Chapter 471 I guess Sean hasn’t enjoyed it yet

My body was tight and I closed my eyes and despaired.

We were just having sex.

I couldn’t escape. Maybe he wasn’t so obsessed with me. He wasn’t happy that he hadn’t had sex with me for so long.

If so, it would be good.

I just wanted Lester to recover.

As for Sean, he had such a strong ability of adjustment. Maybe he can do well without me.

With my eyes closed, I had been thinking.

But when I reacted, I realized that his hand had retreated and there seemed to be no next move.

What was going on?

Did he give up? Or…

As I thought with my eyes closed, I heard his voice over my head, “you first.”


I froze and opened my eyes.

I saw him kneel on me and put his hands on his belt. He loosened his belt. I heard a slight noise. The tight belt was a little loose.

He took off his belt and his trousers became quite loose.

It was just hanging there.

Ming looked down at me and smiled, “next you do it yourself.”

I could see that there was only a little drum in his zipper, which showed that he didn’t respond to me very much.

I couldn’t help but think of Sean at this time.

Sean once told me that he just wanted to have sex with me when he saw me and he pretended that he was rational.

But Ming didn’t respond to me. Didn’t that mean he didn’t love me?

I stared at it and said, “now you have no reaction. Doesn’t it mean you don’t love me? Why do you force yourself?”

“I didn’t force myself.” He looked at me and said gently, “I guess Sean hasn’t enjoyed it yet.”

I knew he let me help him.

Actually, Sean and I did.

But I wouldn’t tell Ming.

I lowered my eyes, “Dr. Jessop, you’ve had sex with a lot of women. You don’t suffer from having sex with me.”

“No, you are different from them. You are unique.”

Ming didn’t move.

I looked up at Ming, who was kneeling on me. “Now Lester has a fever again, but I can’t get pregnant in a short time. I’m not young now and my physical function is not as good as when I was young, and I may not be able to conceive in a few years.”

I had to tell him in advance.

I couldn’t have sex with Ming but get nothing.

Ming nodded and thought and said, “this medicine can only be taken four times at most, and then he will become resistant. If you are not pregnant at that time, you can consider marrying me.”

Four times was two months.

Now he had taken it once. There was one and a half months left.

When a woman wanted to be pregnant, she may not be able to do it for a long time, but when she did not want to be pregnant, she may easily do it.

After thinking for a while, I looked up and asked Ming, “so, are you sure that if I am pregnant or married to you, the medicine you gave Lester will kill his virus?”

“Of course.” Ming smiled. “I’m absolutely sure of it.”

That was good.

I just wanted Lester to recover.

I sat up and released it.

He knew I was going to do it before he said, “use your mouth.”

Well, I understood.

I bit my lips and was reluctant. I felt like vomiting.

But I knew what I was doing now had something to do with Lester’s life. I may never have another child in my life. Lester was the only one.

I wanted Lester to live.

He was my life.

If he died, I would not live.

I moved my hand first. When I was about to open my mouth, a pleasant ring came from the pocket of his trousers.

It rang in my ear.

I was a little excited!

I stared at Ming and hoped that he had something to do and left immediately!

Ming seemed to see my mind at a glance. He took his cell phone out of his pocket and looked at it. His gentle expression was visibly frozen.

I couldn’t see his mobile screen.

Who was it?

Was it Jessop Family?

Ming hesitated and finally picked it up.

He put the phone to his ear and said in a slightly hoarse voice, “hello.”

I couldn’t hear the person, but I could see Ming was a little upset.

Soon he said, “I don’t think it’s necessary.”

With that, he hung up.

Then he muted the phone and threw it down.

He looked down at me. The impatience in his eyes could not be suppressed. He hesitated and pushed me away. He zipped up and tied the belt. Then he asked me, “did you negotiate with her?”


I was confused.

I knew he referred to the person who just called him, but I didn’t know who it was.

I couldn’t even guess.


I couldn’t think of anyone but James who could make him so upset.

Ming got out of bed and put on his shirt. He tucked the hem back into his pants and said, “Marcia.”


It was Marcia.

Ming looked at me and asked, “have you met recently?”

I immediately shook my head. “No, I haven’t seen her for a long time.”

At least for a few months.

Last time we met, I went to put on my wedding dress and proposed to Sean, but I couldn’t tell Ming.

He stared at me and frowned. He didn’t seem to see that I was lying. He went to the head of the bed and took out a pure white medicine box from the drawer and threw it on the bed.

Was it over?

I was surprised!

At least this time nothing happened.

When I reached for the box and wanted to take it, he said, “for the next two weeks, if I need you to accompany me to the event, you can’t refuse.”

I was stunned.

I looked up at Ming. “What’s my identity?”

“Fiancee.” He said lightly, “what’s more, we held an engagement ceremony. To some extent, you are my fiancee, aren’t you?”


I lowered my eyes and looked at the box of medicine in my hand.

For Lester’s sake, I couldn’t refuse. I could promise him anything.

I bit my lips with my teeth and eventually I nodded and said, “OK, Dr. Jessop. I’m on call these two weeks.”

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