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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 229 Lose Temper

On the way home in the afternoon, Janice received a phone call from her mother, and her mother’s words made her feel at ease, but sad. No matter how old she was, she still felt like a child. When she heard her mother’s voice, she still wanted to cry when she felt aggrieved.

“Mom, I’m fine. I came back from Alice’s just now. Tomorrow I will let Dan come home with me to see you. Of course it is true. Well, mom, I will hang up first. I am driving.”

“OK, be careful.”

“Well, mom, I love you.”

Mom was happy over there, “Mom loves you more.”

When she got home, she was surprised that Dan was at home. He was so busy now he should be at home.

Janice did not hide her curiosity, “Why do you have time to stay at home?”

Dan looked at her instantly after she entered the door. His face was basically expressionless, so she could not see whether his mood was good or bad.

“Where did you go?”

Janice looked at him. This tone and attitude made her very unhappy. She never asked him where he was going. Now he was questioning her.

“What do you mean? I can’t go out yet, can’t I have the freedom to go out?”

Dan sitting on the sofa threw a file bag beside her on the coffee table in front of him, “Do you think the marriage between me and you are a form? Or do you think the bondage of marriage is like a joke for you and me?”

Janice couldn’t understand what he said, but she really couldn’t understand it. She didn’t understand why he was angry.

She stooped to get the file bag and put the contents on the table. They were all photos of her, and there was another person on the photo. It was Jim. Looking at the background of the photo, she should have taken care of him in the hospital some time ago.

They were just some pictures. Jim was holding her. But that was not what Dan thought of. A mistaken posture would make people think of the wrong side.

It turned out that this was the reason why he was angry. He was really ridiculous. What qualifications did he have to be angry with her because of this matter? Not to mention that her husband was busy with taking care of his daughter every day.

Janice wouldn’t argue with him about the authenticity of these photos, and he would be furious in a moment, “I tell you Dan, if I don’t lose my temper, it didn’t mean I have no temper, even if our marriage was a joke, it was because of you. When you married me, you have spent seven years to investigate me. Why, now you can see me clearly? ”

“Janice, do you are right? Did I say anything when you went to take care of him? I believed in you from beginning to end, but what I don’t believe in now is him. Do you know that these photos were sent by him to the old house?”

Did Jim do it? Why? Even if Jim did it, she didn’t instruct him.

“Dan, did you deliberately cause troubles? If you want to divorce me, you don’t need so many excuses, I will divorce you immediately.”

Hearing Janice said this, Dan was even more angry, “Look, with your current attitude, you should treat marriage as a play. How much do you care about this marriage?”

It was he who caused the troubles first. Janice was not in the good mood today, and she still being angered by him.

Janice was angry. She didn’t want to talk to him now, nor did she want to argue with him about who was right or wrong. She now wanted to throw things and hit people to vent her boredom.

She looked left and right and couldn’t find anything that would allow her to start. She simply took off her slippers and threw them directly on him.

“Dan, you’re a bastard. Since I was young, I haven’t been bullied y someone else. You dared to bully? Get out! Out!”

Dan was hit with a pair of slippers for no reason. Today he was still angry for the thing the old house. When he came back, she did not explain it to him, and still hit him…

“Janice, have you figured it out? This is my home. It is you who should get out.”

Janice stood in front of him with her hands on her hips, “Dan, wake up. Did you forget our previous agreement? If you get a divorce, it’s you who should get out, and everything you have is left.”

Dan was silent, he remembered this matter, but at the time he said that even if he divorced, everything he owned was hers, but she had to take him in.

He didn’t speak, and Janice couldn’t be angry now, thinking that today should be a very happy day, and she was really pregnant, and she was still so angry.

When she thought about it, she felt wronged, super wronged, and cried.

“Dan, you bastard. You bully me….”

Dan was terrified by her tears, standing in front of her with no help at all, trying to help her wipe tears and dared not to continue to provoke her.

Rose just thought it was just a little quarrel. But now how Janice could was crying, which was not good.

“What’s the matter, young master, you can’t make Janice angry like this now, it would not good for the baby.”

Dan disagreed, because after he thought that pregnancy was a fake, Janice suddenly stopped crying and asked Rose seriously, “Really?”

Rose deliberately said that it was very serious in order to make their young couple live in harmony afterwards, “Of course, it is said that when the mother gets angry during pregnancy, the child born will be have a bad temper. If the mother is in a good mood, the baby would be very happy every day, and more beautiful.”

“Really?” Janice believed her, wiped her tears like a child, and took a deep breath quietly, and was not angry anymore.

Dan was speechless when looked at her strange behavior. It was just a fake pregnancy.

Janice still did not forget to give Dan Trump a fierce glance, holding Rose’s arm and coquettishly, “Aunt, I want to eat meat, you make form.”

“Okay, I will make it for you.”

“Thank you Rose.”

In the kitchen, Janice took a box of yogurt in the refrigerator, and Rose whispered to her, “Janice, I also saw that our young master hasn’t lost temper at all before, just like a wooden man.”

Janice couldn’t know whether she should be happy or sad, “Rose, do you praise me or what?”

“Of course I praise you. You let our younger master live more real. He must love you.”

Janice glanced at the person in the living room and complained, “I think he is really mad at me.”

As soon as the words fell, a pair of slippers were thrown at her feet, coldly ordered, “Put the slippers on.”

Janice did not listen to him, kicked the two slippers apart with one foot, “I want you to control me.”

“Janice you…”

Janice was not afraid of him. She looked up and stared at him, “Me what. Do you want to say that I don’t know whether it is good or not, someone needs your care, you take care of her.”

“Unreasonable.” When he can’t communicate with her, he has to use action to prove his invincibility.

He went to her and carried her directly on the shoulder like a sack, “If you don’t wear slippers, you will eat like that tonight.”

This carrying almost scared Rose’s heart out, “My young master, quickly put Janice down, this will hurt the child.”

As soon as Janice heard the child, she pinched hard on Dan’s waist. Dan put her down in pain. Janice didn’t even think about it and went to find the slippers.

This was not a compromise, but for the baby in the belly.

When eating, Dan helped Janice to grab vegetables. She was still angry with him, so she would not eat the food he gave to her.

In a teasing tone, she talked to him in a strange voice, “You seldom eat at home. Don’t be hungry because you’re so angry.”

Dan raised his eyes and stared at her, “Can you speak well?”

Janice looked at him with a smile, deliberately angry at him, “No.”

At the end of the dinner, Janice went upstairs first, and childishly posted a piece of paper on the door with four big words on it, “Do not disturb me.”

When Dan came over, he tore the paper, rubbed it into a ball and threw it on the ground, opened the door and entered.

Janice thought he would be very obedient like that last time. So she didn’t lock the door. When he broke in, Janice was changing her pajamas.

Janice glared at him, “Who asks you in?”

Dan reasoned, “It’s my room, I will go in when I want to enter.” Although both of them were quarreling, when he saw that her clothes were not worn properly, he still helped her gently and carefully.

Janice was motionless, and he stood in front of her in close proximity, squinting and staring at her momentarily.

Janice was uncomfortable when he looked at her, and suddenly thought that he would act like the idol dramas, and then he would hug her deeply, and kissed her.

“Hurry up if you want to say something, or get out.”

Dan raised his eyebrows, “Can you not be so rude?”

“No, if you like someone to be obedient to you, you will find…”


She is now completely like an envious little girl.

“What? Am I more disagreeable to look at? Then you can go away. Why do you come home, go.” Janice pushed Dan out, and Dan was pushed back two steps without any warning.

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