Chapter 473 Was Jessop Family’s affair not over yet?

As soon as I took the champagne, two people came to say hello to Ming.

“President Jessop, you’re busy. I’m really lucky to see you today.” A man in a black tuxedo said.

Another man in a light suit said, “yes, President Jessop, the last thing we talked to you about…”

“I’m sorry, but my fiancee is here today. She gets bored as soon as she hears about my work, so we can talk in my office.”

The man in the light suit was interrupted by Ming before he finished speaking.

They all looked at me. They were confused. Later they seemed to think of something at the same time and said, “your fiancee is so beautiful. President Jessop, you are so blessed.”

“Yes, we envy you so much. Wish you happiness.”

They flattered Ming. Then the man in the light suit said, “President Jessop, can I see you in your office tomorrow morning?”

Ming was obviously in a better mood.

He nodded. “OK.”

The two men laughed and said, “then we won’t disturb you.”

Then they turned and left.

I didn’t speak from the beginning to the end.

Ming clapped my hand with his other hand and gently told me, “if you feel bored, tell me. I’ll take you away.”

“I’m fine. I’ll be with you all the time.”

Now that I had promised, I would do it.

Ming was not stupid. He knew what I meant, but he was not so happy.

When we were standing, the crowd spread and two people appeared in front of us.

A man and a woman hugged and looked very intimate.

I knew both of them, but I never thought they would be together.

Michelle and Ward.

They saw me when I saw them.

Their attitudes were obviously different.

Michelle wanted to leave.

But Ward put his arm around her shoulder and walked this way.

Michelle suddenly blushed.

Ward was tall and handsome, but Michelle was 50 years old and couldn’t compare with the young girls. They looked very out of place.

Michelle seemed reluctant, but ward came with her arms around her.

They came to me. Ward looked at Ming and smiled viciously, “we will be family later.”


He proved their relationship.

Ming looked at them and was calm. He said to Michelle, “congratulations.”

“Nonsense!” Michelle’s face was redder.

She was old, but she was like a young girl.

She seemed suddenly shy. She pushed Ward’s hand away and stood there.

“Michelle, why are you so shy?”

Ward looked at Michelle. His tone was gentle, but he seemed to be joking.

I looked at them and suddenly remembered what Ward had said before. He said he wanted to mess up Jessop Family.

Ming, Sean and Michelle.

Michelle seemed embarrassed in front of her family.

Ward didn’t continue to ask her. Instead, he looked at us and said, “isn’t Jessop Family’s scandal over yet? Does Miss Jones belong to Dr. Jessop now?”

He was satirizing me.

I was so embarrassed.

Ming didn’t care. He put me in his arms and said to Ward with a smile, “Becky has always been my fiancee. We only quarreled before, but now we are reconciled.”

“Really?” Ward looked at me and was curious.

I lowered my head and didn’t answer.

At this point, Michelle seemed to know that she was not the focus. She immediately stared at me and said, “didn’t you make up with Sean? Why are you with my brother now? June, what are you doing?”

Her voice was loud.

People around us were looking at us.

I bit my lips and was a bit embarrassed and didn’t know how to answer her.

But Ming was calm, “Michelle, what are you talking about? Becky has always been my fiancee. We are engaged.”

“Nonsense.” Michelle looked at me unfriendly. “I met Monica that day and she told me that Sean’s legs were broken and he was in a bad mood. He lived on the estate himself. Cindy would not go there, but June offered to go there. Now Sean is better and her impression of June is better.”

When I heard Michelle mention it, I was at a loss.

Yeah, I worked so hard to be with Sean.

When everything was about to get better, Ming interrupted it.

It was ironic and absurd.

Ming hugged me tightly. When he faced Michelle’s sarcasm, his face didn’t change. He said softly, “Michelle, you have someone you love, but you are still mean. Becky is going to be embarrassed.”

Ming was really good.

Michelle was speechless all of a sudden.

Ward wanted to mess up Jessop Family. He squinted and looked at us. “Yeah, let them solve their own problems.” Then he took Michelle’s hand and vaguely said, “we just have to take care of our own business.”


Michelle looked at Ward and blushed again.

Although Michelle was old, she seldom fell in love. She was under Ward’s control.

“Let’s go.” Ward asked.

Michelle nodded and suddenly became gentle. She didn’t speak and left with him.

Ming and I had been staring at them.

I said worriedly, “will Michelle be cheated?”

“I don’t know.” Ming smiled. “But I think she would like to be cheated by him.”

He was right.

Michelle seemed willing.

Halfway through the dinner, I was tired. I went to the big sofa in the corner of the banquet hall to rest. After a while I wanted to go to the bathroom.

When I came out, there was a scream from her in the corridor!

I was scared and thought something was wrong with her and hurried over.

I found a mother and baby room. When I tried to push the door and get in, a pleasant male voice immediately came out of the open door, “don’t you like excitement?”

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