Chapter 476 The only chance

I hung up and drove to the Sunshine Hospital.

Today, the Sunshine Hospital was quite different from before. Few people came before, but now it was crowded.

I waited in line for nearly 20 minutes before entering the parking lot.

I stopped and thought about it for a long time.

How could I tell Ming about Marcia?

Lester had taken the medicine three times. If Ming didn’t give an antidote after the fourth time, Lester…

I couldn’t think of the consequences.

This was my only chance.

I decided and took a deep breath. I got off and went to Ming’s office.

His office was on the top floor of the hospital administration building.

I went upstairs and didn’t see anyone.

I went to the door of Ming’s office and knocked gently.

The door opened quickly. I saw Ming standing at the door. He was wearing a white coat and glasses and was smiling softly.

He saw me and said, “is it hot outside?”

“No.” I shook my head.

Ming was not aggressive in front of me recently. It was like the beginning.

His eyes were gentle and he smiled all the time.

He never embarrassed me.

It was a pity that too much had happened. Even if he pretended, my mood had changed.

I didn’t smile and just walked into the office.

He came in, too.

I sat on the sofa. Instead of sitting in an office chair, he sat next to me and asked me gently, “what are you going to tell me?”

I looked into Ming’s eyes. His eyes were expectant. I bit my lips and said, “I met Marcia today.”


Ming was obviously stunned. He didn’t seem to expect me to mention her. He was a little surprised and disappointed.

“Marcia.” I repeated.

Ming heard it clearly and immediately became apathetic. He folded his legs and put his hands on his knees. He looked at me and said coldly, “so what?”

It seemed that she was not a lover who had been in love with him for more than ten years, but a stranger.

Her name didn’t move him.

But I didn’t flinch. I went on, “Marcia has uterine cancer.”

Ming frowned when I said it.

Then I added, “phase II.”

Obviously Ming’s face relaxed slightly. He said lightly, “Oh.”

I immediately went on, “but when I met her today, her assistant told me that she didn’t want to be treated because she might not be able to conceive for life. She always wanted to be pregnant. ”

“That’s her business.”

Ming still looked at me in the same position. He looked cold.

I went on, “Marcia is a good woman. Even if her leg breaks, many men like her. But she’s been single for years. Have you thought about the reason?”

“That’s her business.” Ming said the same thing.

I really felt aggrieved for Marcia, “because you delayed her for more than ten years. Even if you did something wrong, Marcia always loves you and waits for you. She longs for the day when you will realize that revenge is not the only important thing in life. You will look back and see that she is still waiting for you!”

I made up the reason in the car.

I didn’t know what Marcia thought.

Ming looked at me and seemed a little moved. He asked me, “is that what she told you?”

“No, it’s my guess.” I knew I couldn’t cheat Ming.

He asked me, “I see. Do you have anything else to say to me besides that?”

Ming looked in a bad mood.

He was even a little impatient.

I froze and shook my head.

Ming couldn’t help but smile sarcastically, “you rarely call me. Are you just here to tell me that she has cervical cancer and you want me to go to her and have a baby with her?”

“I…” After Ming finished, I didn’t know what to say.

He looked at me and continued, “you want me to be with Marcia and I’ll give you Lester’s medicine. You can treat Lester. You can get married when Sean comes back, right?”


That was what I thought.

Ming guessed my idea right. I didn’t continue to hide it, “yes, Dr. Jessop, don’t you know if you love me? You’re blinded by hatred and want to get back at your father, so you want to get back at Sean, don’t you?”

Ming looked at me. He was silent for a while and said, “it’s part of the reason, but now I don’t need to get back at my father. After all, I’m not the only one who wants to revenge him. Soon he will go mad with rage.”

“What do you mean?”

I looked at Ming.

I didn’t know what he was talking about.

He smiled and looked insidious.

He stood up and went to the desk and said to me, “Becky, if you have nothing else to say, you can leave.”

I opened my mouth and knew I couldn’t go on. I had no choice but to turn around and leave.

I went out of the hospital and became more aware of myself.

I really didn’t want to marry him.

I thought about it and called Marcia.

Soon the phone was connected. Marcia was weak, “Miss Jones.”

“Marcia, can I meet you?” I said.

Marcia was silent for a moment and said, “OK, I’m in the studio.”

“Thank you.” I hung up and drove to Marcia’s wedding studio.

It didn’t change. The flowers on the tree at the door were all in bloom and looked very nice.

I parked at the door and walked in quickly.

When I went in, Marcia was in the guest lounge on the first floor, and there was a pot of hot fruit tea on the tea table in front of her.

Marcia saw me and took another transparent cup out of the plate and put it down. She picked up the teapot and filled it.

I knew she was beckoning me to sit there.

When I sat down, Marcia pushed the cup toward me and asked, “Miss Jones, you must have something to ask me, right?”

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