Chapter 463 When I get the money, we have nothing to do with each other

This time I said, “later you have to tell me where you want to go. I’ll take you there. Don’t go by yourself.”

Margaret nodded in my arms and said, “OK.”

We took her home and asked the police to cancel the case.

The servant brought Margaret a bowl of porridge and she ate it quickly. She didn’t seem to eat in a day.

I poured her a cup of hot tea.

Nelson sat and watched the whole process.

Instead of driving him away, I said, “tell her what you want to say. After that you have to leave as soon as possible.”

To be honest, I was really afraid that Margaret was as stupid as I used to be and cheated by bad men.

When I finished, the atmosphere in the living room cooled down.

Murray took a look and got angry and went upstairs first.

When he left, before Nelson spoke, Margaret said, “Nelson, I don’t blame you for the past.”

All three of us looked at Margaret.

We were very clear about it.

I was standing by now and listening to Margaret. She was hurt, but she was humble. I really felt bad.

Nelson listened to Margaret and was ashamed, “Margaret, I’m sorry. I didn’t insist, but you have to believe that I really loved you and really wanted to marry you.”

Bad men always said that.

I said in my heart.

Margaret looked up at him and nodded, “I don’t blame you, but you have a family now. Let bygones be bygones.”

I was relieved to hear that.

Nelson listened to her and relaxed. He took a card out of his pocket and put it on the table. He said, “Margaret, I was sorry for you. This is my compensation. Don’t pester me later. I’m old now and just want my family to be safe.”

Margaret and I were stunned.

I got angry and picked up the card and threw it to Nelson, “what do you mean? Do you think my mother want to ask you for money this time? Are you crazy?”

Nelson picked up the card and put it on the table and was embarrassed. “I know what you think. You want more, but I won’t admit you’re my daughter anyway.”

“What?” I looked at Nelson and I couldn’t believe it!

It turned out that he didn’t come here to apologize to Margaret, but he was afraid!

Nelson looked up at me. “Yes, I made a mistake, but then I went to Oasis Hospital to pay for her 50 years of hospitalization. I spent millions of dollars!”

“So what?”

“I did everything I had to do.”

Finally, Nelson revealed that he didn’t want to be responsible.

I suddenly felt ridiculous. I asked him, “Nelson, have you checked the condition of Oasis Hospital?”


“Do you know what kind of treatment the patients in Oasis Hospital receive?”

I asked Nelson.

Nelson immediately became guilty. “How do I know? The psychiatric hospitals are almost the same.”

“Then tell me what they have in common.”


“You dare not say that, do you? Then I’ll tell you!” I lowered my head and looked at Nelson and sneered, “there’s no treatment in there. They give patients only one meal a day and do not let them bathe or wash their clothes. The patient lives in a small ward. When we picked her up, she had a lot of diseases!”

I felt terrible when I said that.

Nelson didn’t dare to look at me. “How do I know?”

“Whether you know it or not, my mother was a normal person when she left Sceaux with you! When she and you arrived in York, she becomes abnormal. Do you think you only need to spend millions of dollars to send her to a mental hospital?”

I was really pissed off!

I didn’t expect Nelson to do that!

Nelson seemed angry. He stood up suddenly.

He was taller than me. He looked at me and said, “I won’t add your name to the will anyway.”

“I don’t care.” I looked at him coldly, “I just hope your family are far away from my mother!”


Nelson promised.

He was going to leave. I looked at the card on the coffee table and suddenly had other thoughts, “wait a minute.”

“What’s the matter?”

I picked up the card and asked him, “how much is it?”

“Five million dollars.”

Nelson replied.

After listening to this answer, I sneered, “how much assets does Lewis family have? Billions or tens of billions? You just want to give me five million dollars?”

Nelson became impatient. “You just said…”

“I thought you knew how much I wanted. I didn’t expect you to be so naive. You think five million dollars will heal my mother and me.”

In fact, I didn’t need him.

I wished he could be as far away from me as possible.

But I must let him give me a lot of money.

Nelson was anxious. “How much do you want?”

“Fifty million dollars.”

I said.

When I finished, Nelson was shocked. “Are you crazy? How can I give you 50 million dollars?”

“Just wait for a lawsuit.” I put my hands around my chest. “Did you remarry or cheat? Or…”

“Twenty million dollars!”

Before I finished speaking, Nelson bargained with me.

I was not afraid and smiled, “if you don’t give me $50 million, I’ll ask Sean’s lawyer to send you a lawyer’s letter.”

Although I didn’t know who Sean’s lawyer was, I knew he must be excellent.

Nelson was even more helpless. “Sean and Cindy…”

“They have nothing to do with each other for a long time. After Sean’s legs were injured, Monica asked her to see Sean, and Cindy firmly refused. At last I went there. Does she regret it now?” I interrupted Nelson.

I knew that he must know it very well.

Nelson looked embarrassed. “Fifty million dollars is too much. I don’t have that much money.”

“Forget it. Wait for a lawsuit.”


“President Lewis, why don’t you sell your house?”

I asked him.

“No way.”

“All right.” I went over and put the card in the pocket of his jacket. “When I get 50 million dollars, we have nothing to do with President Lewis. If not, I have to think about it.”


“President Lewis, think twice.”

When I finished, I turned around.

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