Chapter 472 I took his arm

I had no choice.

I took the medicine and went back. Lester slowly recovered in three days.

But he never went to kindergarten.

I went to work normally. Ming didn’t called me these days.

When I was at work, I gave Linda the finished drawings. Linda asked me, “what’s up with Lester? I feel that his illness is a little abnormal. You have to check him. If he doesn’t just catch a cold, his condition will be delayed.”

“OK.” I nodded and said nothing else.

I couldn’t tell anyone about my deal with Ming.

Linda and I had known each other for a long time and she knew my character.

I didn’t say much. She put down the things in her hands and looked sideways at me and said, “what’s the matter? Do you know what’s wrong with Lester?”


I looked down and didn’t talk.

Linda looked at me with her hands around her chest and smiled, “are you going to ask for leave again?”

“I will not ask for leave for the time being.” I paused and continued, “but in a few days I’m going to ask for leave.”

I was getting married.

But I didn’t say.

I thought if I couldn’t turn down Ming and I had to get pregnant or get married.

Now I thought I would choose the latter.

After all, I didn’t really want to have Ming’s baby.

“Well, the rich are busy. I understand.” Linda tidied up the things on the table and said, “recently, the design of our office building is coming to an end. If everything goes well, we can know when to move this time next year.”

“Great.” I smiled.

In fact, I was still looking forward to moving to a new office building.

But because I was too busy recently, when Linda said it, I was not as happy as before.

Linda put down what she was holding and asked, “what’s going on? Tell me about it so that I can share it with you.”


“We are partners. If you keep something from me, our interests will be affected. Don’t I have the right to know it?”

Linda asked me seriously.

I had a lot of trust in her. I thought about it and told her about Lester.

Linda listened to me and was serious. “How could that happen? He’s really good at camouflage.”

I smiled bitterly. “I have no solution.”

“Can’t you reach Sean?” Linda asked me.

I shook my head. “Not yet. I think Ming has planned it for a long time. He didn’t come until Sean left.”

Linda stood up and patted me on the shoulder. “I really can’t help you. You have to make your own decisions. You can ask for leave. Give me all your work and I’ll do it for you.”

“Thank you. When it’s over, I’ll work overtime to help you and give you a holiday.” I gave a wry smile.

Linda reached out and pinched my face. “I hope so.”

As soon as I came back from Linda’s office, I found that I had a missed call.


He called me five minutes ago.

I was about to call back when my cell phone rang again. It was Ming again.

I picked up the phone and he immediately said, “I thought you wanted to turn me down.”


“That’s good. I’ll pick you up at your door at seven this evening.”


After a short conversation, he hung up the phone without saying another word.

I was not surprised.

When I got home from work, Lester was playing LEGO on his own.

He picked up a corner of a castle he had just put together and ran to me and said, “look, mom! No one helped me, but I put this together!”

“Great.” I raised my hand and touched my son’s hair.

I looked at him and my mood was very complicated.

Lester smiled smugly. “Of course. Dad said I’m smart.”

His eyes darkened when he mentioned his father. He looked up and asked me, “Mom, when will Dad come back?”

“Dad…” I bit my lips and tried not to show frustration, “Dad went to treat his legs. When he’s cured, he’s back.”

“That’s great!”

Lester took his toy and went back.

I looked at Lester and felt more sad.

I thought Lester and Ming used to get along well, but he wasn’t his biological father and he couldn’t compare with Sean.

If Lester knew that I was going to marry Ming in the end, he would be very sad.

But now reality didn’t allow me to think about it.

I went upstairs and changed clothes and made up. I put my hair in order and saw Margaret as soon as I went out.

Margaret looked at me and smiled, “my daughter is so beautiful. Who are you going to see?”

“I have an appointment.”

I smiled and responded to her.

Margaret asked, “is my son-in-law back?”


Oh, it was Sean. I said Sean was her son-in-law because of Cindy and Diana.

I was not sure Sean would be her son-in-law, but I didn’t have to tell her now. I smiled. “No, it’s work.” Then I looked at my watch. “Mom, I have to go.”

Then I went out.

When I got to the door, Ming’s car stopped there. He was wearing a goose yellow suit with a dark pattern on it.

This color made him look very young.

I sat next to him. He looked at me and smiled, “you are beautiful.”

“Thank you.”

I looked ahead and didn’t look at him.

I didn’t want to pretend to be happy right now.

Ming didn’t comment on my indifference. He started the car and started driving.

We got to the door of Hilton Hotel. He stopped and gave the key to a staff member. Then he bent his arm and left a big gap.

He gave me a look.

I took a look and knew that he meant that I should hold his arm.

I didn’t want to, but for Lester, I reached out.

As soon as I took him, he clamped his arm and seemed afraid that I would run away.

I stood beside him. He had the smell of disinfectant that I was familiar with. It was light, but it was hard to ignore.

I had known him for a long time and I always smelt it.

We went into the elevator to the banquet hall together.

As soon as we went in, a waiter came with a plate and put some champagne on it.

Ming picked up a glass and handed it to me.

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