Chapter 474 I love him all the time

It was Ward’s voice.

I realized that the woman was Michelle.

I didn’t want to eavesdrop, but because of them, I couldn’t help standing for a while.

I heard Michelle say shyly, “but you didn’t close the door. In case someone thinks there is no one in it and comes in directly…”

“Then you can shout louder and let them know there are people in it.” Ward’s voice was mixed with gasps.

What they were doing was self-evident.

I was wondering what kind of feud Ward had with Jessop Family.

Michelle may be older than his mother.

I heard Michelle moaning and boasting that Ward made her comfortable.

I listened outside and blushed.

I could imagine the inside picture without looking at it.

At last I couldn’t stand it and left.

As soon as I got back to the banquet hall and got to the door, I saw Ming standing there. He saw me and walked quickly up and asked, “what’s the matter? Where have you been?”

He was calm, but I knew he knew I wouldn’ leave.

He saw that my face was slightly red, so he asked me, “Why are you blushing? Are you not feeling well?”

Then he reached out and touched my cheek.

His hands were cold. My face felt cold.

“No.” I waved and didn’t want to hide it from him. I looked up and said to Ming, “I heard Ward and your sister in the baby room…”

I didn’t go on.

He squinted and looked at me. His slightly slender eyes were ambiguous. He reached out and put his arms around my waist. “I didn’t expect you to have this hobby.”

“No.” I quickly waved, “I heard her screaming and thought something was wrong with her, so I…”

Ming leaned over and said in my ear, “you don’t have to explain. If you like, we can…”


I refused decisively.

I didn’t think he and I had the same understanding.

That was not the point at all.

Ming smiled. “Okay, I’m just teasing you.”

I bowed my head and regretted saying it to him.

We shouldn’t have said that.

Ming looked at his watch. “Are you tired? Let’s go first.”

“OK.” I nodded.

We happened to meet Michelle and Ward as we walked out.

Michelle was wearing a low cut dress and there were very visible marks on her skin.

Her hair was a bit messy.

But Ward was neat. His silver suit was not messy and his white shirt was neat. His clothes didn’t even seem to have lipstick marks.

I had seen the end of this relationship.

However, it was none of my business, and naturally I wouldn’t take care of it.

Ming said, “Michelle, you’re not young. You should know yourself. You have to know if you are cheated.”

Actually, I thought he should remind Michelle.

Now Michelle was really being cheated by Ward.

Michelle immediately became unhappy. She said angrily, “you shouldn’t mind my business. Don’t think you really belong to Jessop Family. Take care of yourself!”

Then she glanced at Ming.

I used to speak for Ming, but now I didn’t.

Ming was insidious. Michelle now scolded him. She may suffer in the future.

Ward smiled. The scene seemed to be what he wanted to see.

He hugged Michelle, “Michelle, don’t be angry. If you are angry, you are not beautiful.”

Michelle bowed her head and stopped talking.

She was even shy.

I was speechless.

To keep ward from going on, I pulled Ming and said, “let’s go.”

“OK.” He responded gently.

The day after I went to the party with Ming and met Ward and Michelle, I got a call from Monica.

She asked me to meet in the coffee shop this afternoon.

She didn’t have a job. Fortunately, I was free, so I agreed.

Half an hour before the appointment, I left the studio and headed for the coffee shop.

Monica was there when I arrived.

She was playing with her cell phone when I went in. I sat down and she put the phone down. She looked up and looked unhappy.

She looked at me and said, “Becky, what are you doing?”

I had two names. Someone called me Becky and someone called me June.

I admitted it.

I looked at Monica and said, “Auntie, I have my own problems.”

“What?” Monica taunted me. “What is it? You think Sean’s legs are broken and can’t satisfy you and delay you, right?”


“Don’t deny it! I have been abroad for a long time, but I know what happened!” Monica glared at me angrily. “A woman exposed a video of Ming. Ming is naked in the video. You dislike Sean, right?”

I stared at Monica.

It was a long time before I realized what she was saying.

I didn’t know how to answer. I was embarrassed and said, “Auntie, what you think is wrong.”

“Then explain to me.”

I hesitated and thought maybe it was better that one more person could help me. I said, “Ming controls my son’s life so I have to be with him.”

“What do you mean?” Monica didn’t believe it.

I showed my attitude, “Auntie, I love Sean all the time. I used to want to be with Ming, but the person I love has always been Sean.”

Monica’s face was a little relaxed.

She picked up the coffee cup in front of her and took a sip and asked me, “what happened yesterday?”

I smiled bitterly. “Auntie, if I said Ming injected my son with a virus that only he had an antidote, do you believe it?”

“What?” Monica was surprised!

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