Chapter 332 Both are of equal importance

She knew Luis Taylor too well.

She and Luis Taylor were classmates in primary school and junior high school.

In junior high school, many boys and girls didn’t know what love is, but he was very precocious.

Every day with a large number of students, he blocked the corridor, and each time when a beautiful girl passed by, he used to tease her.

She was a little fat when she was in the first year of junior high school. Every time she passed the corridor, he said, “Please walk slowly, the floor will be knocked down by you.”

“Halley’s comet will hit the earth when it sees you.”

“Your face is like the scene of a car accident.”

“Where did you buy this dress? Can’t you buy a bigger one? The meat will break the buttons.” and so on.

She had never seen such a vicious person. Because of his existence, she was very irritated. Every time she has to go to the toilet, she would go downstairs and bypass him.

Because of the great mental pressure, she lost 20 Kg in the first year.

For her, the second day of junior high school was a kind of purgatory.

In the school of liberal arts and Sciences, she chose science and was in the same class as Luis Taylor. He sat behind her and bullied her in different ways every day like putting snakes in her schoolbag and mud in her water glass.

Her hair was long, sometimes it would touch his desk. One day, he took a pair of scissors, and in the class, he cut her hair short that she has maintained after several years of hard work.

Due to this matter, she cried angrily for several days.

There were so many things like this. Fortunately, when his father was promoted and transferred to other states as governor, he left school.

On that blind date three years ago, she accidentally met him, David Wilson drugged them, due to which they did all that.

At that time, they had some sense and weren’t unconscious, he can easily jump out of the window.

However, he not only didn’t jump, but also prevented her from jumping. Finally, he did it, and she wanted to explode directly because of the pain

That picture was too fierce, just like after the battlefield, everything was a mess.

Even that thought made her feel sick.

“Bella, what should I do?” Amelia William asked in fear.

“Don’t give birth to this child. Find a better man to marry. I heard that Luis Taylor’s marriage is fixed. You and he will not have any good future.” Bella suggested.

“Who wants to have a future with him? How could he be so bad? Did he deliberately let me have a baby? Did he know how much it hurt to kill the child?” Amelia William was angry.

“Maybe, he is interested in you.”

“He? It’s impossible. He just wants to play tricks on me and kill me to satisfy his personal abnormal habit. This man is sick, pathetic and mentally retarded. I don’t have a boyfriend. No man will marry me. Is it useful for me to become a nun?” Amelia William really wanted to cry.

“Rights, power!” Bella said these two words, and a disgust burst out in her eyes, “this world has a law of jungle. The weak are prey to the strong. If you can’t work, you will be replaced by others. Your life will be ruined, and you will be despised by others. Only the strong can do what he wants, and no one can judge right or wrong.”

“I am really unlucky. It’s not an accident. Bella, help me. I don’t want to be pestered by that crazy man. He’s abnormal.” Amelia William asked for help.

Bella understood that Luis Taylor was really hateful. Without love, he deliberately made a woman bear children, that was really too much.

Soon, they reached the building where Amelia William lived.

Amelia William’s spirit was almost broken. She bowed her head and looked forward pitifully. Her eyes were getting red. “I heard that Luis Taylor is the presidential candidate. If he succeeds in the election, will he kill me?”

Bella looked at Amelia William compassionately, according to Amelia’s character, it will be difficult for her to hold on.

If Luis Taylor can marry Amelia, it will be okay. At least there will be hope. Being the first lady, she cannot be abandoned casually.

But Luis Taylor wouldn’t marry her.

Amelia was loyal and kind-hearted, but she was not smart. If she will be by Luis Taylor’s side. Even if Luis Taylor really liked her, she can’t fight with other women.

“Don’t worry, I’ll find a way.” Bella comforted her.

“We must find a way. Luis Taylor is a man who has been bad since he was a child. I am sure he is even worse now.” Amelia William said.

“Um,” Bella answered and accompanied Amelia William to go upstairs first.

Amelia William has no mood for dinner.

Bella sat next to Amelia William, thinking about every possibility…..

David Wilson is the president’s person. She asks David Wilson to help, and David Wilson refuses.

Now, it seems, only James Grayson can help her. However, by helping her James Grayson will offend the future president.

For her, James Grayson and Amelia William were like the parts of her body. She can’t hurt anyone of them.

She thought something.

“Do you want to go abroad?” Bella suggested.

“OK, OK. I’ll go abroad for a few years. Maybe I can find a handsome man.” Amelia William immediately agreed.

“Apply for a visa first. In 49 days of pregnancy, you can abort safely.” Bella said.

Amelia William face turned pale.

It was Luis Taylor’s children. She really can’t dare to have this child, although she wanted to take good care of the baby from the beginning.

If things go against your wishes, never fight against fate.

It’s impossible to fight against fate.

Bella put her arm around Amelia William’s shoulder. “Go to the United States. I’ll ask Paul Watson to help you go out for further study. I have some friends in the United States. They will take care of you there.”

Amelia William nodded, “you will often come to see me. I’m afraid of loneliness.”

Lonely— Bella heard this word and felt sad.

What if she died?

Amelia William was Bella’s best friend, and Bella was also Amelia William’s only closest friend.

Bella smiled and nodded, “I will.”

She ordered takeout, and the two ate at home, chatting casually.

From clothing to stars, from stars to colleagues, from colleagues to food

But they didn’t touch the issue of feelings. Two people seem to have a sharp heart, both of them deliberately skipped this topic.

At dawn, Bella and Amelia William woke up naturally.

After breakfast, she took Amelia William to the research institute to ask Paul Watson for help.

Paul Watson readily agreed and contacted the American school, which immediately sent the admission notice.

“Now you can go to the U.S. Embassy for the visa application, and then wait for the notice.” Paul Watson said to Amelia William.

“Thank you, Paul Watson. I’ll apply now. After that, I’ll invite you to dinner.” Amelia William said with a smile.

“I’ll go with you.” Bella was not at ease.

“Well, okay.” Amelia William held Bella’s arm.

Bella drove to the door of the US embassy, and Amelia William got out of the car first.

Bella parked the car.

A black van stopped in front of Amelia William. The door opened, two well-trained people came down from the van and picked up Amelia William.

“Bella.” Amelia William shouted.

Bella vaguely heard Amelia William’s voice and looked towards the gate of the American embassy.

The two men took Amelia William and shoved her into the van….

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