Chapter 465 Fever for seven days


I took the phone and was angry!

I called his name, but I couldn’t vent my anger.

I took my cell phone and reluctantly walked up to Briana and asked, “did he say anything when he left? When did he come back, or where did he go?”

Briana looked at me and said in embarrassment, “I asked for you, but he said you just need to wait for him to come back. He will come back.”

“He will come back.”

I was sure he would come back.

But now I didn’t know where he went and when he would come back. I was worried.

I even felt uneasy.

I thought Sean would be scared before he entered the operating room.

He would definitely need me then.

How I wish I could be with him.

I changed my shoes and sat on the sofa and began to send messages to Sean. “Sean, could you send me your address? I promise I won’t cause any trouble. I just hope I can give you some strength and just want to stay by your side.”

I sent out the message, and then I stared at the screen.

I didn’t get any response.

I waited for a month without receiving a message from Sean.

At the beginning, when my phone rang, I looked at it excitedly and thought Sean replied to me.

But every time I was disappointed.

Then gradually I didn’t hold any hope.

I looked at the calendar. Sean hadn’t been in touch with me for a month. He seemed to disappear in my life forever.

This month I lived in Sean’s house in York No.1.

But at the end of the month, I was desperate. I was sure he wouldn’t contact me before he recovered, so I packed up and went home.

Because I trusted Briana and Doris, I let them go back with me.

Anyway, Sherry’s house was big. There could be more servants in it.

It was Thursday. When I was still at work, I got a call from the kindergarten teacher. She told me Lester had a fever.

I immediately talked to Linda and went to kindergarten.

I picked up Lester and took him to the children’s hospital.

Children often got sick in autumn and winter. It was early summer, so there were not many people in children’s hospital. I registered smoothly.

At the clinic, the doctor took Lester’s temperature.

38 .

Fortunately, it was not a high fever.

The doctor asked Lester to have a blood test. We took the results and went back to the doctor.

The doctor looked at it and said it was a viral cold, so he gave me a little viral cold medicine and let me go.

For children, 38 was not very high.

Lester was in a good spirit, so I didn’t care. I took him home and played with him for a while. He went to bed early after supper.

At night, I was ready to go to bed after work. Because Lester was ill, I took the water to his room and wanted him to drink some water.

When I went in with the water bottle, my hand just touched Lester’s hand and found it cold.

Didn’t he have a fever?

I was thinking and touching the back of his neck.

It was hot!

The temperature scared me!

I quickly took the thermometer and took Lester’s temperature!


When I saw the temperature, I was very scared!

Why did he suddenly have a high fever? I immediately shook Lester and said, “Lester, wake up. Mom will take you to the hospital.”

I panicked for a long time. Lester opened his eyes in a daze. His eyes were not fully opened, but he opened them a little bit. He saw me and said in a weak voice, “Mom, I feel bad.”

“I know. Let’s go. Mom will take you to the hospital.”

Lester’s face was red with fever.

Why did he suddenly have a high fever? I thought to myself.

I was afraid that he would be blown by the wind, so I asked him to wear an extra coat. I woke Doris up and asked her to take Lester to the hospital with me.

When we got to the hospital, the doctor examined him.

He still had a blood test.

There was a change in the data this time. The doctor took a look and said casually, “virus cold. I’ll prescribe some medicine for you. Go back.”

I was worried, “doesn’t he need an infusion? His temperature is over 39.”

“No, it’s better not to give fluids to children. They are antibiotics. It’s not good for him when he grows up.”

When the doctor finished speaking, he prescribed medicine for me.

Fortunately, Lester took one of the medicine when he was ill as a child. As soon as he took the medicine, his fever subsided and he soon recovered.

I thought it would be the same this time.

At the hospital I gave Lester this medicine and when we got home I gave him other medicine.

I was worried that he would have a fever again at night, so I let him sleep with me.

At night, Lester did sweat a lot and fever subsided, but a few hours later he began to have a fever again.

He couldn’t take medicine frequently. I could only cool him down physically.

I didn’t sleep all night. I didn’t give him medicine until he had breakfast in the morning.

But he continued to have a fever after taking the medicine.

I took him to the hospital and he still had a viral cold.

The number was still very low.

On the seventh day, Lester still had a high fever. I took him to the children’s hospital. The doctor still tested his blood and prescribed medicine and disagreed with the infusion.

This time I got angry. I said to the doctor, “he has a fever for seven days. He has to be transfused! If something goes wrong, I will be responsible.”

My attitude was tough, so the doctor agreed.

Finally I took Lester to the infusion.

Lester had a high fever for seven days in a row, so now he was mentally weak and could only be held by me.

He was six years old now. I held such a big boy and was very tired.

But I was worried.

When I put Lester on the bed in the infusion room and watched the nurse give him a needle, I suddenly remembered a sentence from Ming!

I met him at Sceaux before. He asked me, “how’s Lester doing these days? Does he have a fever?”

I thought of Lester’s strange situation now.

Children had a cold and fever for seven days at most. He would recover when the time came.

But now Lester was still feverish!


I mumbled his name.

I took out my cell phone and found his number from the blacklist and pulled it out of the blacklist. Then I called him.

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