Chapter 326 I won’t go once I am in

Bella’s heart was tight. She held James Grayson’s hand. She was worried. “Why are you so stubborn?”

“Don’t you think it’s you who are stubborn? You don’t think that the right thing will always be right.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

“But you must take your responsibility as a father. You and Scarlett Evan have a son. You need to hold up an umbrella for your future, instead of wasting time on me, it is just a waste of time.” Bella was angry.

“Although that child is not what I want, but because he has my blood, I will take care of him, protect him, and fulfill the responsibility of a father, which does not conflict with my pursuit of you.” James Grayson was also angry.

“How many times do I have to say it before you realize that you can’t…” Before Bella could finish speaking, James Grayson kissed her lips again and swallowed what she wanted to say.

“Dong Dong.” There was a knock at the door.

Bella looked towards the door, her eyes flashed panic, and her back was stiff.

“Bella, who are you talking to?” David Wilson heard the voice inside and asked suspiciously.

Bella looked at James Grayson and she was very angry. She punched him heavily on the chest.

James Grayson accepted the blow and held Bella’s hand. “I’ll see you in two days. Please call me if you have anything.”

He kissed her on the lips again, got up and went out of the window.

“Bella.” David Wilson shouted, “Bella.”

Bella estimated that David Wilson would break into the room, “wait a minute.”

She picked up the wine in the wine cabinet, opened it, took a big sip, spilled some on her body, went to the bathroom and poured out half of the bottle, put the bottle on the bedside table, and opened the door.

David Wilson looked at Bella’s red face. “Have you drunk?”

“Um,” Bella answered.

He looked into the room and saw no one but Bella. “Who were you talking to just now?”

“Talking to myself, do you have any problem?” Bella looked at David Wilson.

David Wilson saw her cell phone on the bedside table, took it up, it was turned off.

He turned on her cell phone and checked the communication record. There was no call record on it.

He believed her.

“What do you say to yourself? I can be a good listener.” David Wilson put down her mobile phone and said.

She didn’t want to talk to David Wilson, but if she didn’t say anything, she seemed too guilty, which made him suspect.

“Practice swearing,” Bella said.

David Wilson looked at her. “Do you need to practice swearing with your eloquence?”

“Are you praising me?” Bella asked.

David Wilson naturally pulled the corners of his mouth, went into her room and sat on the sofa. “Scold me. I’ll listen to you and give you guidance by the way.”

“I can’t swear now.” Bella’s face showed inexplicable expressions.

David Wilson smiled, “Why are you so lovely? How do you practice swearing in the middle of the night?”

“I have a headache now. I want to sleep.” Bella asked him to go out. Because she was too guilty, she didn’t look at David Wilson. She put the wine bottle on the bedside table in the wine cabinet.

David Wilson hugged her from behind, took a deep breath, smelled the wine fragrance on her body, and said in a low voice, “Bella, I entered your room, not to leave.”

Bella frowned.

David Wilson and James Grayson were very similar in some aspects. They couldn’t become friends because polarities repel each other?

It will be too dangerous to be in the same room and same bed with David Wilson. Even if she has an excuse of periods to protect her body, but it can’t be an excuse for her whole life. If she will let him stay here today, it will become difficult to push him away later.

“I can’t sleep with a person in my room.” Bella refused.

“Then don’t lock the door. I’ll come in after you fall asleep. Bella, you must get used to the fact that I’m by your side. Our life is long.” David Wilson said softly, licking her red earlobes.

Bella’s whole body trembled, she covered her ears and looked at him defensively.

David Wilson smiled, “sensitive point.”

“David Wilson, would you like to go out to sleep?” Bella softened her voice.

“I wouldn’t.” He refused decisively.

She said in a harsh tone, and he didn’t get it. She said in a soft tone, and he didn’t get it.

Bella was about to go mad.

“Then I will leave my room for you and I’ll go out.” Bella walked towards the door.

David Wilson took her hand and said, “You should give me a time limit. Bella, I have given you enough patience.”

“Three months,” Bella said.

David Wilson’s eyes were cold. “Don’t tell me, are you going to leave me three months later.”

He said this. Bella’s heart thumped, and her breathing was not stable.

“Do you think I can leave you?” She asked in a forced calm reply.

David Wilson took her hand and pressed it on his abdomen.

It was going to burn, like a cigarette butt, on the palm of her hand.

Bella subconsciously pulled out her hand and looked at him defensively.

“Help me out, no matter what you do, let it get out.” David Wilson said in the tone of command.

Bella tightened her eyebrows. “Help yourself.”

David Wilson untied the belt.

She hurried to the door.

He grabbed her arm.

Bella didn’t dare to turn.

“Look back.” David Wilson ordered.

She took a deep breath, based on physical strength she wasn’t David Wilson’s opponent.

She was protected by her periods. She should be safe. She turned around and looked at David Wilson.

He has unzipped his trousers, and the shirt has been pulled out a little. It was ruffian and dangerous. It seemed that at the next moment, he will turn into a monster and swallow her in his stomach.

“You have to give me a psychological preparation time. I just divorced James Grayson. How can I make a relationship with you? I don’t need others to speak ill of me. I will feel so cheap myself. I can’t get through myself.” Bella requested.

David Wilson stared at her.

“Bella, don’t play tricks on me. I agree to your request because I cherish you and want to get your heart, but don’t consume my trust anymore and take me as a fool, OK?” David Wilson’s meaningful warning.

Bella knew that David Wilson had a high EQ and IQ. She was a little poor, and there was no hiding place in front of him.

“I’ve been adjusting, I know it is slow, but I’ve tried my best,” Bella replied.

David Wilson shook off her hand, “wait here.”

He went into her bathroom.

Bella’s heart was still hanging, her hands were shaking, and she was looking at the door.

She can escape now, but after now?

David Wilson will not trust her again. With his ability, it will be very easy to catch her back.

She can only gamble!

In the restroom, David Wilson glanced at the garbage can and saw the feminine articles. He believed that she was really in the menstruation period.

He washed his hands, turned around and opened the door.

Bella was still there.

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