took out the hammer from Amelia William’s car.

The middle-aged woman stopped, looked at the hammer in Bella’s hand, and looked at Bella again, “you dare.”

“If you won’t disappear in three seconds, I will!” Bella said sharply.

The middle-aged woman did not think that Bella was just threatening. She ran away immediately.

Bella returned to the car and put the safety hammer in the co driver’s position.

After their fight, she calmed down.

Grumpy, angry, useless…

She called James Grayson.

James Grayson answered, and there was some uncertainty in his voice, “Bella?”

“I’m coming to meet you in the blue sky garden,” Bella said.

“OK, I’ll go there now. I’ll see you soon.” James Grayson agreed immediately.

Bella gazed at the distance, the sunlight fell in the water mist in the eyes and refracted the sparkling.

In reality… she would never be able to live with him…

However, it seemed that in this world, only James Grayson will always be willing to help her….

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