Chapter 466 I’ll be waiting for you at home

The phone was soon put through. I held the phone and took a deep breath and said, “Lester has a fever.”

When I finished, he was silent.

I was nervous.

After that, I heard Ming’s gentle voice, “really? Send him to the Sunshine Hospital. I’ll check him.”

From his voice, I could feel that he was not surprised at all.

Did Ming really inject Lester with anything?

In that case, he was too vicious!

I looked at Lester’s infusion and wondered if it was just a coincidence. Maybe he would recover after the infusion.

Would it be like this?

Thinking about it, I hung up the phone directly.

Yes, I couldn’t be fooled by him!

Even if I hung up, Ming didn’t call me.

I was a little flustered by his calmness.

But I could only bet. What if Lester recovered?

Things would never be as simple as I thought.

I gave Lester an infusion for three days, but he still had a fever.

Lester was weak. My heart hurt. I thought about it and finally decided to go to Karen first!

I went to the research center of Medical University.

I told the receptionist I came to see Karen, but the receptionist told me that Karen had a project recently and had gone abroad. She wouldn’t be back in a short time.

I remembered seeing Karen in manor of Jessop Family.

Did Karen’s going abroad have anything to do with Sean?

If so, I really couldn’t find her.

I didn’t know what to do.

I had no choice but to tell Daisy about it. I wanted her to ask Jack if he could find Sean.

Daisy answered my phone and returned home the next day.

She went to Sherry’s house. As soon as she came in, she went upstairs first. Lester was lying in bed and his face was red with fever and his eyes were slightly closed. She held him in her arms. “Lester, why are you like this?”

Lester heard Daisy. He didn’t open his eyes and just opened his mouth slightly and shouted, “godmother.”

“I’m here.” Daisy took Lester’s hand and touched his head. “It’s so hot!”

“Yes.” I was worried. “Now I suspect Ming really infected Lester. If that’s the case and I can’t solve it, I have to go to him.”

Daisy listened and looked serious. She picked up the phone and called Jack.

Daisy and Jack really matched.

In less than half an hour, Jack arrived.

When he went upstairs, I asked, “can you get in touch with Sean? Although I know it’s not good to disturb him, I really have no solution.”

Now I thought I was really incompetent. Without Sean, I really couldn’t solve many problems.

Jack listened to me and said sadly, “I want to help you, but Sean didn’t really tell me where he went.”

He seemed afraid I didn’t believe it. He immediately put up three fingers and pointed to the sky and said, “if I lie to you, I will be struck by thunder and have no offspring!”

“Why are you so useless?” Daisy took a look at Jack. “When I need you, you can’t help me.”

Jack was helpless. “You know Sean. If he wants to hide something, no one can know!”

Jack was right.

No one knew what Sean was hiding.

I thought about it and said, “take care of Lester for me. I’m going to the Giant group.”

I thought Eric knew!

If Sean knew something was wrong with Lester, he would not stand by!

I drove to the Giant group.

My cell phone rang before I got out of the car.

I took a look at the number on the screen of my mobile phone. Although I didn’t save it, I knew it was Ming’s.

My heart thumped.

I hesitated and picked it up.

When the phone was connected, I heard his still tender voice, “Becky, Sean is at a critical moment and undergoing the most important operation. Once he misses the best period of treatment, he may never be able to stand up again.”

Ming just said that.

He knew my weakness.

Sean was optimistic because he always believed that his operation would be successful and that he could stand up.

If Lester’s incident distracted him, he had to go back home and miss the treatment period.

What would happen?

It was self-evident.

I grabbed the phone and said nothing.

He said, “what?”

I clenched my lips with my teeth. Though I was reluctant, I asked, “where are you? I’ll go to you.”

“I’m at home.”

Ming was not in the hospital. He said he was at home.

Although he didn’t make it clear, I knew he was in our wedding room at Grand Bay.

“Then I’ll wait for you in the cafe at the gate of the community.”

I couldn’t go to his house, or I would be in danger.

He chuckled, “Becky, are you mistaken? Now only I can cure Lester. Do you think you can make a request in front of me?”

“Ming, did you really inject Lester with a virus?”

I was stunned!

Ming’s voice was calm. “I never denied it.”

I was stunned by his words.


Ming never denied that he had injected Lester with a virus.

I naively thought he would not be so bad!

I bit my teeth and was reluctant, but I knew I had no choice.

I could only say, “OK, I’ll go there now.”

With that, I hung up.

I started the car again and turned around and went to Grand Bay.

Because I was here for the first time and I was not the owner, I could only park in the parking lot outside.

I parked my car and got off and went to the community.

The last time I came here was a year ago. I had to say that the green area was better. At the end of spring and the beginning of summer, all kinds of flowers bloomed, and the whole community was colorful.

It was very nice.

It was a pity that I didn’t want to enjoy the beautiful scenery. I walked quickly to the door of the house that used to belong to Ming and me.

The door opened before I knocked.

Ming stood inside and he was wearing a doctor’s white coat and his hair was slightly cocked.

I could see that he was not at home just now. He arrived before I came.

I didn’t expose him and went into the house.

He made way for me.

I went in and looked around. There was no change in the room.

It seemed that the fruit tray on the table was the same as before.

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