Chapter 477 My child is my life

She knew what I was thinking.

Yes, she stayed with Ming for a long time. She must be sensitive.

I sat there and said, “Marcia, I’m here to ask you for something.”

I knew both Marcia and Ming were smart.

Neither of them was stupid. They wouldn’t let me fool them and neither of them knew.

Marcia was still calm. “What is it?”

“I hope you and Dr. Jessop make up.”

I went straight to my ultimate goal.

Marcia froze and laughed, “he loves you. What you said is so strange.”

“No.” I looked at Marcia, “Ming can’t even get an erection in front of me.”

We were both middle-aged women, so I didn’t need to hide it.

Marcia was stunned to hear that.

I laughed at myself, “you know if he loves me, when I lie in front of him, he should respond, but he didn’t. He needs my help.” I was afraid Marcia would misunderstand so I immediately said, “but I haven’t had sex with Dr. Jessop so far.”


Marcia seemed to be really surprised by what I said. She didn’t believe it. “How could it be? Haven’t you been with him for a long time?”

“Yes, but it didn’t happen.” What I said before was just the premise. I said it to Marcia, “and as you can see, I don’t love him and I don’t have feelings for him. The reason why I have something to do with him is that he injected my son with a virus that only he can cure.”

“What?” Marcia opened her mouth slightly and was shocked.

I had hope and continued, “I don’t know when it happened, but the virus kept my son feverish for ten days. I begged him, but he made two requests for me to choose. I have to be pregnant or marry him.”

“What did you choose?”

Marcia’s face clearly grew tense with my words.

I smiled bitterly. “I haven’t chosen yet. He gave me time to think about it. He gave me an antipyretic that worked for two weeks at a time. My son will develop resistance after taking it four times. He has taken it three times now.”

Marcia dropped her eyes and was silent and seemed to be thinking about something.

I didn’t go on. I picked up the cup with fruit tea in front of me and took a sip.

It was sour, sweet and delicious.

When I put the cup down, Marcia said, “I want to help you, but he doesn’t love me. He won’t care about me.”

“No.” I looked at Marcia and said firmly, “Ming loves you, but he doesn’t realize it, or he’s deceiving himself. He needs a process of recognizing reality.”


“You know what? Last time I went to his house to get the medicine, he took off his pants and asked me to help him, but your call made him let me go.”

I thought it was enough to prove something.

Marcia looked at me and her beautiful eyes were complicated. “Really?”

I nodded.

She was smart and knew what it stood for.

Marcia nodded, “but it doesn’t mean he’ll give in for me.”

“I know.” I smiled bitterly. “I’m sorry. In fact, I have told him about your illness. I hope he can understand that he loves you. I was forced. My child is my life.”

Marcia looked at me and said nothing.

There was silence throughout the studio.

I said again, “I’m sorry. I did use you.”

Marcia finally looked up at me and smiled, “if he let you go because of me and he would like to be with me, I would like to be used by you.”

Marcia looked up and looked at the dresses. “I made a lot of wedding dresses and met a lot of brides. I want to marry, but I’m single because I want to marry him.”

“I understand.”

Of course I understood.

I was just like her. I just wanted to marry Sean.

But whether this wish could be realized depended on her.

Marcia poured me another cup of fruit tea and said, “I’ll try to contact him.”

“No.” I said, “just wait for him to contact you. I think he will contact you.”

If Marcia took the initiative, it was too obvious.

It was a gamble.

I bet Ming loved Marcia.

If I lost, I had no way.

Marcia understood me and nodded, “OK, I see.”

Three days after I met Marcia, I received a text message from Marcia. She said, “he asked me to meet. I’ll tell you the result after we meet.”

I knew it was Ming.

I was not so worried anymore.

If they met, maybe they could communicate a lot.

I texted Marcia, “thank you.”

It was a pity that Marcia never contacted me after that day.

I was a little upset.

I was going to Ming for the fourth time.

This was the last time.

That day I drove to the Sunshine Hospital and entered the administration building.

Today’s administration building was as usual. The corridor was empty.

I got to the top floor. As soon as I got out of the elevator and headed for Ming’s office, I heard someone arguing.

I could tell that the voice came from Ming’s office.

The sound insulation in his office was not good.

When I went there, I could tell that the voice belonged to a woman.

And I was familiar with it.

I recognized that Cindy was the owner of the voice.

Cindy and Ming kndw each other. I hadn’t confirmed it, but I had already guessed it.

I stood at the door and listened.

“You have broken your promise. I won’t let you go!” Cindy’s voice penetrated through the door of Ming’s office.

What was the matter? How could the two of them argue?

I was confused.

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