Chapter 475 Let’s get married

I drooped my eyes and smiled bitterly. “You said before that you don’t know why I can make them two like this. Actually, I don’t know, either.

But Ming did infect Lester.”

I told Monica all about Lester’s recent symptoms and Ming’s request.

Monica was serious.

She asked me again, “dare you swear you’re telling the truth?”

“Yes.” I looked firmly at Monica, “if I lie, I will be punished!”

Monica snorted scornfully at my vows.

But it didn’t mean she didn’t believe me.

She looked at me and said seriously, “what do you want to do? Do you really want to marry him?”

“I don’t know.” I shook my head and said, “but anyway, I can’t watch Lester die.”


I looked at Monica. “You’re a mother. You know how a mother feels. Even if I give up Sean, I will not give up Lester.”

I chose my son.

Monica sighed. “To be honest, we’re alert to Ming, but I didn’t expect him to hurt you.”

I looked at Monica and said seriously, “Auntie, I really love Sean. I hope to be with him all my life. I think he also loves me and Lester, but I may not be able to be with him in this life. If you and him hate me, I will not blame you.”

Monica sighed again. “I know my son. He really loves you. If you marry Ming, he will take you back.”

“I’ll break up with him.” I held my hands together. “This time he left without saying goodbye, which is my best reason. I will use this reason to permanently separate from him.”

I had no other solution.

Monica listened to me and shook her head helplessly. “Forget it. I don’t care about you young people. It’s up to you.”

She left without looking at me.

I sat alone in the coffee shop and looked out of the window. I had heartache.

But I didn’t cry.

After that day everything was as usual.

I accompanied Ming to another two activities. He gave me the medicine again two weeks later.

When Ming gave me the medicine, he asked me, “have you thought about it?”

I nodded. “Yes, let’s get married.”

Let’s get married.

As long as Lester lived, I had nothing else to ask for.

Lester took medicine for three days.

Three days later, Lester’s fever subsided. My life was as usual.

I still hadn’t heard from Sean. I was ready to marry Ming.

I moved some clothes to Grand Bay.

Maybe even God was helping me.

One day Chloe was at work with a fever. I took her to the hospital near the studio.

The doctor gave her an injection.

I went to buy water for her while she was injecting.

I walked in the hospital hall and saw a woman in a wheelchair in the crowd. I recognized Marcia at a glance.

I remembered Ming wanted to have sex with me that day, but Marcia’s call made him let me go.

I hurried up and shouted, “Marcia.”

The woman pushing Marcia heard me and stopped. Marcia looked in my direction and smiled, “Miss Jones, are you coming to see a doctor?”

“No, one of my subordinates is ill, so I brought her here.” I said.

“Oh.” Marcia nodded. “Then I won’t bother you. I have to go.”

She didn’t seem to want to talk to me much.

I couldn’t keep her.

At this time, the woman pushing her looked at me and suddenly said, “Miss Jones, please advise my boss. If she doesn’t treat her uterine cancer, it will become terminal.”

I recognized her as a manager of Marcia’s bridal shop.

Her name seemed to be Paula.

“Uterine cancer?” I looked at Marcia and immediately became nervous.

Marcia was calm. “Don’t listen to her nonsense. It’s not that serious.”

Although she said that, I still didn’t believe it. I took Marcia and said, “don’t cheat me. What’s the matter with you?”

She raised her head and still smiled, “it’s a common gynecological disease.”

“I don’t believe it. Show me your inspection report.” I saw her examination report on her leg. I stooped and picked it up.

When Marcia responded and wanted to took it, the inspection report was already in my hands.

She was a little upset. “Give it back to me, Miss Jones. It’s my privacy.”

I ignored her and opened the inspection report directly.

It said the second stage of uterine cancer.

Although I didn’t know what it meant, I knew it was a little serious.

I returned the report to Marcia and said, “why don’t you treat it?”

“This is my business.” Marcia took the report in her hand and didn’t look at me. “Miss Jones, I have to go.”

Paula was upset and said, “Ming is a scum. My boss has always wanted to have their children. In fact, she had a test a long time ago, but she was unwilling to receive treatment, because she had to cut off the uterus and could not be a mother later. She…” Paula stopped.

“Really?” I asked Marcia.

Marcia lowered her head and said, “Paula, you’re not obedient. Do you want me to fire you?”

“Boss, I feel aggrieved for you!”

Paula said angrily.

Marcia was helpless. “I’m willing.”

With that, she manipulated the wheelchair and walked to the door.

I stood there and thought about what had happened before and had an idea.

Ming still loved Marcia. He needed an opportunity to find out.

I could help Marcia. If I succeeded, I was helping myself.

When Marcia left, I called Ming and told him, “I want to see you. I have something to tell you.”

“OK, I’m in the hospital. You can come here any time.” He answered.

Maybe for the first time I contacted him and wanted to see him. I could hear Ming is happy.

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