Chapter 462 I really can’t forgive myself

There was no one in the toilets on the first and second floors!

Murray and I searched the whole house but didn’t see Margaret. I asked the servant, “where is she?”

The servant looked nervous and shook her head. “We didn’t see her in the morning.”

I rushed to the door. Margaret’s shoes were still there. Did she go out in slippers?

I was very nervous!

I changed my shoes and called the police on my cell phone. The police arrived soon.

Then we went to the security department and investigated the surveillance video.

We found out that Margaret went out at midnight last night.

It was March. She was only wearing thin pajamas and slippers. She was on the road and gone.

“Do you know where your mother might go?” The police asked Murray and I.

Murray and I looked at each other and soon realized that she might be looking for Nelson!

But she didn’t know where his house was. How could she find him!

The police helped me look for her. I contacted Sean and he helped me look for Margaret.

I had no idea. I could only follow the road where I saw Margaret at last. I asked the owners of every shop if they saw Margaret.

Unfortunately, it was midnight and few shops were open. No one saw her at all!

I was really scared.

I had a hard time finding my mother. She couldn’t have another accident!

I regretted my arbitrary behavior yesterday.

I should have let Nelson in. After all, he was the man mom loved.

It was normal that they wanted to talk.

I did it wrong.

I did it wrong.

I kept saying and praying that I could find Margaret soon.

But the morning passed and we didn’t have any news about Margaret.

Where would she go?

I hesitated and called Sean and asked him to help me find Nelson’s phone.

He sent it to me soon.

I didn’t hesitate to call him.

Soon the phone was connected.

“Hello.” Nelson’s voice became cold.

He didn’t seem to be approachable.

“Hello, Mr. Lewis. This is Becky.”

I introduced myself.

Obviously, Nelson froze and said, “Becky? What’s the matter?”

His tone became soft as soon as he knew who I was.

“My mother ran away from home last night. You know her condition. I’m not sure if her sudden departure is related to you, so…”

“What? Margaret ran away from home?”

Before I finished speaking, I was interrupted by Nelson.

Nelson’s voice was clearly very tense.

I frowned. “Yes, she doesn’t know where you live in York, so I want to know if you know where she would go.”

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen her for years.”

Although I couldn’t see Nelson, I could feel his guilt from his words.

I reminded, “for example, do you have any places you used to go together or agreed to go in York?”

Nelson listened to me and didn’t speak and seemed to be thinking.

After a while he said, “now I can’t remember.”

It was no use calling him!

I was helpless, “well, if you think of something or see her, remember to contact me.”

With that, I hung up.

She was my mother, so I had a hunch that Margaret must have gone to see Nelson this time.

She must have gone somewhere Nelson knew.

But he forgot.

How could such a bad man remember things with my mother?

I was upset and kept looking for her.

The sun went down and night fell, but I still didn’t hear from Margaret.

I was getting nervous.

The longer it took, the more dangerous she was.

I walked alone on the road and regretted not letting Nelson in yesterday.

If Margaret really had an accident because of it, I really couldn’t forgive myself.

Murray called me and advised me to go back first.

I was reluctant.

I took a picture of Margaret and continued to ask the shopkeepers.

However, there was still no clue.

When I was almost in despair, my cell phone rang. I thought it was Murray who advised me to go back first.

I took my cell phone out. Although I didn’t save the number on the screen, I remembered it was Nelson’s!

I picked it up quickly.

When the phone was connected, I heard Nelson’s gasping voice before I could speak. “Peony Pavilion!”


I didn’t understand.

“Peony Pavilion in the south of the city! Go there and have a look!”

Nelson said.

Peony Pavilion?

I hung up and searched for it immediately.

Sure enough, there was a small Peony Pavilion. It was close to the city center and not too far from Sherry’s house.

I took a taxi to get there.

I also contacted Murray.

Fortunately, the evening peak had passed.

When the taxi stopped, I saw only a shabby little park with no ticket seller at the door.

I rushed in.

The park was very small. There was a lake in the middle of the park and a small pavilion in it.

It was surrounded by fences.

The park was very quiet and surrounded by vegetation.

I didn’t see Margaret at all.


I shouted.

No one responded to me.

Wasn’t she here?

But now that Nelson had said it, it was possible.

As soon as I walked two steps, there was footsteps behind me. I looked back and saw Murray coming with a flashlight and he asked me, “did you find her?”


I shook my head.

Before we left, Nelson came and asked, “is she here?”

Seeing him, I couldn’t help being angry and said, “I haven’t seen her yet!”




All three of us shouted there.

At first, when we both shouted, no one answered.

When Nelson shouted, a figure in the corner seemed to stand up from the grass.

“Over there!”

Nelson shouted.

We all ran over!

Sure enough, Margaret was sitting alone in the weeds and depressed.

When she saw us, she opened her mouth and said nothing.

“You’re OK.” I hugged Margaret and couldn’t help crying, “Mom, you really scared me to death.”

“I’m sorry.” Margaret whispered.

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