Chapter 467 Marry me and let everything go back to the past

I went into the room and didn’t sit down. I asked directly, “tell me.”

He went to the sofa and picked up a cup on the table. He poured a cup of tea and sat on the sofa and said to me, “sit.”

I couldn’t refuse and could only sit down.

The room was empty and there were no servants.

But it didn’t seem like nobody had lived here for a long time.

I couldn’t help but think of Erin in this room.

She seemed to disappear after the accident. I had never heard of anything more about her.

When I thought about Erin, Ming said, “I suggest you stop treating Lester. Those antiviral drugs have no effect on him.”

I looked at Ming. His expression was calm.

He sat on the sofa and was lazy when he spoke.

It seemed Lester’s illness had nothing to do with him.

They really had nothing to do with each other. Lester was not his child.

“Then give me the medicine.” I said to Ming.

I thought Ming must have some medicine against this virus.

Ming put two elbows on the armrest of the sofa. His hands crossed in front of his face. He looked at me and his eyes were soft as water. He said, “OK, marry me and let everything go back to the past, and I’ll save Lester.”

“It’s impossible.”

I blurted out.

I couldn’t marry Ming. I wanted to be with Sean. I swore I would not leave Sean.

Now that I had said it, I would do it.

Ming was not surprised. He said slowly, “well, you can go back. Come back to me whenever you decide.”

He was really not worried.

But I couldn’t.

I stood up nervously and looked at him. I hesitated and said, “Ming, Lester is just a child. You can hurt me. Don’t hurt Lester. You can cure him and inject me with what you injected him with.”

I was not afraid of suffering.

As a mother, whenever Lester was suffering, I felt sad and wanted to cry.

I wanted to be sick for Lester, as long as Lester didn’t feel bad.

Ming sat there and smiled. “No, if you are ill, I will be sad.”

“What are you going to do?”

I panicked.

I knew I couldn’t go back like this. Lester would still suffer. That would really hurt my heart.

Ming tilted his head and was calm, “I just said. Marry me.”

I clenched my hands tightly. “No way.”

“Then we don’t have to talk.”

Ming took his cell phone out of his pocket and seemed to be browsing through the text messages. He stopped looking at me.

I was anxious, “Why me? I’m over thirty this year. Women in their thirties are unattractive. I have a son. Why do you like me? There are many beautiful young girls. Why must it be me?”

He looked up at me and asked softly, “have you ever asked Sean about this?”

I was speechless.

Love couldn’t be explained.

But I was still reluctant, “but Sean and I knew each other very early. You and I only know each other because of him.”

“You think so?” He raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Don’t we?”

Ming lowered his head. I couldn’t see his expression. I heard him smile, “of course not.”

What did he mean?

Didn’t we know each other because of Sean?

Before I asked, he said, “I went back to Jessop Family, and I wanted to take everything from James. I wanted Sean’s company and Simon’s stock. When I was about to get everything, I traded it for you.” He looked up at me and his eyes were keen. “How can I stand that you and Sean are in love?”

Was it because of this?

I was stunned.

Sure enough, the merchants were smart.

I bit my lips and looked at Ming. “You don’t love me. You’ve been giving all your life. Now your last marriage will be made up of hatred…”

“Who said I am avenging? I just want you.” Ming looked up and his eyes were clear. “Once I saw the cleanest and purest you in the most muddy and dirty place, so I want you.”

“What do you mean?”

I looked at Ming and wondered.

Ming smiled mockingly and shook his head. He took a small white box out of his pocket and put it on the table and said, “take this medicine back to Lester. His symptoms will be relieved.”


I was afraid he would regret it. I walked quickly and picked up the box and held it tightly in my hand.

He nodded. “Yes, but it only works for two weeks. After two weeks, he will continue to have a fever. These two weeks are the time I give you to think.”


I knew Ming wouldn’t give up easily!

Two weeks was good.

If I could get in touch with Sean…

When I was planning to do so, Ming said to me, “if Sean knows about this and goes back home, I won’t provide any more medicine.”


“If you think someone can develop a cure for Lester while he’s alive, you can go to him.”

Ming was always calm when he spoke.

I knew he was confident.

He knew very well that if Lester wanted to live, I could only come to him.

I clenched the medicine tightly and said, “even if I promise you, I’ll wait for Sean to come back, and I’ll tell him everything myself.”

I couldn’t marry Ming until Sean came back.

This was really ridiculous.

“Really? What if he doesn’t come back in a year or two? At that time, I’m afraid Lester has been buried for a long time.”

His words stabbed me like a knife.

My weakness was Lester.

But I really had no solution. I looked at Ming and bit my lips. “Then I’ll call the police!”

“Do you have any proof that I have infected him? Or can you prove that he has a virus in his body?” Ming sat and looked at me and smiled, “you know what? Generally, only known poisons can be detected in corpses. Unknown viruses cannot be detected.”

He spoke slowly.

But my last hope disappeared.

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