Chapter 330 Only Bella can be my wife

“Mom will find a good teacher to teach you how to be a good man. Miss Bella is too harsh. I’m afraid she is not suitable for you. Don’t worry, mom will find a better one.” Tom Maxwell’s mother coaxed and belittled Bella by the way.

Bella stood aside calmly and showed an elegant smile.

Parents play an absolute role in the development of a child’s character.

Since she was not recognized by Tom Maxwell’s mother, she said too much but lost her value.

“I want Miss Bella.” Tom Maxwell said stubbornly.

“Why you can’t be obedient. I will let your father teach you a lesson when he comes back.” Tom Maxwell’s mother was also angry.

Bella looked at Tom Maxwell and said, “You are talented and intelligent. You don’t need some teacher’s help. I am sure, you will make a difference. Even if I’m not your teacher, as long as you get into the top ten in the monthly exam what I promise to you will still count.”

“Miss Bella, how much do you charge for a month? If they don’t hire you. I can hire you.” Tom Maxwell said willfully.

“You can’t afford Miss Bella’s salary. She takes 80,000 yuan a day. Your monthly allowance is only enough for her one day.” Tom Maxwell’s mother despised and said.

The headmaster was also shocked and looked at Bella.

Her two-day salary was enough for a year.

Bella felt that if she will stay here anymore, she would only be more embarrassed. She nodded at Tom Maxwell’s mother and walked out of the office.

“Miss Bella, wait.” Tom Maxwell’s mother called.

Bella stopped and looked at her.

“You only taught Tom Maxwell for a few hours, according to the charge of 10000 an hour. Can you refund the rest?” Tom Maxwell’s mother said with a cold face.

Bella wasn’t angry, she smiled, “Mrs. Maxwell, you can check the contract, please see the lawyer, and then call me.”

“How can you be so shameless? It’s almost two million yuan in a few hours. You don’t even get so much money if you sell yourself. This money, whether you return it or not, you don’t keep it in the future.” Tom Maxwell’s mother scolded her.

Bella looked at Tom Maxwell’s mother lightly, with quiet eyes and confidence.

Tom Maxwell’s mother frowned. “What do you want to see?”

“My employment relationship with you is now over. However, I would like to remind you that there are some things that are if said in the low place, no one cares, and if the same words will be said in the high place, it will be expanded unlimitedly.

Similarly, there are some things that do not hurt the people in a small position, but the people in the high place will lose the ground.” Bella warned and walked to the elevator.

Tom Maxwell’s mother was in a trance for a while. After a while, Bella had gone downstairs.

She went out of the school gate, got in a taxi and went back to the hotel. She called David Wilson and said, “You don’t need to hire anyone. There is no need for it. I’m fired.”

“How’s it possible?” David Wilson asked worriedly.

“Something unexpected happened.” She hung up the phone, looked out the window and sighed.

Originally, she wanted to use the opportunity of psychological counseling to get close to Peter Maxwell. Unfortunately, the world is full of too many uncertainties, miracles, and accidents. She can only adapt to them.

When she arrived at the hotel, David Wilson was already there.

“Are you ok? They didn’t make trouble for you?” David Wilson looked at her face.

Bella shook her head. “They interfered with my treatment, so I suspended the contract. I couldn’t cure Tom Maxwell within three months under their interference.”

“Were you confident that you can cure him in three months?”

Bella smiled. “Tom Maxwell has a very high savvy, just like a thriving sapling tied to a straight stick. I can cure him in less than a month. However, if someone wants to make him crooked, he will be really crooked. It’s god’s will. I will pack up my things and go back to Abrinam.”

“Back to home. Good, no one will dare to bully you there.” David Wilson promised.

“If you don’t bully me, I’ll be fine.” Bella’s words meant a lot.

David Wilson, “…”

When she packed, David Wilson’s cell phone rang. He glanced at the caller ID, screwed up his brow, turned to go out, answered the phone, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“James Grayson said he didn’t want to marry me. What do you think I should do?” Scarlett Evan asked in a low voice.

“Isn’t this your usual trick to cry, and make troubles? At the beginning, you were very confident in yourself. This is the task given to you by the head. Handle it yourself.” David Wilson said coldly.

“If I will force him to get married, James Grayson would only be disgusted with me. Even if I married him, he would not be happy.” Scarlett Evan said impatiently.

“How to deal with it, is your business! That’s it. I’m busy.” David Wilson didn’t wait for Scarlett Evan to speak, and hung up the phone directly.

Scarlett Evan stamped her feet angrily, exhaled, inhaled, adjusted her mood, and called James Grayson. “Jimmy, our baby can’t live without his father. I’ve been ashamed of him for five years. Don’t abandon us, OK? He and I have only you.”

“He will have a father. I will do my duty as a father, and I will take care of you all my life. However, James Grayson’s wife will only be Bella. I’m sorry for it.” James Grayson said in a deep voice, and he was very determined.

“You know how Bella treated you. When you needed her the most, she left you and went to David Wilson’s side. Why do you still think about her? I’m the one you need to take care of!” Scarlett Evan was angry.

“Scarlett, it is stated in the agreement that whoever first proposes to separate will have the right to leave easily. I have three houses and one million and eighty thousand private deposits in my hand. I will let my lawyer handle it.” James Grayson’s will was overwhelming.

“I don’t want your house, and I don’t want your savings. Jimmy, I’m wrong. I shouldn’t force you. The agreement is void. I don’t want our son to not even have the chance to see you because of my selfishness.” Scarlett Evan compromised.

James Grayson was silent for a while and said, “Thank you, but let’s follow the legal process. Don’t worry, I will take good care of you and the child, and I will recognize his identity. Now I have work to do.” James Grayson said and shut the phone directly.

Scarlett Evan was angry and smashed her cell phone on the wall.

Three houses, 1.08 million, were nothing compared with Grayson’s group. She can have more money than this.

Apart from being a little younger, a little more beautiful and a little better in the figure, she really can’t see what Bella has!

Bella, Bella!

James Grayson’s heart has only Bella now.

Apart from being a little younger, a little more beautiful and a little better in the figure, she really can’t see what Bella has!

Why James is so fond of her and infatuated with her.

She and his son still can’t hold him!!!

And David Wilson also loves Bella. He did all this for her.

Are these men blind?

What’s good about that useless woman!

No matter what, she can’t wait to die like this. If she won’t finish the task, her superiors won’t let her go!

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