Chapter 468 Then you can have my baby first

I held the box tightly and looked at Ming. “I can’t marry you before he comes back, but I want Lester to live. If Lester dies, I won’t live.”

“Oh.” Ming looked up at me. “We can not get married. You can have my baby first.”


“So it doesn’t matter when Sean comes back.” He looked at me and said firmly, “after all, you are a mother who loves her child so much. No matter who the father is, I think you will love him the same.”

Ming was really a gloomy and terrible man.

He controlled me with this kind of gentle words.

Yes, he was right.

I didn’t think a mother would hurt her children.

I didn’t speak. Ming waved at me. “I’ll give you two weeks to think about it. If you decide, come to me.”

I took the medicine away and left without hesitation.

When I got to the car, I took the medicine box apart and there were three pills in it.

How should Lester take this medicine?

When I was about to call Ming, my cell phone rang.

Ming called me first. I picked up the phone and he said, “take one pill at a time and take the next one 24 hours later.”


I nodded.

I thought he just called me to say how to take the medicine.

But he went on to say, “this medicine is specially made for Lester, so he has to take it all. If you want to take a pill to study, I won’t object, but if Lester has an accident, don’t come to me again.”

I was panicking.

In fact, I didn’t think of taking the medicine to study, but he thought of it first.

I held on to the phone. He hung up before I spoke.

When I got home, Murray and Margaret were sitting downstairs. I went upstairs and Daisy and Jack were standing in front of Lester’s room.

When they saw me, Daisy first whispered, “he’s asleep.”

I went over and took out the medicine and said, “this is from Ming. He said it works in two weeks.”

Daisy was very angry. “What does he mean? What should we do in two weeks?”

“Two weeks later…” I bowed my head and felt guilty. “I’ll see him in two weeks.”

Jack sneered. “What? I know Ming is terrible. How could he help you?”

Daisy also realized, “yes, did he make a request?”

I didn’t want to answer these questions. I took the medicine and pushed the door in. “Give Lester the medicine first.”

I was going in, but Daisy took my arm and stared at me and asked, “are you sure this medicine is OK?”

I had thought about it.

But I didn’t think ming did it, “yes.”

I said firmly.

Daisy didn’t stop me anymore.

I woke Lester up and gave him medicine, and then I wrote down the time.

Lester took the medicine and went on sleeping.

He had a high fever for a few days and was very weak.

As soon as I came out, Daisy grabbed me and asked, “did Ming ask for anything?”

Jack stared at me, “tell us what he said. We can find a way for you.”

I looked at the two remaining pills in my hand and sighed, “he asked me to marry him.”

“… I knew he didn’t give up!” Daisy stamped her feet. “Is he crazy? Why does he like to compete with others so much?”

I lowered my head and thought about what Ming had said before.

Did he see me before?

Or had I seen him before?

I had no impression at all.

But that was exactly what he meant today.

I was confused.

Jack suddenly slapped his thigh and grabbed the medicine from my hand. I was startled. He held up the medicine and said, “we can study its ingredients and make the same medicine!”

“Yes!” Daisy was very happy. “I didn’t think of that!”

I looked at them and sighed, “Ming said that these pills are specially made for Lester. If he eats less, it may not work.”

My words frustrated them.

Their enthusiasm vanished in a flash.

I took the medicine back from Jack, “and this medicine can only temporarily relieve Lester’s condition. He didn’t give me the real antidote.”

Ming was insidious. He seemed to anticipate our ideas.

Then I could only go to him.

Daisy stared at the medicine in my hand. “Did Ming deliberately cheat you? What if we take the medicine to study? Even if he eats less, he will be OK.”


“We can’t be controlled by him.”

Daisy’s words gave me a little hope.

I thought she was right.

The composition of the medicine should be the same. If we only studied with a little, it should be OK.

But who should we go to?

I looked up at them. “Sean introduced me to a doctor named Karen, but she is abroad recently. I don’t know who I should trust.”

Daisy was also confused.

We both looked at Jack. Jack was proud, “since he is your son, I will do my best. I have a friend who is a doctor of pharmacy. Now he has his own medicine company. We can go to him.”

“Is he trustworthy? Will he be Ming’s friend?” I asked.

Now I was scared.

In medicine and pharmacy, I doubted anyone knew Ming.

Jack shook his head. “Of course not. My friend will not be friends with a bad guy like Ming.”

I couldn’t trust Jack completely, but now we had to rely on him.

I went down to Doris and Briana and told them to keep an eye on Lester.

Then I followed Jack to his friend.

Jack made a phone call in the car and confirmed that the man was in the office before we went there.

We drove for nearly two hours on the deserted road in the suburbs. Then we went into a yard and stopped in front of an 8 or 9 story building in the yard.

After getting off the car, I looked around and said with some doubt, “here?”

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