Chapter 328 I’m serious and you are laughing

“I’m sorry, Amelia William will never accept it,” Bella said angrily, holding up the teacup on the table and drinking all the water in it.

David Wilson saw her angry appearance and stopped talking.

The waiter quickly served the meal.

“Vinegar?” David Wilson asked.

She had no appetite at all. Amelia William was Bella’s only friend, and she knew it.

“Is Luis Taylor really interested in Amelia?” Bella still didn’t believe it.

“I got the news like this. Luis Taylor’s means are very powerful, his thinking is deeper than anyone else’s, and there is no leak in his work. If Amelia William follows him. Although she will get no fame, still she can do anything she wants.” David Wilson commented.

“Amelia looks careless, but her temperament is very strong. She has low requirements for men. She doesn’t ask for cars, houses, looks or status, but she can’t cheat or bear her partner’s betrayal. Luis Taylor must have many girlfriends, right?” Bella was sad.

David Wilson didn’t deny, “He is in that position. Sometimes the charm of men is also the most powerful weapon. He needs those women and those men to consolidate his position. He is only 27 years old this year. If he runs for president, he will be the youngest in history, which also depends on his strength and strategy.”

“Do you have a reliable person to introduce to Amelia? Amelia is very lonely. She has a straightforward nature. There are too many women around Luis Taylor. Amelia William can’t cope with it. I want her to live a happy, peaceful and a good life.” Bella said seriously.

David Wilson smiled, “Why do I think you should be the last one in charge of the harem in the palace drama?”

Bella was annoyed and hit David Wilson’s hand. “I’m serious and you are laughing.”

David Wilson became serious and said, “Bad things can lead to good results, and good things can also lead to bad results. It’s better to let nature take its course. Maybe, Luis Taylor will soon get tired of Amelia William, but our prevention will firm his determination.”

“When Amelia William gets married, Luis Taylor will stop thinking about her,” Bella asked.

“Maybe he will hurt her husband and her family.” David Wilson guessed.

From David Wilson’s words, Bella could feel Luis Taylor’s tyranny and ruthlessness.

What she hated the most was to force someone.

She pushed the table hard. “I won’t eat it. You can eat it.”

“Bella.” David Wilson called.

Bella picked up the bag and walked out with a cold face, walking alone on the way back to the hotel.

She was afraid that Amelia didn’t know that Luis Taylor was covetous to her. Otherwise, Amelia would have told her.

She suspected that it was Luis Taylor who forced Amelia William that night.

Her cell phone rang.

She saw that it was Tom Maxwell’s mother’s Caller ID and answered it immediately.

“Miss Bella, Tom Maxwell had an accident at school. Someone saw him peeping at the girls in the toilet. Now the principal asked me to come. What should I do? I don’t dare to tell my husband. He will surely kill Tom.” Tom Maxwell’s mother said worriedly.

Bella said to herself, “How could it be? I’ll go to school now. Don’t worry about it. Come there and we will talk.”

Bella immediately took a taxi to school.

The headteacher came out to pick her up. She went to the principal’s office.

In addition to the headmaster, there were class in-charge, the teaching director, Tom Maxwell, and several students in the headmaster’s office.

Tom Maxwell clenched his fist and looked at several students in front of him with red eyes.

Bella noticed something, she went to hold Tom Maxwell and said softly, “it’s OK. Everything is fine. You didn’t do it, right?”

Tom Maxwell looked at Bella, because he was excited, and aggrieved, his eyes were red. “I didn’t, they falsely accused me.”

“Trust the teacher. The world has justice, they can’t wrong you. Whatever I ask you, just answer truthfully.” Bella said.

Tom Maxwell nodded.

Bella turned around and looked at the three children on the opposite side.

There was a phrase in her mind – repeated rumor becomes a fact.

“Who saw Tom Maxwell peeping at a girl in the toilet?” Bella asked in a cold voice.

“All three of us saw it.” the fatter boy said.

“When did you see it?” Bella asked.

“Just after the second class, when we finished our exercises and went to the toilet, we saw Tom Maxwell peeping.” The boy said.

“Very good, you come with me. Headmaster, please come with me, too.” Bella walked towards the door.

Tom Maxwell took Bella’s hand. “Teacher.”

Bella smiled at Tom Maxwell and said, “We have got a big responsibility. We must first work hard, strain our muscles and bones, starve our body, be empty and leaves our work. Therefore, we have to be patient and do everything calmly. The current tribulations and frustrations are just to make you more tenacious and firm.”

“Okay,” Tom Maxwell understood, nodded and left her hand.

The fat man looked at his companion and followed Bella with fear.

Out of the door, to the corner, Bella asked the boy, “Do you see Tom Maxwell peeping with your own eyes?”

The boy nodded, “yes.”

“Then show us what you saw,” Bella said, staring the fat man and opened the video to shoot his demonstration.

The boy’s heart was guilty, and his eyes were twinkling. He went to the women’s toilet and lay down on the ground.

Bella smiled. “In this position lies on the corridor and faces the position of the women’s toilet. Only if Tom Maxwell is mentally retarded, he can do this.”

“I really saw that.” The fat boy said firmly.

“Well, you can go back to the classroom now.” Bella looked at the headmaster. “Let’s invite the second student to come out and perform.”

The headmaster understood Bella’s intention, and his face was still solemn.

Tom Maxwell was the governor’s son. They didn’t dare to easily punish him if he had really done wrong. If he will prove innocent, and they have wronged the governor’s son, the whole school will be held responsible.

“I think we should leave it.” The headmaster said with a grimace.

“Now that you have wronged my student, how can I easily forget it, or the principal wants me to invite Governor Maxwell to come by himself?” Bella warned.

“No, I didn’t mean that. You can continue.” The headmaster and Bella went back to the office and called another classmate.

Bella asked with a smile, “Did you see Tom Maxwell peeping in person?”

“Of course.” The student said at once.

“Then please show us what you saw.” Bella took out her mobile phone.

The student was pale, he held the wall and looked inside.

When the headmaster saw it, his face turned white.

The third student was also called.

His performance was to rush into the women’s toilet.

“Headmaster, please call the three students to the headmaster’s office together, and ask the parents of the three students to come here.” Bella went to the principal’s office.

Tom Maxwell looked at Bella worriedly.

Bella came to him and rubbed Tom Maxwell’s head gently. “In a moment, I will show you how powerful the weapon of law is.”

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