Chapter 227 There Was No Love without Hurt in This World

She as so naive that she thought she had found the happiness she wanted, but when she fell into this relationship without any reservation, she found out that it had always been her wishful thinking. Everything was nothing but the perfect lie that blinded her eyes. A person like her was so proud but deceived by him like an idiot.

Jim noticed that all of sudden Janice was not so well, and looked where she had been seeing, but he did not expect that Dan really had been with Phoebe.

Molly saw that Jim and Janice did not keep up with them. The seaside was a bit cold, and she was a little worried that the child would get sick, so she called back and said, “Janice, we are leaving.”

Dan holding Tinny’s whole body suddenly stunned, because of that name, let him…

Dan put down Tinny, turning his head to look in the direction of the sound, and Janice, who had been watching him just now, just appeared in his eyes.

Jim stepped forward and took Janice’s hand, “Janice, let’s go.” At this time, he could only take her away, and there was no other choice.

Janice numbly turned around, a little thankful for Jim’s presence at the moment, otherwise she really didn’t know what she would do now.

Dan chased and stopped Janice, “I’ll explain it to you when I get home.”

At the moment when she saw him, Janice’s tears, like the night’s starlight, ran across her cheeks.

She didn’t want to cry. She hadn’t cried for a long time, but now, she couldn’t control her tears.

Her tears hurt Dan Trump’s heart. He stepped forward to wipe them off, but Jim blocked in the middle.

“President Dan, what were you playing now? Is it cheating, or finding true love?”

Dan also wanted to explain that Phoebe took Tinny over. Tinny took Dan’s hand and just looked up at him, “Dad, is this aunt your friend?”

Dan looked down at Tinny and was speechless for a moment.

Chuck and Molly came over, and they never thought it would be this situation. Alice pulled Janice to her side and said, “President Dan Trump is really busy.”

Dan knew that in this situation, he can’t make things up even he explained it, and it was completely unclear.

He also had to admit that he was wrong at first, so he was really afraid that Janice would be angry and ignored him.

“Janice, I…”

Chuck waved his fist, Molly took care of the two children and turned around, but Tinny saw her dad was beaten and didn’t fight back.

Tinny was crying loudly, her physical condition was already bad, and she cried until she fainted. Phoebe was sitting on the beach and holding Tinny at a loss, “Dan, save Tinny, save Tinny.”

So when Dan left Janice to save Tinny, Janice smiled. Besides laughing, she didn’t know how to deal with this sudden heartbreak.

Molly asked her to return to her home, she shook her head, Alice asked her to go to hers, she still shook her head.

Janice said she would return to her home, Jan said he would take her away, she still shook her head.

So that day, Janice went home alone, and only Rose was waiting for her at home.

That night she sat on the bay window and waited for him all night, but she didn’t even get a call from him.

After dawn, she didn’t even know what she was waiting for?

She didn’t sleep at night and she was not sleepy at all. On this day, she freshly groomed herself, ate breakfast prepared by Rose, and drove to the company by herself. Everything seemed to have never happened.

After Tinny passed the dangerous period in the hospital, Dan quickly returned home. After returning home, Rose said that Janice got up early today and had already gone to work.

Dan drove to the company and called Janice on the road. He was really afraid that she would be angry. He was even more afraid that when she would pick up the phone quickly, and she was not angry at all and was very calm.

“You have come home?” Janice asked him in a very normal tone.

Dan’s heart tightened, “Yes, Rose said you have gone to work.”

Janice casually said, “Yes, is it lucky to have an employee like me? You have to pay me more, otherwise excellent employees like me will have a job-hopping.”

Hearing her words, Dan was very sad, “Yeah, I am really lucky to have you.”

Janice smiled bitterly, “Can you tell me something like this in the future? To be honest, it sounds very harsh.”

Dan hoped she could vent her emotions. That would be better to hold it back.


“I have to go. I’m really afraid that I have miscalculated my account, causing you to lose hundreds of millions in a second. Bye.”

Janice, who cut off the signal, stared at the still bright mobile phone scree. Dan, what should you do now? She really didn’t know what to do.

The people in the office came one after another, Dan gasped and ran in completely disregarding his image.

He stayed in the rescue room last night. At night, his clothes were wrinkled, his face was not washed, his beard was not shaved. Workers in the office thought that the president must have been driven out the last night.

Janice looked at him and didn’t want to be the focus of the company. She pretended that nothing happened, “What’s the matter with you? You called me that you were drunk last night, and you haven’t sobered yet.”

With that said, she had already pulled him out.

All of the bystanders believed that it was the president who had drunk the wine last night. It was trivial matter.

CEO’s office.

Janice only let go of Dan when they came to the president office. She leaned on the door and looked at him who was sloppy. He really looked nothing like him. Did Phoebe take care of him like this?

“That Tinny, is she okay?” She didn’t know what to ask him, and she knew he didn’t want to speak first if he knew he was wrong.

Dan put Janice in his arms tightly, “Janice, I’m sorry, I don’t want to hide from you, I want to find a suitable opportunity to tell you, but every time I see you smiling so happy, I don’t want add to your troubles. I know I am wrong. I have no face to ask for your forgiveness. I’m sorry.”

Before, his hug always gave her full confidence, ease and warmth. She had also mistakenly thought that with him, she would be happier than having the whole world, but now, she can’t feel that pride and possession.

She pushed him away, looked at him, and smiled at him normally, “I am not unhappy now, you have a daughter, I am happy for you. How old is she, there should be seven years old. See your family reunion together, I am happy for you, really.”

“Janice, I’m sorry…” Her normality is abnormal.

Janice shrugged indifferently, smiled slightly, and was relieved, “It’s okay.”

There was nothing to sorry about. They won’t have any relationship in the future. Of course it doesn’t matter.

“Janice, don’t be like this.”

Janice raised her eyebrows, “Dan, I think it’s good. If the child’s mother asked you to divorce, you tell me and we go to the Civil Affairs Bureau.”

After finishing talking, Janice turned around and reached out to open the door. Dan pulled her back and kissed her lips.

At this time, he didn’t know what he should do. He was helpless, hated himself very much, and things would become what it now should be his fault.

Janice didn’t move like a statue, let him do anything. Her heart was dead, she didn’t even have the strength to make trouble with him.

He knew she was too disappointed with him, so all would be so indifferent, and his lips were shaking as he kissed her.

“Jim, I beg you, don’t do this, OK? Just beat me and scold me, but please don’t leave me.”

Janice was sadder at looking at the helpless Dan who was like a child in front of her. Of course, she will also feel distressed, but something pain should be stopped immediately. The hesitation of the past seven years as to give her the most A real lesson. And this time, she didn’t want that.

“I haven’t left you, I just don’t want to fall into the kind of life that gives you a dilemma. That kid definitely needs you, otherwise you won’t go with her, but I also need you, but me and that kid were doomed to be impossible living together because she had her own mother.”

Dan’s sad emotions were fixed in his eyebrows, “Tinny she… may not be ten years old.”

Janice looked at him sadly, but now she really hoped that the innocent child will live for a hundred years.

“Be with her, take good care of her, because you that she came to this world, you owe her.” Janice said, “I don’t want to make trouble with you, Dan, I think if it’s mine, I can get it without grabbing it. If it isn’t mine, then I just let go. I will quit..”

Dan hugged her eagerly, “Jianice, no, no.”

“You listen to me, I really understand you, I don’t blame you, I just don’t want to make everyone so tired, God always has the best arrangement, we just follow the destiny.”

In the huge office, Dan leaned on the cold wall alone. Janice had giving up on him, so she would follow the destiny and didn’t even want to make trouble with him.

At lunch at the restaurant, he sat opposite her. He still peeled shrimps for her, poured water for her, and took good care of her. It was still a loving couple in the eyes of others. He was a good man.

Dan’s cell phone rang again, and Janice could hear the child’s voice indistinctly. He gave Janice a tentative look, but he ended the call with a single sound, “Yes”.

Janice thought that it should be the child, who asked him anything, but she picked this time to call him, then she had to suspect that she was instigated by Shelly.

Janice would not be able to withstand provocation. If Phoebe really challenged her, she would not be Janice if she did not accept the challenge.

She put down her chopsticks and looked at Dan with a wide smile, “How do you think I go to see the kid with you?”

Don’t be hypocritical, there was no harmless love in this world.

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