Chapter 228 It Was Impossible To Give Up On You

The rice that Dan hadn’t swallowed was directly stuck in his throat, and his eyes widened at her. She was too unpredictable.

“You…” What happened suddenly?

Janice looked at him with a terrified look and wanted to laugh, and handed him a glass of water, “Don’t be scared. Can I be the devil?”

“I do not mean that.”

“Then take me to her, and if I really want to see her, wouldn’t I find a chance to see it myself?”

Dan didn’t speak, seeing her or not, he really didn’t know which was better.

In the evening, Janice and Dan went to the children’s toy store first. Janice asked Dan, “What did your daughter like?”

Dan heard her envious words and took a set of Barbie dolls, “Just like this, she seems to like dolls very much.”

Janice nodded in approval, “Girls like dolls. When I was a kid, that was all kinds of dolls in my room. At that time, my brother who liked to play airplane racing didn’t understand me very much.

On the way to the hospital, Dan’s mobile phone rang again. It was still Tinny, and the child seemed quite stubborn. If he did not answer the phone, she kept calling.

This made Janice feel a little sympathetic to Dan. She couldn’t stand it anymore and helped Dan answer the phone. Before she could speak, there was a voice from there.

“Dan, will you come here? Tinny is disobedient. She has to wait for you to come here and then eat.”

When Janice heard Phoebe’s voice, it was still so obvious to kidnap Dan’s weakness in the name of a child.

“If she doesn’t eat, she’ll be hungry. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t eat. If she still doesn’t eat, she will definitely find something for herself when she is hungry.” Janice stared at Dan, who was driving. Even if he was angry now, she doesn’t care.

“Why it is you?” Phoebe thought that they must have quarreled today. Unexpectedly, she even answered Dan’s phone.

Janice arrogantly aid to Phoebe, “Why it can’t be me, my husband is not convenient to answer the phone now. Can’t I help him answer the phone?”

As for her ability to anger others, Janice always praised herself. She hadn’t met her opponent who made her unsatisfactory. Now, someone finally let her vent her discomfort.

Phoebe over there hung up the phone angrily, Janice snickered with pride.

Dan didn’t know what to say when he saw she did something bad and was content with herself. How old was she now. She was still so naive. Would they fight in the hospital when they met?

“How? You feel sorry for your ex-girlfriend?” Janice asked knowingly.

Dan shook his head, “That’s not true, I don’t think you need to be angry with yourself, just don’t answer the phone.”

Janice understood that he didn’t answer the phone because he knew that the call must be from Phoebe.

“I’ll pick it up, and every time she calls you, I’ll pick it up. I’m going to let her completely give up you, by then I will dump you asshole.”

Dan’s mood was much better than when he had been concealing this matter before, “I thought you would give up on me.”

Janice responded domineeringly, “You want me to give up on you, no way.”

In the hospital, Tinny was eating alone, but Phoebe was not in the ward. Dan replaced Tinny with a separate ward.

Tinny smiled happily when he saw Dan, “Dad, you are here. Just now my mother was angry, she said, you don’t want Tinny anymore. If I am not obedient, my mother won’t come back.”

Although Janice had not been a mother, but Phoebe, as a mother, was too cruel to say such things to her child.

Dan gently coaxed Tinny, “No, why would father ignore Tinny. I never will.”

Janice had already seen that this dad had done a good job, and she can see that Tinny was very dependent on him and liked him very much.

“Dad, is she the aunt from last night?” Tinny had a good memory, because the aunt seemed to cry last night. When she woke up in the morning, her mother had been talking bad things about this aunt in her ears. If it were not for this aunt, she would not faint.

Dan nodded, “Well, she is the aunt that Dad told you a few times, she is Dad’s wife.”

The little girl was a little unhappy after hearing it, whispering with her head down, “No wonder my mother didn’t like this aunt so much.”

This was what a child was saying. They would say whatever they wanted to say. Although her voice was very low, Dan and Janice heard it clearly.

If it weren’t because in front of the child, Janice would really say, ‘I don’t like Phoebe anyway.’

Tinny was a very obedient child. She ate her meal and prepared to wash the dishes by herself. In almost an hour, Phoebe hadn’t shown up.

Janice said, “You stay here with Tinny, I will go back first.”

Before Dan spoke, Tinny spoke first, “Auntie. No. I can take care of myself. If I have something, I will ring the nurse and she will come and help me, let Dad go back with you.”

A sensible child was most likely to be distressed, which was one of the reasons why Dan loved Tinny.

Janice looked at Dan, looking at the sensible and obedient Tinny, “Then, auntie will accompany you here.” It would be very uncomfortable to let the child alone.

Before Tinny had no time to nod, the door of the ward was pushed open, and a resentful Phoebe walked in from the outside, “My daughter didn’t need you to accompany her, you are learning to be a stepmother.”

Janice still didn’t like to hear that, but she didn’t want to have troubles with Phoebe in front of the child.

Janice said to Dan, “I’m leaving now.”

When passing by Phoebe, Janice also deliberately stepped on Phoebe’s foot, she just had to take revenge on her.

When Dan came home, he saw a piece of paper posted on the door of the room, with a few words written on it, “Don’t disturb me. I am angry, or you can’t afford the consequence.”

Putting the hand on the door lock, it was still locked inside. Rose stood behind Dan, “Janice did not eat when she came back. It isn’t good for her health. And until now, she might have been pregnant for 2 months. Even she doesn’t eat, the child still has to eat.”

Pregnancy? Well, she is a fake pregnant woman.

“Got it, I will coax her. You were busy all day, go to rest early.”

He didn’t want to break into this door tonight, maybe she also went to bed too early, so he doesn’t disturb her.

In fact, Janice was really sleeping, and it was a wise choice he didn’t call her. If he woke her up now, she might scold him a lot

Last night, she didn’t sleep all night, and just after lying in bed, she fell asleep immediately.

The next day, when Janice got up, Dan was no longer at home. Rose said his family asked him to go back to his old house.

Janice stared at breakfast with no appetite and went to Alice over the weekend to talk with her.

At Alice’s home, the little boy Pippi’s taste was really different. Why would he like to eat banana mixed with white rice?

Janice watched Pippi gutting, not because she didn’t give him face, she was really sick in the stomach and wanted to vomit.

She’s seen him eat durian pasta before, but she didn’t think that weird and didn’t feel sick.

Alice ran nervously to Janice, “My dear. You have got good news.”

Janice thought she was talking about something with Dan, “Is there any situation, I originally wanted to hit him, break his legs and he can’t go to the Phoebe. But it looks like cruel.”

Alice didn’t care much about whether Dan Trump would break his leg. All her attention was on Janice’s nausea.

“You were pregnant, right?”

Janice suddenly felt that sweat was coming out of her body. This lie between her and Dan had been spread so widely that even Alice who did not go out every day knew it.

“Actually, it’s a fake pregnancy, just to let the elders of his family…”

“Come with me.” How could it be fake, it seems that this idiot didn’t know it yet.

“No, where were you going?” Janice couldn’t understand Alice at all.

Until Alice gave her a pregnancy test stick, “Go try it.”

“It’s impossible.” Janice doubted. After carefully thought for a while, she found that the monthly period hadn’t come yet.

Well. Wasn’t she…

Ten minutes later, Janice walked out of the bathroom feebly, the dreamed she had dreamed of a while ago had come true, but now she was not happy at all.

At this time she was pregnant, she was absolutely impossible to tell Dan, otherwise she would feel that she was using a child to tie him.

Janice, who was going to be a mother, was really not as excited as Alice after seeing the result, “Janice, you are pregnant. You are pregnant.”

Janice smiled reluctantly, “Yeah, it seems that I am pregnant.”

“Are you unhappy?” Alice asked her, thinking of what happened on the beach that night, “Dan he…”

“You must keep this matter confidential. You can’t ell anyone, even Benjamin. He will tell my brother when he knew it, and Chuck will not tell Molly. You can’t tell Molly, as she would tell my brother. Got it?”

Alice doubted her motive for concealing, “Pregnancy is a good thing, why should it be concealed? Aren’t you going to tell Dan?”

“At least not now.”

“Janice…” Why was her emotional life so unsatisfactory? Over the past seven years, she had been delayed because of Jim. When she found the true love. Unexpectedly, that Dan had a daughter seven years old.

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