Chapter 464 Master has gone abroad

Nelson was so angry with me that he left.

I focused on Margaret.

From just now on, she didn’t speak. When I looked at her, her tears were all over her face.

I squatted and took Margaret’s hand and said, “Mom, you can’t cry for him.”

“I…” Margaret lowered her head and bit her lips with her teeth and seemed unable to say anything.

I purposely approached her, “is my master not good?”

When I mentioned Murray, Murray was standing on the stairs and coughing.

I stood up and looked at Murray. “Master, you have to comfort my mother. I’m going upstairs.”

Murray waved at me.

I went upstairs and went into my study.

Maybe it was because Margaret herself saw Nelson’s actions with her own eyes or after these days together, she found Murray very good.

Only a week later, Margaret was back to normal.

I saw Lester off at the weekend and on Monday I went to Sean’s house.

If Sean went abroad for treatment in three months, there was only one month left.

Soon he would go abroad for treatment.

On Monday, I went to Sean’s house after work. As soon as the door opened, he stood at the door. I was shocked!

He leaned over slightly and held me directly to his side. He put his face to my hand and said, “honey, I miss you so much.”

I squatted and looked at him. “I’m sorry. I’m worried about my mother recently, but she’s all right now.”

“That’s good.”

He looked good with a smile.

I pushed him in.

I saw several game consoles in front of the living room, and some game boards were scattered aside.

“This is…” I asked Sean.

He smiled and said, “if Lester wants to play games later, I can play with him. I can play all these games. If he doesn’t know how to play, I can teach him.”

“Are you studying it recently?” I was a little surprised.


He nodded affirmatively.

I thought about it and said, “before you teach Lester, teach me first. He said I can’t play games.”

He raised his hand and took my hand. “OK, I’ll teach you after dinner.”

Briana had already cooked the meal. After eating with Sean, we sat in front of the TV and played games.

Maybe I didn’t have the talent to play games. I was not interested in it. After playing for about two hours, I felt sleepy and bored. He saw it, so he paused the game and took the handle in my hand and said, “I’ll play with our son in the future.”


I nodded in agreement.

He reached out and held me directly in his lap. He leaned over and said, “it’s time you bathed me, right?”

“Haven’t you showered lately?”

I lived at Sherry’s house for a week.


When I was confused, he showed a helpless expression, “no, it’s just that without your help, I feel that I’m not clean.”

He manipulated the wheelchair and carried me into the master bedroom.

Now I was pretty good at bathing Sean.

It took about an hour to finish it all.

I pushed him out of the bathroom. He lay in bed and hugged me and said, “I may go abroad in two weeks to prepare for the operation.”

I was a little surprised. “It’s too fast. Didn’t you say three months later? There’s still a month left.”

I was sure I was right.

He ran his long fingers through my hair and gently pushed my head into his arms and said, “yes, but I need to do some physical examination and preparation before that, so I need to go early. I’ve distributed the work, so even if I don’t come back in a year, don’t worry.”

“Wait a minute. One year?”

Sean’s words made me nervous.

I got up and sat on him and put my arms around his neck. “What’s the meaning of not coming back in a year? Will you stay there for a year?”

He put his hands around my waist and smiled. “Of course not, but I have to think about all the possibilities, right?”

His voice was gentle, but I was very upset. “All possibilities? It’s too long. You…”

Would he never come back?

Before that, I always thought this operation would not be dangerous. Even if he failed, at worst he still couldn’t stand up.

But Sean said that today and I realized that there might be other possibilities.

“No.” He guessed what I thought and reached out and took my hand and said, “you and Lester are here, so I’ll be back.”


I stared at Sean.

He nodded and smiled faintly.

But I couldn’t rest assured. I thought about it and said, “then I’ll go with you.”

“Don’t you want to work?”

“It doesn’t matter in a short time. I’ll take my computer with me. Now the network is so developed. It’s OK to communicate online.”

I said firmly.

Sean’s words made me a little uneasy.

He looked up at me. “I’ll be fine, and the doctor won’t allow family members to accompany me.”

“Then I’ll rent a house near the hospital and wait for you.”

I firmly said.

He smiled and raised his hand and patted me on the arm. “Let’s go to sleep and stop thinking.”

“No, you have to agree that I go with you.”

I was reluctant.

I was afraid he wouldn’t take me.

He put his arm around my neck and directly pressed my body down and kissed me on the forehead. He said softly, “I will do what I promised you, so I will come back. You just need to wait for me.”



He interrupted me.

I knew he wouldn’t agree now. There were still two weeks left, so I could convince him.

He would certainly agree.

For the next two weeks, I went to work during the day. When I was with Sean at night, I asked him where he was going for treatment. He never told me.

If I kept asking, he would change the subject.

Time went by, but I didn’t get the answer. He didn’t agree to take me with him.

One day, I went to Sean’s house as usual after work.

It wasn’t Sean who opened the door this time, but Briana.

Seeing Briana, I was suddenly nervous and asked, “where’s Sean?”

Briana looked at me and said awkwardly, “master has gone abroad.”


I was stunned. I took out my cell phone and called Sean!

I heard a familiar system sound, “Hello, the phone you dialed has been turned off…”

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