Chapter 329 Have an already planned strategy but…

After a while, the three students were called into the office. They should have talked to each other, and their faces were very bad.

Bella casually leaned on the headmaster’s desk, turned on the mobile phone recording and said, “Let’s talk about it. Why did you falsely accuse Tom Maxwell?”

“I don’t like him.” The first boy didn’t deny it and said rightfully.

Bella looked at the other two students. “Do you also dislike him, that’s why you conspired against him?”

“He acted as the governor’s son, and he did bad things, and some people ensured that such a person could not stay in the school. If he stayed in school, others would be harmed.” Another classmate said honestly.

Bella pulled the corners of her mouth and smiled sarcastically. “You are not the law. You are not the God of heaven. You think that Tom Maxwell will harm your classmates. But actually, it is you who are hurting, falsely accusing and slandering your classmates.

What you don’t want for yourself, don’t do to others as well.

Such kind of accuses will lead to Tom Maxwell’s being expelled from school, and even affecting the reputation of the governor. The circumstances are serious. Therefore, I’ve called the police. The next thing is up to the law.”

The headmaster’s face was very bad. This kind of thing happened in the school will have a great influence. He said, “Please do not call the police? It’s a small thing.”

Bella looked at the headmaster. “Do you think it’s a small thing for which Tom Maxwell was about to dismiss? Have you ever thought about how much influence it would have on his mind if he could not get justice?”

“It’s not that serious. Children are just playing with each other.” The headmaster laughed.

Bella got serious and looked at the headmaster sharply. “If it’s playing you wouldn’t have called us here.”

Seeing that Bella could not be persuaded, the headmaster turned to Tom Maxwell’s mother and said, “If this thing is spread out, it will also affect the governor’s reputation, right?”

Tom Maxwell’s mother hesitated and looked at Bella. “Miss Bella, can I discuss it with you again?”

Tom Maxwell’s mother didn’t say anything here.

Bella nodded and walked out to the corner of the stairs.

“Miss Bella, Tom Maxwell owes a lot to you. If you weren’t here, he must have been wronged. However, Tom Maxwell’s father is a man of great reputation. If this kind of thing will be brought to court, some people will laugh at him. I think we should let them compensate for it. Let’s forget it.” Tom Maxwell’s mother said with a smile.

Bella’s mind flashed a sentence – if the child does not learn well it’s the parent’s fault.

Tom Maxwell’s character was because of the influence of his family.

“Madam, what happened to Tom Maxwell at that time is very clear in your mind.

If a person makes mistakes, they won’t be punished, and be wronged. Tom won’t see justice then how can his psychology not be distorted?

Let him see clearly the power of the law, understand that if you do something wrong, you will be punished, so that he can change his behavior and move in the right direction.” Bella disagreed.

“I need to discuss this with my husband.” Tom Maxwell’s mother seemed to disagree, but also expressed a little bit from the side. She was in charge of Tom Maxwell’s affairs.

Bella smiled.

Tom Maxwell’s mother should have made up her mind to not investigate.

“It doesn’t matter. Although it has been discussed, please allow me to remind you that in the contract signed by Mr. Maxwell and me, it is clearly stipulated that the treatment of Tom Maxwell should be completely in accordance with my plan. If you will interfere, the contract will be terminated.” Bella said clearly.

Tom Maxwell’s mother’s face became ugly. “I didn’t mean to interfere in your treatment.”

“Don’t you think such actions will aggravate my patient’s psychological distortion? However, the child is yours. I’m just the one who takes the money for treatment. The future actions and decisions of the child in the hands of the guardian. I want to go back to see Tom Maxwell.” Bella nodded and walked toward the office.

Tom Maxwell’s mother’s eyes flashed a fretful, she called Peter Maxwell.

“What is it?” Peter Maxwell’s tone was not very good.

“Where did you find this psychiatrist? She not only has any quality at all, but she is also arrogant, insolent and unruly. She is so arrogant and obstinate. Can you get rid of her and find another one?” Tom Maxwell’s mother said angrily.

“Didn’t you say yesterday that she was quite capable? She convinced Tom to have dinner and ask to go to school. What’s wrong with you today?” Peter Maxwell’s attitude was even worse.

“Today, three students falsely accused Tom Maxwell. She has the ability and found out the wronged loopholes in just a meeting. She has proved Tom Maxwell innocent, but she has to sue the three students. I want to make things smaller. After all, the things we did before are true. People can be afraid of their words. It’s not good to be exposed.” Tom Maxwell’s mother was worried.

“Don’t bother me with such trifles, just deal with them yourself.” Peter Maxwell’s tone was a little better.

“But she said, if we interfere in the affairs of Tom Maxwell, her contract with you will be terminated. Tom Maxwell is my son. Can’t I manage his affairs?” Tom Maxwell’s mother said angrily.

Peter Maxwell was silent.

“You gave her so much money, if the contract is terminated, will she return it?” Tom Maxwell’s mother asked again.

“I can’t get back.”

“I think she did it on purpose. I haven’t seen a psychiatrist as arrogant as her. She is a liar. She wants to blackmail and get a huge sum of money in this way. If he can’t be cured in the future, we can’t even say anything to her. Besides, just after signing the contract, she starts playing and asks for leave. Then she asks us to send Tom to school now. She is not a good tutor. This kind of attitude is not good. I don’t believe that she can cure Tom well. Let her pay back the money and get rid of her.”

Peter Maxwell got angry. “You can deal with it now and after that, you will have to take good care of the child. Nothing should be happening at home. If you couldn’t raise the child well. I think I should divorce you, find a wife again, and have a smart and healthy child.”

Tom Maxwell’s mother was aggrieved. “You didn’t want me to work at the beginning, now you blame me? Boohoo.”

When Peter Maxwell heard the crying, he didn’t say anything and hung up the phone directly.

Tom Maxwell’s mother was even more furious.

If it were not for Bella, she would not have been scolded for nothing.

She angrily returned to the headmaster’s office, looked straight at Bella, and said to the headmaster, “My husband said they all are children, don’t create difficulties, after all, they are classmates.”

Bella understood.

“Why? They falsely accused me. They should be sent to prison.” Tom Maxwell said indefatigably.

“You’d better get along well with your classmates. Don’t make trouble for me.” Tom Maxwell’s mother said.

Tom Maxwell looked at Bella with grievances.

Bella smiled. “Your parents are your guardians. I can’t be the master. I’m afraid that I can’t be your tutor anymore because I disagree. Work hard, the teacher wishes you the best of luck.”

“Mom, I want Miss Bella to be my tutor.” Tom Maxwell said angrily.

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